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7 Benefits Of Lettuce For Health - Healthy Tips

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Benefits Of Lettuce - Eating vegetables is a good process to maintain health in the body. However, it is not only for your health but can also for beauty to be obtained naturally. Likewise with lettuce leaves that have a range of health benefits and beauty. Efficacy owned by Lettuce leaves play an important role as a protector, a deterrent to the natural herb for some risks.

Leaf Lettuce for Health Benefits
To get the benefits of leaf lettuce, you can eat them as raw vegetables or fresh as fresh vegetables. Fresh green vegetable that has a fresh flavor that is suitable to be used as side dishes at any time, whether it was as a menu morning, noon and night. Consuming these vegetables not only to make the diet more fresh and delicious, but also there is usefulness. As well as the seven benefits Lettuce leaves following:

Inhibit the aging process that occurs on the face

Benefits Of Lettuce For HealthOften the beauty issues that always come first, as well as preventing premature aging or the aging process on the face. It is very important for women to continue to look beautiful and youthful looks despite his age has more. This problem can you accomplish by taking leaf lettuce. Where in this vegetable contains so-called Zeaxanthin compounds that act as antioxidants. The content is what will prevent the aging of the face in order to move more slowly.

The content of vitamin A for the eyes

Vitamin A is one of the components that are good for maintaining healthy eyes. In this Lettuce leaves are vitamins that contain beta carotene. The content is what acts as the keeper the eyes of some risks such as eye cataracts, irritations etc. as it is known that it is very important to keep an eye especially for those who often have activity in front of the screen or exposed to dust. Consuming these leaves can provide preservation of the eye that always fit.

Sources of minerals in the body

Minerals that exist on lettuce leaves, there are more, such as potassium minerals can work as an amplifier of teeth and bones. There are also mineral iron in charge expedite the process of formation of red blood cells in the body. As well as the mineral potassium to function as a component of maintaining a healthy heart and keep the blood pressure remained normal.

strengthen bones

The vitamin K in these leaves make it an important role in the formation of a hormone known as osteotropic. This hormone serves as a deterrent presence on bone loss and strengthen the condition of a bone.

Lowering cholesterol levels

Cholesterol is one of the components obtained from the intake of food and beverages consumed on a daily basis, whether it be good or bad cholesterol. Consuming lettuce leaf vegetable is able to reduce and control the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Low fat content and antioxidants is what makes these benefits.

prevention of cancer

Leaf Lettuce has a compound called as womb gluconasturtin. Where in this compound that will fight cancer in the body. So it can serve as a shield from a dangerous disease.

Keeping the level of fertility

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The content of vitamin C and folate in it is capable of providing fertility to the reproductive system of men and women. Not only that, but it could also maintain the fertility. That way, you can always keep the reproductive system is as simple as eating lettuce leaves.