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Benefits of rose apple Leaf For Health Herbal Medicine

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Benefits of rose apple Leaf For Health - rose apple generally in the form of 3-10 meters tall shrubs. Often the stem bends and branching from the base of the tree. Single leaves, heart-shaped oblong to obovate oval 7-25 x 2,5x16 cm, no or slight aromatic smell when crushed. Located opposite leaves, with 0.5-1.5 cm long stalk. Wreaths containing 3-7 florets, a panicle at the end of the branch (terminal) or appear Armpit leaves that have fallen (axial). Color whitish yellow flowers, with petals tube along approximately 1 cm, leaf crown has a circular shape such as a triangle even 6-8 mm, between 0.75 to 2 cm stamens and pistil stalk that reaches 17 mm. Berry shaped top, a small but ends widened base (often with side grooves separating between the base to the tip), 1.5-2 x 2,5x3,5 cm, fleshy petals crowned and curved, the outside white to red. Dagung white fruit, lots of water, nearly odorless, sour taste it can also be sweet, sometimes even feels a bit astringent. Small seed size 1-2 (-6) grains.

benefits rose apple leaves for health

benefits rose apple leaves for health

This water turns pink plant leaves can be used for treatment. Although not as famous as the rose apple but includes quite as alternative herbal health of natural materials. Indeed there are many benefits of rose apple leaf, so at least there is some kind of disease that can be treated include fever as a child and as a relaxation of the body to be more fresh and fresh when tired. For it to be more detail below are a few examples of utilizing water guava leaves for health:
Traditional Herbal Medicines Guava Leaf Water

Lower heat or fever in children
Enough to squeeze some leaves of rose apple and put inside a container that has been filled with warm water. Let stand a few minutes and then use the soaking water to compress at the children who are suffering from hot / cold.

Overcoming sprains, swelling, broken bones, and colds
rose apple leaf along with lime leaves orange knead until smooth using hands, rub mixture into the ailing area accompanied by massage slowly. Especially for patients with bone pain would be nice wrapped with black cloth with maksut and the goal of keeping the oil from the herb could be easily absorbed.

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For Relaxation and neutralize body odor
Shower using water that has been mixed with a squeeze of rose apple.