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How to Shrink Pores Face Traditionally - Healthy Tips

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How to Shrink Pores Face with natural ingredients - All women would want a pretty face and look younger. Unfortunately, many women who have large pores, making them look older and become less confident. Many ways adopted to shrink pores. Ranging from covering it with heavy makeup to the beauty clinic. In fact, close the pores with heavy makeup is not a good idea. Cover with thick makeup can actually cause acne. Meanwhile, if we choose beauty clinic, must take special funds to carry out this treatment.
How to Shrink Pores Face Traditionally - Healthy Tips
How to Shrink Pores Face with natural ingredients
How to Shrink Pores Face
Did you know that there are many ways you can do to shrink the pores in addition to going to the beauty salon. Ie using natural ingredients. And the following rows of the list of natural ingredients that can help you shrink the pores of the skin.

1. Lemon

Lemon contains vitamin C is high. Vitamin is able to refresh the face. If the face is fresh, definitely pores could shrink by itself. You just need to cut the lemon into two parts. After that squeeze the lemon into the glass. Apply lemon juice every night before bed. Or you can cut the lemon into thin slices of lemon earlier Then stick to your face that has large pores. Besides shrink pores, lemon can also tighten your skin.

2. Tomatoes

No less with lemon, tomatoes are also rich in vitamin C which also serves to refresh your skin. Not only refreshes the skin, the latest facts found tomatoes can help shrink the pores of your face. How easy you can pound tomatoes until smooth. After that, apply on the face such as wearing a mask and let stand until dry. Once dry, rinse with cold water until clean. Cold water can add to the freshness of your face. Read more about the benefits of the tomato to the face mask.

3. Honey

Honey is not only known for smoothing the skin. Honey can also be used to shrink the pores of the face. You can apply honey on your face. After that let it dry. Once dry, you can rinse it with water. You can also add lemon juice. The lemon juice can maximize honey mask to shrink pores. Besides lemon can also provide a fresh scent that makes you more relaxed when using it.

4. Cucumber / Cucumber

Cucumber has been known for beauty masks. Efficacy this cucumber variety. Such as moisturizing the skin, smoothing the face, and shrink the pimple. But it turned out to be cucumber can be used to shrink pores. How to make cucumber mask to shrink pores slightly different. First of cucumber puree using a blender. This is intended to be very delicate cucumber mush. Second, add a little cornstarch. After wrapping, apply on the face. Allow to dry and then rinse with water until clean.

5. Ice Cube

Ice cubes are usually only used for cooling drinks. Though there are other benefits of ice cubes to refresh the face and shrink pores. Ice cubes can also reduce oil production in the face. You can rub an ice cube into your face gently. Rub for 15-30 minutes. Make sure you clean your face before rubbing an ice cube to the face so that the dirt in the face does not clog the pores of the face to be cleaned.

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That's some way to shrink the pores with traditional materials. You can perform these traditional treatments at home when the weekend. The material is also easy to get around your home anyway. Besides the traditional way also can save costs. For maximum results do regularly. Hopefully these tips can help. If the smaller pores you will be more confident and look more youthful instead?