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Benefits Rice Water for Beauty Skin and Hair - Healthy Tips

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Benefits of Rice Water For Beautiful Skin And Natural Medicine(Water Tajin) - Rice is the staple food for most of Indonesian people, ranging from urban to country, especially in many of the communities as well as farmers. Nutrient content in the rice itself is quite a lot, ranging from carbohydrates and other supplementary materials. But make no mistake not only rice only useful but also water used or known her laundry starch water. Most people might consider the water used to wash rice such as waste that must be disposed. Besides being dirty if left for a long time also cause odor less unpleasant. But apparently the benefits contained in it very much.
Benefits of Rice Water For Beautiful Skin And Natural Medicine

Rice Water Benefits for Beauty and How To Use It
One thing that should be known that these benefits can be found in rice healthy, meaning that instead of containing plastic or bleach. Some useful content which sometimes go wasted in the rice water: proteins, carbohydrates, glutein, cellulose and vitamin B high enough. In fact, the substance is not necessarily can be found in the rice is cooked. Rice water benefits that can be obtained are:

1. BMS

How people in particular income bracket little use rice water that has been boiled or better known by the name of the starch as food substitute for milk, not without reason if the efficacy is quite large, although there is also using rice water such as animal feed, the results are no less by sudden cattle eat each day.

2. Reduce hair loss

Have thin hair will certainly create confidence further down, especially coupled with problems such as hair loss, do not worry because you can resolve it in a way that is so simple, that uses rice water for shampooing, use regularly for a few minutes then wash using shampoo until completely clean, the benefits can strengthen the hair roots.

3. Brighten Face

For those who have facial skin dull and blotchy not need to spend a lot of money just to care doctor beauty and use products that are not necessarily safe, just use rice water to wash the face regularly then gradually the skin will look more clean and bright.

4. Overcoming damaged hair

For those who always use a product that has not been clearly implies, even often do vise, coloring up using the hairdryer sometimes damage easily happen the hair, you can handle using a simple and inexpensive without going to the salon, which is enough to use rice water for shampooing.

5. Soften Skin

Bathing uses the milk of course is often done, but how to use rice water, of course, no one has ever tried not, whereas the benefits are excellent in softening the skin scaly and dull. This is because the water washing rice has a protein content glutein, cellulose, hemicellulose, sugar and many vitamins.

6. Controlling excess oil

Oily skin is very vulnerable to new problems let alone acne. But to solve it is also quite easy and cheap, just use the rice washing water to wash your face regularly every morning, gradually becoming normal oil control and skin whiter.

7. Whiten skin

Maybe you already know the benefits of a bath of milk and olive oil are efficacious for treating skin beauty and bleach it. Well, efficacy was not inferior rice water with milk and olive oil. Way too easy and certainly cheaper.

Wash rice that have been included in the container with water. Strain the rice washing water and place it in another container. Strain back former rice washing water until completely clean. Keep water that has been filtered 2x rice into the bottle. Let stand for 1 night in order to settle, If so, separate the water and sediment in a different container. Use sludge as a scrub, then rinse with water rice. Perform this treatment regularly 2-3 times a week for maximum results.

8. Eliminate black spots and acne scars

Some time ago I had to explain about how to remove the black spots on the face. And also the article on how to remove acne scars. Well, with rice water, we can both benefits. The trick is to utilize the water sediments used washing rice as a face mask. Part white as flour.

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Well it turns although classified as waste which is often wasted, but the rice washing water contains a variety of beauty and health benefits for the body, so do not waste away, take advantage of it for yourself.