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Benefits Leek for Health - Healthy Tips

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Benefits Leek - You must have seen scallions in the refrigerator or your home kitchen. This leaf is often used as a flavoring dishes. As you know, leeks have different forms of plants in general, it has a shape like a rod but very soft textured. Apparently there are two types of leaves you can find semprong namely leeks or daffodils, in Latin, he is often referred to as allium fistulosum. The second type of green onion or leek leek is in Latin he has allium porrum designation. Both have very different characteristics. To leek bulbs semprong it has small, rounded leaves and long, onions semprong also has a hole like a pipe. As for the leek, it has no bulb.

Benefits Leek for Health - Healthy Tips
Benefits Leek for Health - Healthy Tips

Benefits Leek for Health
Since the beginning, the benefits of green onion is already well known. In addition leek menyedapkan used for cooking, it turns green onion also has a function as a drug. So what kind of efficacy and benefit from this green onion?

Abatement anemia

Leeks have an iron content that can increase the production of blood inside the body. If you are experiencing a shortage of blood, you can try to consume these green onion. The content of ferroportin in leeks that hold the iron. Pengonsumsian moment, you can add it to the soup.

Boost the immune system

The main benefit that you can feel from the leek, it is able to boost the immune system. The bottom of the onion that has a white color has allicin content. This Allicin is a sulfur compound that gives sharp aroma chives. These compounds are able to boost the immune system.

Good for the heart

Leeks are well known to nourish the heart. It contains polysulfides that will protect you from heart disease. This vegetable has a variety of benefits because it contains a lot of minerals. Minerals that are in it have the function of maintaining HDL or good cholesterol levels in the body. Other minerals will also be there to make the heart healthier.

Maintaining bone strength

Vitamin K, was also found in leeks. Vitamin K is extremely important in order to maintain bone health, it can help the regulation of the cell, and helps prevent bone demineralization. It also helps because of the production of a protein that is often called osteocalcin, which is so important as a guard in bone mineral density that are not easily occur in the bones of various diseases.

Healthy digestion

Why leeks can be healthy digestion? This is because the fiber content is so good in the chives. As we know, the fiber has the advantage to overcome constipation. So, when you have constipation, you can consume a little more green onion.

Preventing diabetes

Leek contains phyto-chemical, phyto-chemical is allium and allyl disulfide, it has a preventive nature of diabetes. A substance that is very effective to prevent degradation of insulin in the body and improve glucose metabolism. Therefore, there are no special restrictions for diabetics to consume leeks.

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Did you know the content of the green color is in leek? The green color turns out to have a good anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, and for the white part of the leek, it has the properties to protect the body from infection that often affects the body.