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Benefits of Turmeric for Skin Beauty Face - Healthy Tips

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Turmeric or Curcuma longa Linn is one of the herbs that have been popular in Indonesia. Turmeric is usually used as a natural dye from a cuisine. In addition to food coloring, turmeric is also used for traditional medicine. The content of this kurkuminoid that can help cure diseases such as diarrhea, vomiting and even allergies.
Benefits of Turmeric for Skin

Benefits of Turmeric for Skin beauty
Turmeric also contains an antiseptic that can be used for skin care. What are the functions of turmeric that can be used to treat skin?

1. Smooth Skin

Soft and smooth skin is the dream of every woman. You can smooth the skin by using turmeric. You can cut thin turmeric. After the sun to dry, make sure no water content again. After drying, you can grind. Turmeric that has become powder was mixed with water and used as a body scrub. Once dry you can take a shower to clean to shed the remnants of turmeric. For maximum results, you can add coconut milk. Use this treatment once a week until your skin becomes smooth.

2. Treat and Prevent Acne

Does acne often arise in your body, especially the face? If so, it turns out you can treat your acne with turmeric. You can use saffron to be used as a mask. How to make a mask for acne turmeric is also quite easy. Take turmeric that has been used as a powder to taste. After that mix with water but not too watery. After that, apply a mask to your face until evenly distributed. Wear a mask is approximately 15 minutes. Then rinse with water until clean. Want maximum results? You can add a little honey. This mask is also suitable for preventing acne.

3. reduce wrinkled

In addition to eliminating acne, turmeric can also be used to address the problem of aging, which reduces wrinkles on the face. How to make it similar to how to make a mask for the face. Just for anti-wrinkle mask, you can mix it with milk and rice flour. Apply on the surface of the wrinkled face and a bit of gentle massage, massage your face. This mask can also reduce dark circles in your eyes. Use regularly so that your face becomes firmer and wrinkles disappeared. This mask is also suitable for you who do not have wrinkles and hope wrinkles do not come.

4. Overcoming dandruff and prevent hair loss

Not only useful for the skin. Spice this one is also useful to tackle head itching due to dandruff. It's easy, make a paste of turmeric. Then apply on your scalp and rub like when you wash it. Allow a few moments, then rinse with a way to use shampoo wash. In addition to dealing with dandruff, the nutrients contained in turmeric can also cope with hair loss and scalp flaking due to dandruff.

5. Smooth rough heels and elbows

Do you have cracked heels or elbows are dry? If true, you can use turmeric to smooth heels and moisturizing elbow. You could try turmeric mask specifically for dry elbows and heels broke. The trick, turmeric powder mixed with coconut milk that is warm and not too watery. Make a mixture of turmeric and coconut milk is thick like a paste. After that, apply on the heel and elbow. If you do not have time to buy milk, you can replace it with coconut oil or baby oil. Do this at least twice a week and see the change.

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Okay, that he several benefits of turmeric for beauty and skin care of your face. Read also the health benefits of turmeric to the previously discussed. May be useful.