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Benefits Lime for Hair and how to make it - healthy t1ps

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Lime Is Good For Healthy Hair - This fruit thrives and is widely available in Indonesia. The taste is sour and fresh made people making drinks daily. Besides beneficial to human health, lemon also has benefits for health, beauty, and strength of hair. By applying it to your hair, then great benefits that will be obtained.

In terms of keeping hair healthy lady seems very concerned about this one. Start of treatment to the salon and buy products for hair that increase the costs. All is done for health and beauty crown. But you should know that is not always treat hair salon and provide an expensive hair products being the only solution to maintain the beauty of hair.

There are some natural ways that can be applied to obtain satisfactory results. Indeed, the results will not be as fast as when you do a hair treatment at the salon, but that should be noted is that if the natural materials used, the safety was more awake. Because there are many chemicals that you let into the scalp. Moreover, if viewed in terms of cost, of course taking care of your hair naturally would cost relatively smaller than salon treatments.

Benefits Lime for Hair and how to make it - healthy t1ps
Benefits Lime for Hair and how to make it - healthy t1ps

Lime Benefits for Hair
One of the materials that can be used is lime. So what are the benefits of the fruit of this one? Here we will give explanations, are:

Clean the hair and makes it shiny

Lemon has a content of a substance called acid. This substance is able to cleanse the scalp so keep him away from the attack of dandruff. It's easy once, namely by providing a liquid lemon on the scalp. Spread evenly and give a scalp massage. Wait for about 30 minutes so that the acid absorbs into the skin. After that, wash thoroughly with clean water or shampoo.

Speeding up the process of hair extensions

For those of you who are experiencing any feel short haircut and do not rush sad. To grow it naturally you can use lemon in water drops on the scalp. Massage, massage for a while, then let stand for 30 minutes. Continue to clean it by shampooing. Also read the previous article: a quick way to long hair.

eliminate dandruff

Basically the use of lime for dandruff is the same with ordinary use. Namely by rubbing lemon slices evenly and focus on the part that there are many dandruff. Do it regularly so that dandruff is not coming back.

Hair straight

Sometimes having curly hair is an honor. But often there are people who are not too happy with it and wanted to make it right. Lemon can help your problem is one ini.Baca also article: how to straighten hair naturally.

The trick Take one lemon, squeeze to get the water. Combine the lemon juice in 1 tablespoon to 1 cup of coconut water. Once well blended let stand in the refrigerator approximately 1-2 hours. Once cool enough, you can apply the mixture on the hair from the root. Apply gently and evenly and give a massage to be more pervasive. Let stand for 30 minutes, then rinse with clean water. Do it regularly.

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Preventing hair loss

Hair loss problems experienced by most women. To overcome provide one lime juice and then cut into 3 parts. Spread slices of lemon on the scalp and wrap a towel. Do it before going to bed and go to the towel after waking. Then wash with shampoo.