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9 Benefits of Sweet Potato Purple For Health - healthy tips

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Efficacy and benefits of sweet potatoes for health - Do you ever eat purple yam? Yes This includes the type of potato that has a sweet taste that is stronger than the type of potato yellow or white potatoes. Although many people do not really like because the taste of the fruit is too soft. But it turns out the content of nutrients and compounds found in sweet purple yam exceeds that of any other kind. Purple yam is very good to support your health.

Here are some benefits of purple sweet potato that can be obtained:

1. Preventing Heart Disease

If you often eat sweet purple then able to get the benefit from prevention of heart disease. The content of compounds called anthocyanins are very high in purple yam. In a study proved if anthocyanins are found is very important to keep the flow of blood, prevent blood clotting and make your heart healthier. This is what can make the consumption of purple yam is full of benefits.
Efficacy and benefits of sweet potatoes for health
Efficacy and benefits of sweet potatoes for health

2. Maintain Eye Health

Purple yam can also help maintain eye health. Purple yam contains several elements that are essential to the eyes as the benefits of vitamin A, anthocyanin, lutein and zea-xanthin. All these compounds can help protect the health of the eye with the eye lens from free radicals. It also can help prevent damage to the macula layer part of the eye. It's very important to protect your eyes from cataracts, decreased function of the lens and myopic.

3. Source of Antioxidants High

Purple yam eating habits is very important to keep your body can fight different types of free radicals. Purple yam contains the benefits of vitamin E and anthocyanin compounds that become natural antioxidants in the body. The benefits of antioxidants is essential to keep the body from various types of chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases.

4. Help Control Blood Sugar Levels

For diabetics, the purple sweet potato is very good to help control blood sugar levels. Purple sweet potato contains carbohydrates that are very soft and can control blood sugar levels naturally. Although the purple sweet potato has a very sweet but did not make the effect of increasing blood sugar levels. The content of the natural sweetness is still considered very normal. Consumption can replace the sweet purple rice that can make blood sugar levels become higher.

5. Assist Digestion Process

Purple sweet potato is also very good to help the body against the effects of poor digestion. The fiber content in purple yam is very good for keeping bowel movements, especially the colon. The soluble fiber in sweet purple is not obvious but it can help your body fight constipation, bowel movements are not smooth and excessive gas. When you experience this problem, it is recommended to eat purple sweet potato that has been boiled or steamed.

6. Helps Bone Density

Purple sweet potato contains calcium which is quite high. In this way the purple sweet potato is very important for maintaining bone density system and preventing various diseases which attack the bones. Calcium is very important for maintaining bone structure so that it can protect the body from osteoporosis. Purple yam is best eaten the woman will enter menopause or adulthood. And purple yam can also be consumed by anyone.

7. Best Food When the Diet

Purple yam can be a meal replacement to your diet. You can avoid rice, potatoes and other foods. Benefits of purple sweet potato contains a complete nutrient such as carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and natural compounds are very healthy. Additionally purple sweet potato also contains no fat or only in a small amount so that it can help you lose weight. You can consume sweet purple when on a diet.

8. Reduce Cancer Risk

Purple sweet potatoes contain anthocyanins which are very high. These anthocyanins levels very well to help cope with lower cancer risk. The purple color is obtained in the form of color pigments in fruits such as blueberries is very important to prevent cancer. Activities anthocyanin not only to fight against free radicals but also reduce the potential for bacteria and germs.

Cancer solution is also obtained from:
9. Improve Immune

Purple sweet potato contains a very high source of antioxidants such as vitamin E benefits, anthocyanin compounds, as well as vitamin C. All sources of these nutrients are extremely important to maintain good health. It could even enable the body to get useful cells. Overall a very good meal purple sweet potato to boost immunity.

Tips for Choosing and Consuming Sweet Purple

If you are looking for a purple sweet potato is still raw and fresh note some signs of purple sweet potato are still healthy like not to have scars, skin colored purple or reddish, no holes in the body and smelled neutral.

Avoid choosing a purple sweet potato that has been injured, have small holes or been cut.
Avoid choosing a purple sweet potato that has already grown some roots or root keys at the surface of the body.

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The best way to consume sweet purple is by boiling or steaming. You also can make other creations such as purple potatoes are made into cakes.
Purple yam widely seen as the food of the villagers. But it turns purple yam for health benefits is very large indeed. From now on you can eat sweet purple potato purple to have benefits for health.