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Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair - healthy Tips

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Olive oil is often used as an ingredient for hair care Healthy Tips -
Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair Care - Olive oil has a function that has been recognized since the first in terms of the health of the hair. One is to maintain the fertility and beauty of hair. Utilizing olive oil as a mask, conditioner, or use it to message or massaging the scalp is a simple way with tremendous benefits. That is the main cause why the beauty products that contain olive oil is highly recommended as care products. Simply by consuming olive oil you have to nourish and nourish your hair.
How to Use Olive Oil for Hair Care
How to Use Olive Oil for Hair Care

Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair And How To Use it
The nutrients contained in the olive oil very important role to nourish, moisturize and soften the hair. Hair that is dull, dry, brittle, and loss causes the hair to become thinner and thinner volume so that the hair needs extra care to re-grow lush and healthy.

Using olive oil as a medium to help maintain healthy hair is very suitable for women who live in the tropics, due to erratic weather which sometimes can result in the formation of dry hair, dull, branched, up to hair loss. Here are 3 ways utilizing olive oil for fertility and health of hair:

Therapy for hair

Use methods of treatment using warm olive oil. Olive oil that has been warmed able to hold moisture longer hair. Enough with the warm 6-7 tablespoons of olive oil in the microwave using a low temperature until the oil is warm. Apply the oil on the scalp and massage gently, comb the hair to the existing oil spread to all parts of the hair. Headgear and hair with a towel and let stand for 30 minutes, then rinse the hair using clean water.

Message or scalp massage

Another way that you can try is a message or pemijitan scalp with olive oil aid. This method is not much different from the way the first one, just for the message you do not need to warm up the oil first. You simply apply olive oil to your head, then gently massage the scalp. It aims to get rid of dirt that accumulate on the scalp.

Massage is a natural way to nourish hair, because by massaging your scalp to stimulate hair growth. Perform massage about 10 minutes, then rinse the hair until completely clean.

Hair Smoothing

The third way is by using olive oil as a softener before hair styled. Hair styling in various ways and creations as ponytail, bun or braid would do such pull-pull on the hair. Because hair pulling that occurs will be a loss and fractures. You can use olive oil before you perform the orders of the hair. Just simply by applying olive oil on his head and briefly massaged will make the hair soft, manageable, and avoid hair breakage and loss of course.

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To get the maximum results do treatments using olive oil as already discussed above correctly and regularly. Choose extra virgin olive oil (virgin olive oil) for you to use and make sure to always use a shampoo and conditioner after a series of treatments. For those of you who have tended to limp hair should not be too often use the above methods because it will make your hair look even limp. The natural way to nourish hair with the help of olive oil is very useful for those of you who want lush hair and always easily arranged.