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How to Strengthen Hair Naturally - Healthy Tips

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How to Strengthen Hair with Natural Ingredients - Having beautiful hair, bushy and long is the dream of all women. But in fact, a problem that often arises is hair loss. Almost all cosmetics offer to fix the hair loss. But do you know? Chemicals contained in it is not good if it is absorbed by the scalp. Then can cope with hair loss with natural ingredients? Of course, I can.
How to Strengthen Hair Naturally - Healthy Tips

How to Strengthen Hair with natural ingredient and how to use it
Here are the natural ingredients that can strengthen hair and hair loss can overcome you:


Avocado or Persea americana not only delicious when used as a juice. Fruit, it is also has a function to cope with hair loss. Avocado contains a source of protein, rich in amino acids and vitamins that are good for the hair. How to use for the hair was too easy.

First, cut the avocado into two parts. Shovels half of the avocado flesh and puree until smooth. Dampen your hair with warm water and rub the avocado mixture was to the scalp to the tips of the hair with a slight massage. Leave for 15 minutes then wash the hair with warm water until clean. Once clean, rinse again using cold water. More details, please read the article about the efficacy of avocado and also how to make avocado mask used for facials and hair.


Green coconut is usually very enjoyable when the water we drink when the weather is scorching. But do you know? Coconut it also has a function for the amplifier and fertilizer hair. How to use it too easy. Choose a green coconut old then take the meat and grated. After that squeeze the thick coconut milk. Coconut milk and cook until issuing coconut oil. Take the oil and allow to cool. After chilling apply on the scalp to the ends of hair. The content of iron and manganese that makes hair stronger and healthier. In addition, this content can stimulate new hair growth.

Aloe vera

From time immemorial, aloe vera was already well known as a natural hair growth. In addition Aloe vera also has a function to strengthen and stimulate new hair growth. The content of aloe vera aloe vera that makes very good use for hair care. How to use it too easy.

Take some leaves of aloe vera and then peeled. Take mucus until the meat and rub all over the scalp to the hair evenly. Take a few moments and then rinse. A good idea to perform this treatment when the afternoon after afternoon showers. Then you can wash your hair the next day so that the result is optimal. To be more clear, please read the article about how to make a mask of aloe vera and benefits for the hair.

Pecan oil

Hazelnut usually only used for cooking ingredients only. But it turns hazelnut oil can also be used as a reinforcing material for hair loss. Kemirilah oil produced which has good efficacy for healthy hair. How to make it too easy to take the oil. Take some taste of roasted hazelnut or until browned. After the last hazelnut puree until smooth or to remove the oil. Take out the oil which was then rub into the scalp to the tips of your hair with a massage so quickly absorbed. Allow up to 15-20 minutes then rinse with water until clean.

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That's the natural ingredients that are well known as a reinforcing material for hair. Quite easy is not the way to get the ingredients and how to use them. Of course, this material is more efficient and safer as well. You can try it yourself at home. Use this treatment at least every two weeks for a satisfactory result. A few of these tips may be useful to you and good luck!