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Benefits Melon Fruit for Health - Healthy Tips

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Benefits Of Melon Fruit for Health Healthy Tips - melon is a fruit that has a yellow-green color. The fruit is still a family with cantaloupe and pumpkin. The fruit is usually very easy to find during the dry season or during the fasting month. The fruit is usually very suitable used for desserts during the event dinner. Sweet taste can make you into a fresh mouth after eating.

Benefits Melon Fruit for Health - Healthy Tips
Benefits Melon Fruit for Health 
Benefits Melon Fruit for Health 
Not only used as a dessert course, it turns out that the fruit has excellent benefits for health. What are the benefits? Check out his info below:

Fruits are rich in vitamin A

Melon turned out to have high levels of vitamin A that is high enough for your body. In one melon contained only vitamin A that can provide 25% of your daily vitamin A requirement. Vitamin A in the melon is very good for maintaining bone health and bone health care. In addition to vitamin A, cantaloupe contain beta carotene was also excellent to sharpen and maintain the health of your eyes.

Thus the consumption of melon was regularly so that your daily requirement of vitamin A and beta carotene into cukupi ter. For more leverage in maintaining bone health, you can make a melon juice mixed with milk which is rich in vitamin D.

Sources of lycopene

Melon is a fruit that is rich in lycopene. Quite often a lot of people who say if this one fruit is a good source of lycopene. Lycopene is an active compound that works to kill the bad cells cause cancer. Not just any cancer, lycopene was also able to lower the risk of heart disease in the body. If you want to prevent the growth of cancer cells and prevent heart disease, the consumption of fruit was the melon as often as possible.

Containing collagen

Melon also contains collagen which is great for your skin health. Collagen is a protein compound that helps the skin regeneration process and accelerate the release of dead skin cells from your face. Besides the content of collagen in the melon also can make your skin looks moist, smooth and toned. If you want gorgeous, consumption was the melon as often as possible.

Caring for a healthy body and heart

In melon contained 267 milligrams of electrolytes and potassium per 100 grams. Potassium is very important to control heart health. So it's not easy up to the heart such as coronary heart disease and stroke. Not only that, the melon was also very nice if consumed by someone who has high blood pressure. This is because the melon has special properties to reduce high blood pressure.

For those who have the disease low blood pressure, do not consume too much melon. Because it can make your illness relapse and feel sluggish after eating.

Preventing diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that occurs as a result of consuming too much sweet and fatty foods. Most people who suffer from this disease due to genetic factors. Although genetic, but that does not mean you who do not have diabetes derivative can not contract the disease. For those of you who want to reduce diabetes, you can eat the melon.

The content of natural sugar and water in a melon can help you to offset the consumption of sweet and fatty foods. Melon also contains a lot of calories that make you feel full quickly and not easily hungry.


Melon fruit is not only rich in vitamins. This fruit was rich in fiber and water. Fiber and water is what makes the melon is preferred to be used as a dessert because it can facilitate digestion. If you have digestive problems such as constipation you can eat melon. No need to be made concoction that hard, just needs to be eaten immediately and shortly afterwards you must have a bowel movement will be smooth again.

Good for diet

Although sweet, but it turns out the fruit is well suited to the diet. This is because the fruit contains a natural sweetness. When diet you can eat a few pieces of melon this. Do not eat too much because it will make your stomach feel contains a lot of water. You can consume this melon before eating. This is so that your digestive system is more slippery so that the food you consume is not clogged subsequently making your bowel movements become irregular and derail your diet process.

Brighten the face of the

Melon it also can beautify your face, especially in terms brighten the face. This is because these fruits contain enough moisture. Water content is pretty much is what can brighten your face from within. Not only lightens the skin only. Melon also can clear dead skin cells in your face from the inside. You can eat melon bauh regularly so your skin can appear brighter and fresher faster.

To be more delicious and it's not monotonous when eaten, you can process the melon into a few delicacies and tasty. Such as making melon as juices, smoothies, iced fruit, and some other melons processed. Not only make it more delicious, melon properly process can also add nutritional value.

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With a melon eating regularly, you can keep your health and beauty. A few articles about the benefits of melon. Hopefully this article useful to you.