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5 Causes Dry and scaly skin - Healthy Tips

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5 Causes Dry and scaly skin - Healthy Tips - Dry and scaly skin is a thing that can ruin the appearance. Especially dry and scaly skin will look dull and unkempt. For women who live in countries with a tropical climate like Indonesia, dry skin problems can arise at any time because of the bad effects of exposure to ultraviolet rays that come from the sun rays. Environmental influences were dirty and full of free radicals can also trigger the formation process of the skin dry and scaly.

5 Causes Dry and scaly skin
To be able to cope with the emergence of problems in the skin we must first know what the cause of dry skin problems. To be able to know what causes it, below are six causes of dry skin you should know:

5 Causes Dry and scaly skin - Healthy Tips1. Too often face wash

Clean your face is mandatory to throw dirt on the skin. But that does not mean we have to do it too often. By washing your face too often it will make your skin will lose its softness and lead to dry and scaly skin. Just clean the face as much as 2 or 3 times every day with the help of soap cleanser.

2. Do not use sunscreen

Ultraviolet rays emanating amid the heat of the sun can cause dry skin. The use of sunscreen as an antidote to the bad things that were brought by the sun. Use sunscreen when going outdoor activities. Especially with the tight schedule that requires us to look beautiful and charming even under the scorching sun.

3. Too much to foundation

Using as a foundation or cream foundation is something absolutely necessary to enhance women's makeup and skin tone. However, excessive use of foundation can actually make the skin difficulty breathing and make the dead skin cells trapped in pores. Dead skin cells and oxygen and less on the skin causes the skin to become dry. Therefore you should choose based foundation light and use only as needed as needed.

4. The wrong diet

Diet became one among the factors that cause dry, scaly skin. The wrong diet and inadequate nutrition into the body resulting in dry skin becomes visible. A diet that is maintained with attention to nutritional content and nutrition can certainly help you avoid problems that occur on the skin. Read the article how to maintain healthy skin as a reference.

5. Indications disease

Do not assume the skin dull, dry, scaly or even excessively is reasonable. Could be it was an indication of a disease that is present in your skin. Diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, and some other types of skin diseases which can lead to dry skin, dull, and flaky. Immediately consult a doctor if deemed see things that are not natural to happen on your skin.

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Similarly, some of the things that can cause dry skin in women. Adequate water consumption will prevent the skin from dehydration which can cause dry, scaly skin. Use sunscreen before outdoor activities when the daytime. An umbrella or a hat you can use to help provide protection to the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Proper care and always strive to maintain the freshness of the skin can make you always look pretty and charming.