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Benefits of Raw Chicken Eggs For Health

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Benefits of Raw Eggs For Healthy Body - were more potent for health. Almost all types of eggs can be consumed and has good benefits for health. But generally commonly consumed many eggs are derived from poultry such as chickens, ducks, geese, several types of bird eggs only. A chicken egg is also divided into 2 types which are known by the general public that chicken eggs and chicken eggs bras (broilers). From the results of a study revealing that the nutrient content and nutrients in chicken more than chicken pieces. Chicken eggs as a food contains nutrients that are very complete and very good to eat especially for children. That's because omega 3 is good for the growth of children.

Nutrient content contained in chicken eggs:

    Benefits of Raw Chicken Eggs For Health
  • Energy 196 kcal
  • Protein 13 grams
  • Fat 15.3 grams
  • Carbohydrates 0.8 gram
  • Calcium 67 mg
  • Phosphorus 334 mg
  • 3.3 milligrams of iron
  • Vitamin A 231 IU
  • 0.31 milligrams of vitamin B1

Benefits of raw chicken eggs:

Creating a healthy heart.
Antioxidants contained in raw eggs is very good for heart health. The content of antioxidants in two chicken egg, more double than an apple. For those of you who suffer from heart disease please try to consume uncooked chicken eggs.

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Prevent cancer.
Eggs are very famous for their nutritional content. Tripofan and tyrosine is one of the nutrients contained in raw egg yolk. Raw egg yolk is very useful for anticancer agents.

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Generate additional energy source.
Consumed raw eggs can provide the maximum energy for the body. Raw chicken eggs contain protein, carbohydrates, and iron compared with eggs that have been boiled or fried. A nutrition expert said, the human body will not be difficult to digest raw eggs such as natural enzymes in eggs that help the digestive process.

Assist in the formation of muscle.
Usually boiled egg white is great for building muscle to look more athletic. Consuming raw chicken eggs was also very ampu for diet program.

Free cholesterol and fat.
For those of you who usually like to eat fried eggs, should seger leave your habits and replace by consuming raw eggs. That is because the fried eggs high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Well, in the raw egg, unhealthy ingredients like cholesterol nothing so much healthier.

Prevent cataracts and blindness.

Eye diseases such as cataracts it can be prevented by consuming raw chicken eggs. For elderly people is highly recommended to consume raw eggs to prevent blindness and cataracts.
Changing mood.
Benefits other raw chicken egg is to improve the condition of the liver. When the mind is erratic or too late, try to consume raw eggs. Compounds in egg yolk can stimulate certain hormones that create a mood to be good.

Very good for men's health.
The content of selenium contained in raw egg where the mineral selenium are needed by men in forming and quality of sperm. In one egg only able to meet 10% of the male body needs selenium.

Cure lung disorders.
Consuming raw eggs were also able to cure disorders of the lungs. Very good for people with emphysema in particular.

Brighten the face.
Putir raw chicken egg contains more viscous than the other eggs. The egg white is very useful to remove dead skin cells found on the skin. So is by using raw eggs puti's face will be brighter and radiant.

Eliminate acne.
Raw egg white was very nice to diadikan as a facial mask that is useful to get rid of acne along with blackheads. We recommend to make a raw egg white mask choose from chicken eggs that are still fresh and nice.

Keeping the beauty of the eyes.
Carotenoids found in raw eggs proved useful to embellish and beautify your eyes. Eat regular chicken egg yolk then the eye will be beautiful and healthy.

Give softness to the hair.
Raw chicken egg serves to maintain the hair moisture. Raw egg yolk can be used as a hair mask and will be maximized when mixed with other supporting materials, namely avocado.

Overcoming dry face.
Dry facial appearance is very disturbing, not only was it dry face will look dull and unkempt. By using raw eggs will help the back face fresh and healthy.

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Eating eggs not only with boiled and fried, egg mentahpun may also be consumed. Crude eggs can also be used to maintain the beauty, as well as beneficial for health. But should not be too often consume raw eggs because it will also have side effects that are bad for our health.