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One of the circumstances that were never expected his arrival by man is sick. In addition to that condition of suffering, man can not do any activity is beneficial. But whatever is expected by man, man would still be in pain, although pain was only briefly, and also lightweight. This pain can be separated physically sebara can be seen, there is gathering that can not be seen physically, but attacks the organs in the human body. This is precisely including severe pain and harm. Organ of the human body is vulnerable to attacks of diseases, such as heart, brain, lungs, kidneys, liver, stomach, liver, and other organs of the human body.

About TBC

One disease that attacks the organs of human body parts is commonly abbreviated with Tuberculosis or TB. Tuberculosis is a disease that affects many duni quarter of the population and is the number four killer diseases in Indonesia after stroke, diabetes, and hypertension high blood pressure in urban communities. But in rural communities, T uberculosis or tuberculosis has become the number two killer disease after a stroke. TB disease is attacking the organs of the human lung. Tuberculosis or TB can occur due to infection or severe acute or chronic caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Tuberculosis hereinafter referred to as the TB causing strange reactions in organ tissue lungs. This strange network includes forming a wall around the lesion is performed by fibrous tissue which then form something called tubercles, and also raid the area infected by macrophages.
Benefits of Carrots for Tuberculosis

TB disease can infect someone who has a weakened immune system. The spread of TB disease is considered to be very easy. TB can be transmitted through respiratory secretions exhaled by an infected which will then be inhaled by others. Symptoms of TB disease are sometimes invisible. However, the symptoms of this disease can still be seen, such as prolonged cough, pain arising in the chest, drastic weight loss, decreased appetite, and a lot of sweat especially at night. People who are susceptible to this disease are those who live in the slums, full and crowded, and also his poor ventilation. TB disease is more common in men than women.

The content of Carrots

Who does not know the carrots? These orange-colored vegetables easily be encountered in the merchants of vegetables in the neighboring residence. This carrot has a crisp texture and sweet taste. Carrots are rich in anti-oxidant substances, vitamins, and fiber. In addition, carrots are also a source of beta carotene which is very good for the eyes, the source of the benefits of vitamin C and also a source of vitamin B complex benefits such as the benefits of folic acid, vitamin B6, thiamin, pantothenic acid, etc. Carrots also contain healthy amounts of minerals, such as copper, the benefits of calcium, potassium benefits, manfata manganese, and phosphorus.

For TB patients are also advised to consume a variety of foods such as fruits and vegetables (dark green, orange, and beans), milk, meat, protein-rich foods and snacks.

Carrots Benefits for Patients with tuberculosis

One of the foods that are recommended for patients with TB is orange-colored vegetables. These orange-colored vegetables for example carrots. So, what exactly are the benefits of carrots for TB? Carrots is a vegetable that contains the benefits of antioxidants that are good for people with tuberculosis. This carrot can be a vegetable that can be used as a cure tuberculosis. The course should be combined with other ingredients, such as mint leaves benefits, the benefits of pure vinegar and honey benefits.

The trick is:
1 tsp of juice with mint leaves, mixed with 2 teaspoons pure vinegar and 2 teaspoons of pure honey
Then the mixture of these materials dissolved in 120 ml of carrot juice
This drink is consumed three times a day
The benefits of these drinks which are able to dilute phlegm, nourish the lungs and can boost immunity. In addition, this herb can prevent the harmful effects of anti-TB drugs. In addition, combined with the above ingredients, tuberculosis patients should also consume the benefits of apples, benefits of grapes, as well as 25 grams of grated coconut every day. Antioxidants are produced from the food consumed is very good for people with tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis cases in Indonesia

Cases of TB disease in Indonesia is quite high, reaching 450,000 cases annually. TB disease is known as a deadly disease. From all infected, about 65,000 people with TB disease have died. How to cope with TB disease is one of the tasks of government, while the duty for the individual is to prevent transmission, handling, treatment, and cure the TB disease. In addition, the prevention and also the spread of this disease is the responsibility of all parties.

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For patients with TB or require special behaviors. There are some foods that become taboo and is recommended for patients with TB is. Some of the foods that should be avoided by people with tuberculosis which are foods that contain a lot of refined sugar and refined sugars, such as white bread, white sugar cereals, cakes and puddings. Then TB patients should also avoid sauces that contain a lot of sodium, and sugar. And the other is to avoid tea and coffee, it is because tea and coffee contains caffeine which is believed to be a stimulant tuberculosis. Then that should be avoided again is pickled (because many contain sodium), and also alcohol. This is a strict prohibition of alcohol for people with tuberculosis.