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Benefits Flower Pagoda for Treatment Healthy Tips

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Benefits Flower Pagoda  (Clerodendrum japonicum [Thunb.] Sweet) - beautiful flowering plants are usually utilized by people to decorate their yard. This is because can enhance the aesthetic value of its own. But did you know among so many beautiful flowering plants that in fact there is one that holds a myriad of properties, be it for health or other well. Among them is the flower pagoda, has been pretty much the flowers planted in the yard of their house, the flowers themselves are offered with beautiful shape and red. Most certainly quite familiar with ornamental plant species this one is not.
Benefits Flower Pagoda  for Treatment Healthy Tips
Benefits Flower Pagoda for Traditional Medicine

Benefits Flower Pagoda for Traditional Medicine
Pagoda or in Latin known as Sweet Clerodendrum japonicum is one species that is fairly easy cultivation and do not require a brush land, just in front of the yard he was able to grow rapidly. Said to be the pagoda because it resembles a pyramid shape itself tumbuhannya or pagoda. In addition to be used to decorate the yard of the house in fact there are many benefits contained in it, one for health, following his review:

As a remedy ulcers

Some people may often suffer from problems such as swelling in some parts of the body. In fact not only the pain of ulcers can also cause confidence to decrease. Especially if it is located at a place easily seen by others. How to treat ulcers actually quite easy, just mashed leaves and flowers also pagoda then apply on those who experience swelling, can effectively mengempeskan your ulcers.

Treating korengan

Korengan usually occurs because the wound has not completely healed infections that cause brown and very disturbing appearance. Enough with the collision of flowers and leaves then paste the parts that have korengan. This method can effectively erode the korengan problem.

As insomnia drug

Insomnia or better known as sleep disturbance is a condition that causes people to have trouble sleeping. Hours of sleep is reduced and the body becomes limp quickly. If not immediately resolved will certainly lead to other health problems as well, since basically everyone does need to sleep. Ccara overcome easily grab some flowers pagoda, allow it to dry and grind into very fine powder. Take some sweet wine seloki then brewed using warm water and drink.

Cure for bleeding hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids accompanied by blood in addition to hurt its own course, causes concern for the sufferer. But not to worry because pagoda flowers can be used to resolve the issue. Enough with the process becoming the preferred food, combined with meat or other vegetables and eat them as a side dish on a regular basis, can effectively treat the bleeding hemorrhoids problem.

To treat wounds

The content of flowers and leaves are anti-inflammatory that can effectively heal the wounds so as not to fester, how to use it can be mengobatkan in to eat them as well as with external treatment.

It turns out besides serve as decoration for the yard, as a side dish to eat is also beneficial for a variety of health problems. So for those who have a lot of the pagoda plants at home do not rush to cut them down, there's no harm in waiting until flowering and used as ingredients in dealing with various kinds of diseases. Easy to process, but is rich in various properties. Natural medicine does provide a gradual recovery, but the results are far from negative side effects.

The nature and efficacy Flower Pagoda
The roots of the bitter, bitter cold nature. Pagoda flower root efficacious anti-inflammatory, laxative urine (diuretic), eliminate swelling and destroys the frozen blood.
The leaves are sweet, sour, somewhat chelate, neutral character. Leaves efficacious as anti-inflammatory and ooze pus.
Flowers sweet, warm nature, efficacious sedative, and stop the bleeding (hemostatic).

How to use Flower Pagoda For Treatment
For Drink = Boil 30-90 g roots or flowers. In addition, the roots can also be used as a powder, then brewed and drunk.
Foreign Drugs = Minced fresh leaves until smooth, then Put on boils, scabs, and bruises. In addition, fresh leaves can be squeezed and the juice is applied to bleeding wounds.