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Benefits of papaya leaves to get rid of acne on the face naturally - healthy t1ps  Papaya leaf known as leaf herb, now we will see the benefits for dealing with one of the health problems that the face of stubborn acne problems. If your face is not acne or acne only a few spots, so you may not pay attention. But what if you do a lot of acne on the face and until frightening, certainly will mersahkan and you need the help of a herbalist immediately to handle it.

If that's what you are looking for, you are right to be here, because we will give you tips how to remove acne using natural materials papaya leaves. Benefits of papaya leaves to get rid of acne are many people who do not know, hopefully with the help of this short article could be the solution for you.

Why do the leaves of papaya are so helpful in the realm of herbs, because papaya leaves contain alkaloids and papain enzyme in large quantities. This is the enzyme papain in papaya latex white lumpy. Papain is a proteolytic enzyme so the usefulness of this enzyme is to break the protein so easily absorbed by the body.

Semntara content in the leaves of papaya contains many phenolic old. In addition, there are 3 types in papaya enzyme, the enzyme khimoprotein another that serves as a catalyst in the hydrolysis reaction between the proteins with polipetida. Then there is the lysozyme enzyme that functions as an anti-bacterial. The bitter taste is in papaya in the causes for the content of alkaloid compounds formulated karpain (C14H25NO2). This substance is beneficial to reduce fever, reduce blood pressure and kill microbes.

So, with the content of papaya is like that, then papaya also known as pnegobat pimples on the face. Benefits of papaya leaves to get rid of acne can be obtained by making herbal papaya leaves. The trick is to hang some sun diterik papaya leaves that wilt. Furthermore grows papaya leaves withered until smooth and enter 2 tablespoons water. This result was tacked on stubborn acne pimples to turn off. Allow the leaves of the papaya mask to dry face and rinse with warm water. To obtain maximum results, use this concoction several times on a regular basis.
Benefits of Papaya Leaf to Eliminate Acne

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Those are some benefits of papaya leaves to get rid of acne on the face or body. And the health benefits of papaya leaves to so many of them, such as for digestive problems, dengue fever, malaria, smooth milk etc.