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Benefit Eggs For Body Health and Beauty Healthy Tips

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Benefits and efficacy of eggs for health and beauty - Eggs are one source of animal protein is not only a favorite food of our country's population but the entire population of the world is also a fan. Eggs can be cooked according to the tastes start with boiled, fried or even made egg sambal Balado. Various food from eggs that tastes good and is certainly capable of making a lot of people hooked. For some people including the bodybuilders, many of those who love to eat eggs directly without prior processing.

Compared with other types of food, especially in terms of nutrition, the egg is referred to as a super food or super food. Eggs have a variety of health benefits because it contains a lot of nutrients which one of them is a good source of protein so as to improve the intelligence of the brain, muscle building as well as a variety of other benefits.

In eating eggs you should not opt for either part-milihnya yolk or egg white, both have a lot of content that in fact each has benefits for health. Especially in the egg whites, egg white has a fairly high nutrient content is not only good for health but also can be used to support your beauty. Egg whites can be used as a mask for the face that acts as fasteners and make the face seem more bright.

1. Rich in protein: Read: Benefits of Protein

Benefits of the first egg is protein that is essential for the body. Eggs contain a lot of protein needed by the body. Protein is a major shaper in our body has a lot of important functions such as stimulating the growth, repair damaged tissue and helps the formation of new tissue and healthy body. In an egg, contained about 6.5 grams of protein. Also in an egg also contains amino acids. Inside the egg there are at least nine types of amino acids can not be made by the body. We could only get to the nine amino acids from the food consumed.

Benefit Eggs For Body Health and Beauty

2. Good for eye health

One vitamin that is good for eye health is vitamin A. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to sharp eyesight and eye health declined. In addition, vitamin A deficiency can also make a person at risk for eye disorders such as macular degeneration and cataracts. Not only vitamin A, but eggs also contain Zeaxanthin and Lutein is an antioxidant that is good for the two eyes.

Both antikosidan that Lutein and Zeaxanthin are usually collected in the area of the retina that is tasked to protect against a variety of hazards. Not only children, adults or the elderly, but all those in need both types of these antioxidants. Amazingly eggs have been used in the treatment of the eye such as cataracts. Increasingly health and sharpness of the eyes can be reduced due to various reasons. To anticipate bad things can happen, you should regularly eat foods that contain a lot of vitamin A that can keep your eyes better.

Good for eye health
3. Containing some types of vitamin B and folic

The white part of the egg is a source of selenium and vitamin ribllflavin well as Essential as choline, betaine niacin, B12 and folate. Essential vitamins in the form of folate is good for maintaining the health of pregnant women and their fetuses. Not only that, but folate is also excellent to use in helping the development of the fetal brain, reducing the risk of babies are born prematurely, reduce the risk of babies born with low weight and others. The content of choline in eggs is useful to help the development of a healthy body tissue.

Inside the eggs contain choline which in fact became one of the nutrients that are not obtained enough in everyday life. But in an egg, you can obtain the nutritional content of about 100 milligrams of choline. For mothers who have small children, should know about the greatness of choline and trying to replace the old for the health and development of children's brains. Kolin be one of many types of nutrients recommended for pregnant women consumed. Not only good for the brain, but the choline is also instrumental in helping to build cell membranes and produce a signaling molecule in the brain and memory functions of the brain mempebaiki and others.

Eating an egg a day can be used routinely to meet the 28% requirement of choline for pregnant women. Pregnant women should consume regularly choline during pregnancy and breast-feeding that good nutrition to the brain can come to children.

4. Have plenty of nutrient content

An egg can be found in many types of nutrients that play a role in good health. Various types of good nutrition that can be found in an egg ranging from:

  • Iron
  • Vitamin E
  • vitamin K
  • Calcium
  • Zinc (Zync)
  • Mineral

A variety of vitamins and minerals in eggs have a lot of properties that are good for our health.

5. Do not make cholesterol increased

Benefits of eggs can increase good cholesterol, but not dangerous. In the 90s, the eggs become one of the foods that are considered bad for health because they contain moderately high cholesterol. The statement that the eggs do contain high cholesterol are indeed correct and has been tested through research. In an egg there is a relatively high cholesterol content is 210 mg. It should be clarified here is when consuming food with high cholesterol content, does not necessarily make cholesterol in our body increases.

The liver is an organ in the body that produces the liver with large numbers on a daily basis. But when we consume are eggs then the liver will produce cholesterol with the least amount. If the cholesterol in your body is quite high and may hesitate whether or not eating eggs, then you can consult your doctor first.

6. Eggs can increase HDL levels

HDL or High Density Lipoprotein which is the good cholesterol in the body. People who have a higher HDL means having the risk of stroke, heart disease and many other health problems is lower. Eggs are one of the well intake which can increase the level of HDL in the body. In one study, mentioned if you consume eggs as two grains every day, able to increase your HDL levels by 10 in the body.

Good also for hdl
7. Help your diet program

For those of you who have excess weight is certainly eager to lose weight once somewhere somehow. In this case a healthy diet is one that is widely recommended way so it does not have an impact on health. In losing weight, eating eggs is one solution for your weight penurunana.

Eggs have a lot of proteins that can make the stomach feel full. With the condition of the stomach feel full, we will be spared from the curiosity of overeating by itself able to reduce your weight. To get more nutrition and healthy nutrition more, you can combine the eggs with the other intake such as whole grains, eggs and vegetables and a variety of other healthy options.

8. Good for bone health

Healthy bones become decisive whether or not current daily activities you will do. Eggs contain vitamin D which serves as vitamins to help the absorption of calcium for bones. No wonder if the egg became one of the foods that are beneficial in preventing bone pengereposan when combined with foods with calcium sources.

9. Good for hair and nails

Eggs are one of the intake is good for the health of your hair and nails. It dkarenakan healthy eggs has numerous ingredients such as vitamin A, vitamin E, amino acids and minerals. Hair and nails can be used to describe the adequacy of nutrients and biochemical imbalances in the body. Various intake such as vitamin A, vitamin B12, sulfur can you get from a good egg for healthy hair. By eating a good intake of the various types of your hair will become stronger and healthier, and certainly not prone to hair disorders.

10. Establishment of muscle

Inside the egg protein is high enough that it can be used in healthy and helps muscle development. Not surprisingly, until now the much-loved bodybuilders eggs given by the high protein content can be used to build muscle in order to better their bodies.

11. Immunity

With a good immune system disease certainly is not easy to approach and attack the health of your body. Eggs contain selenium which is good in maintaining a healthy body. Keep in mind the many different types of disease, should be anticipated by eating a variety of healthy foods and diligent exercise.

12. Good for chemotherapy patients

Part of the egg white is recommended for patients who were undergoing chemotherapy as well as patients with renal impairment. Another greatness of the egg white is when the middle part white colored eggs are used as a remedy for wounds and bone sufferers.

13. A facemask

Not only avocado and tomato, but a face mask can be made from the egg by using the white part. A facemask of egg has many benefits for the health and beauty of the face such as elastic as well as making skin look brighter.

14. Low calorie

Low-calorie foods are foods that play a role in maintaining the weight balance. Eggs contain a lot of protein but low in calories. Eating eggs can make the stomach feel full so the desire to eat is reduced and so the weight can be set.

15. Fat-free

Eating foods containing too much saturated fat can increase the risk of high cholesterol and heart attacks. USDA reported if the eggs are free of fat including saturated fat. In the egg whites are not fat at all different from the yolks. Not only unsaturated fats, but the egg white has a number of other great nutrients such as:

  • 6.6 mcg selenium
  • 1.3 mcg of folic
  • 2.3 mg of calcium
  • 4.9 mg of phosphorus
  • 3.6 mg of magnesium
  • 16. As a source of energy

Power source is not only obtained from staple foods such as rice or potatoes because apparently as a side dish, the egg can also be used as a source of our daily energy. Eating eggs helps you to get the energy play a role in your daily activities. Eggs contain a protein that can help you increase your energy.

Benefits of Egg White For Beauty

Beauty is a valuable asset for any woman. To be able to make beauty to become more attractive and can brighten the skin, you can use egg whites as one of the ingredients in beautifying your face to make a face mask. Face mask made of egg white is not just great for toning the skin, skin whitening, but also can be used to avoid premature aging. Here is the role of eggs in the beauty of the skin and hair, such as:

17. Can mempersehat skin

Benefits of eggs for beauty is to the source in mempersehat skin. Inside the egg substance contained both called amino acids that play a role in reducing inflammation in the skin. The substance is good to avoid or overcome the irritation that can appear on the skin due to allergies or perhaps because of dust. To overcome the skin irritation you can use egg whites and use it when bathing. You can be dabbed on the skin irritation slowly. The use of egg white can make your skin back healed and healthy.

18. Brighten the skin

The protein in eggs can be used to help regenerate skin cells that have died. The way is easy that is by making the egg whites as a facial mask. Use regularly so that the results you want quickly realized. The use of egg white can make the face becomes brighter. In addition to using the mask of egg whites, you can also use olive oil and lemon juice to make the face becomes brighter. In brighten the skin, you can use honey and tomatoes to make a face getting brighter.

In addition to good use egg whites brighten the face can also be used as a mask to brighten the face and acne.

19. Caring for hair

Hair is mentioned as the ladies crown. The more beautiful your hair naturally growing self-confidence as well. But instead when your hair is less healthy due to lack of nutrients, the level of confidence, especially when in front of a lot of people can be decreased. To overcome this you can use egg whites as a way to care for your hair. In using this egg white you can use it like hair tonic. The trick is to prepare the egg white that has previously been mixed with water and use on your hair. In addition to using the eggs, you can also benefit from other types of natural products Yag such as celery, pecans and aloe vera.
Side Effects of Consuming Eggs

Not only beneficial to the body, but sometimes for some people eating eggs may cause some disorders such as allergies. In the event that this is actually not the eggs that become allergens, but because of the presence of albumin in the egg whites. Allergy is more common in children or those who are toddlers. The reaction of these eggs food can be felt a few minutes or a few hours after they eat eggs. Symptoms are quite different from one another as hives on the skin, skin swelling, nausea and vomiting, itching and berarir, coughing and wheezing and others. For some children, symptoms of eating eggs may also cause the arrival of asthma. Symptoms of eating eggs, can last less than a day.

Not only asthma or perhaps just skin itching, but there are also some more severe symptoms such as swelling of the throat and airways, blood pressure dropped suddenly, dizziness to loss of consciousness of a person.

Not only cause allergic effects for certain people, but it also must be considered for those who are dieting. Inside the egg there is a rather high sodium content so that those of you who were undergoing special diet that requires you reduce the intake of sodium. In this case you should consult your doctor specialists. High sodium content is also for those who have high blood pressure.

Type Eggs Can Be Consumed

Talking about the eggs of course many are referring to chicken eggs. Yet out there are many other types of eggs that can be consumed and contains just as good with chicken eggs. Here are a few types of eggs that can be consumed like:

Chicken eggs
Chicken egg white or brown is a kind of eggs that may be consumed. White chicken eggs have a lot of good content for the body such as zinc, calcium and protein. For chocolate eggs, these eggs are good for health to have the same content as the egg white only brown eggs produced by the chickens chicken brown or red. Chicken eggs are easily found everywhere because many who sell and rearing chickens.

Quail eggs
Quail eggs are eggs with a round shape and small size, sometimes accompanied by a black colored spots or brown. The eggs produced by quail that have a lot of the content of vitamin B. Same as chicken eggs, quail eggs can be found easily everywhere so it can be easily found.

Duck egg
Duck egg has a white color like a chicken egg. It's just a duck egg has a somewhat flat shape of the curve. Duck eggs contain a lot of vitamin B complex. Duck eggs are eggs that many types serve as salted eggs processed by immersion in salt.

Caviar is fish eggs by preservatives and salt. Caviar contains high antioxidant. Caviar not only has a high nutritional content and are sold at expensive prices.

Eggs Bantam
Eggs Bantam has a shape similar to a chicken egg in general that sets it apart is its smaller size. Compared with other types of chicken eggs, eggs kate has more iron content in it. Bantam eggs are foods that are recommended for women.

turkey eggs
Eggs are widely popular, especially in countries that have a lot of livestock turkey. The eggs of turkey has a lot of calcium RDA. Calcium is a type of calcium that the body needs every day.

eggs hisa
These types of eggs are so popular in the country of India. How to process them can be fried using dough or can be eaten as a snack. Hisa eggs contain that was so good for the health of Omega-3. Hisa eggs good for the health of mothers who were pregnant.

Goose egg
Goose egg has a taste similar to chicken eggs just teur have a shape that is larger and contains more protein.

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