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Betel leaf benefits and how to use it - Healthy Tips

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Betel leaf Natural Medicine course this leaves the name alone is not foreign for Indonesian people especially for the women. Betel is a climbing plant that grows this plant can grow anywhere. Single leaf heart-shaped, round rod and segmented greenish. Roots out of the stem will grow forked and will cause leaf new leaf. Betel trees are very rare in demand by women to be planted in the yard because these plants do not have flowers that are beautiful as other ornamental plants. Flower of betel leaf is oval which has a bract. This leaves easily encounter in the market, or in a medicinal herb trader.

Betel leaf benefits and ways Its use - Healthy Tips

Betel leaves are cool, anti-fungal, antioxidant and anti-germ. In betel leaves contain essential oils, kavico, phenyl, terpenana, diastase, sugar APTI, cineole, karvakarol, kavibetol, propane, tannins, and sesquiterpenes.

In the area of ​​Java or other area usually women who are elderly use these leaves for nginang (nyirih) that in fed continuously chewed together with limestone and gambier as a substitute for cigarettes. Nyirih is done to fill the free time though it will result in their teeth brown but it is useful to eliminate bad breath and prevent tooth decay.

As for some of the benefits and how to use among others:

Benefits, Benefits, Uses
As TB Drug For Pain
15 betel leaves
10 grams of lily
5 grains Angco
65 grams of cactus sprawl that has been peeled
20 grams of dried white mushrooms

Boil all of which have been prepared in a clean state or have been washed into the water then strain it and take the water can be drunk while warm masi.

As Drugs Currently Cough Esophageal
20 betel leaves
4 cups water

Boil the betel leaf that has net been washed with water in advance. Be sure to boil until the water remaining ½ cup forwarded by the draining betel leaf decoction. In drinking water when deign to taste should be sweet in a little added sugars or added with honey according to taste.

Overcoming Body Odor
1 betel leaves
5 grams of whiting

Squeeze betel leaf with lime and then spread to underarm body odor in the body that is lost. This can be done at night at bedtime.

To Handle When Nosebleed
1 young betel leaves

Wash thoroughly masi young betel leaf and then roll adjusted to nostril and input into the nose to clog nose was bleeding. wait until the bleeding stops blood flowing from the nose

Scent Vagina
10 betel leaves
10 grams of cinnamon
10 grains of cloves

Boil 10 betel leaves, 10 grams of cinnamon, cloves 10 points in 1 liter of water to wait up to 10 minutes until the water turns a brownish color make sure the fire is used to boil with medium fire. After the boiling process has finished pour the stew into a bowl or container also prepare stool to sit on the basin that already contains betel stew lalukan evaporation immediately. so that steam can focus on your vagina using a towel to cover the waist down. do vaporization 2 weeks once because to maintain the pH balance of the vagina.

Treating Red And Itchy Eyes
Betel leaves 8 strands
1 ½ water

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Boil betel leaf to a boil after fumes wait until the water was cold betel leaf decoction wash the eyes red and itchy with boiled water betel do as often as possible every day to improve eye heal.