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Benefits of Jatropha for Treatment - Healthy Tips

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Jatropha is a green plant that thrives in different seasons and places, as long as it is not in the waters. Typically grow in the wild and unkempt growing in the wild, that is in poor soil. Jatropha is also many who do not know the usefulness. In fact, if explored in depth and more detail, Jatropha has a miraculous benefits for life. Some of the content contained in Jatropha, among others:

• In the leaves, Jatropha contains compounds amiri, teraksol, kaemfesterol and stigmasterol.
• In the bark of plants Distance containing resin, tannins and saponins.
• In the grains, according to the study, Jatropha contains curcin and toksalbumin that can be used as anti-cancer.

So many benefits of Jatropha, whose existence that are not noticed by people, saved remarkable properties. Where the presence can be found in rice fields or on roadsides, which normally grows along the grass. This herb you can choose as an alternative material to health problems you are facing, to immediately healed. This distance with natural plants, do not have a bad effect on health. Use just enough, so that its use according to the standard.

In addition there are various benefits of Jatropha highly efficacious in a healthy body. Worlds is a treatment that can help in the provision of health in human beings. Can be used on pure Jatropha plant usage only and Jatropha in addition to various other natural materials, which can be beneficial for the body. Among them:
Benefits of Jatropha for Treatment - Healthy Tips

Treating toothache because of the holes

Toothache is not a small thing, but a disease that causes the sufferer uncomfortable, as uncomfortable to talk, eat or drink. Difficult is not it? To overcome this, you can use the Jatropha, the way is to take a plant stalk distance, take the sap alone, can with a cotton or soft cloth to pick it up, just enough. And then paste in the cavities. The content of the antimicrobial in the sap of the plant distance could kill germs and bacteria in cavities. Thus, the tooth was quickly cured and the pain was gone.

Natural medicine Thrush

As well as thrush, which usually affects the lips, can be treated with the leaves Distance. Treatment was the same way, namely by taking sap in plants Distance, then smeared on the lips who experience canker sores. If not addressed, thrush can make the lips more wounded, up to the atmosphere of eating and drinking can be disrupted.

Treat flatulence

Flatulence caused by colds, of course, very annoying is not it? Although when colds can cause flatulence is a normal thing, of course, it makes uncomfortable. Teruntuk small children who have colds and flatulence as well, can be treated with Jatropha. The trick is to take a leaf distance, wash thoroughly and heat until it looked wilted. After that, apply eucalyptus oil, coconut oil and telon, and paste right on the back. Wait and let the leaves Distance work optimally, until the disposal of the substance or gas occurred no longer needed by the body.

Treat rheumatism

For those who have a lot of activities that many to forget exercise, certainly arthritis can strike you at any time. And of course, arthritis can not be cured quickly granted. It can be completed with Jatropha, namely by taking the oldest leaves look fresh and not wilted. Wash thoroughly, then pounded until smooth, can be mixed with water, but a little. After that you can apply on the arthritic.

Treat wounds

There are so many benefits that can be derived from the Jatropha, which can also be used to treat wounds. Certainly physical injuries from falls or abrasions, not sick because of love. You can apply the sap of the plant distance, the injured skin. Even though it feels a little sore, but so magical properties. Castor oil plant sap assist the process of wound closure and healing process of her. So that the wound can be treated quickly.

Hair care

For those of you who suffered damage to the hair, can be overcome with Jatropha. Such as eliminating dandruff and nourish the scalp. Make the scalp as a fertile ground for the hair to grow and develop. That is the seed of Jatropha plant, how to plant seeds mashed some distance, and then rubbed on the scalp and hair evenly. Let stand a few minutes, after which it can wash with shampoo you use.

Jatropha is a plant ordinary and can be said as a plant grass, green grow like other plants, which only has a position as wild plants to humans. Nevertheless, Jatropha provide benefits to human life.

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Benefits magic on Jatropha is known and felt by our ancestors in the days of long ago. Where this traditional plant into a plant which became the number one drug for a variety of health problems. Because in ancient times, has not been found access to natural health. And today too, are natural and traditional medicine still can do. Moreover, in an easy way and can save costs. Natural treatment which is a heritage to generations. Not only that, efficacy was real and you can prove it.