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Benefits of Spinach Leaves for Health - healthy tips

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Benefits of Spinach Leaves for  Health  - healthy tips
Who does not know about the spinach leaves? From the little we could see a cartoon show on television showing how efficacious the spinach leaves. By eating the spinach we become strong and strong iron, vitamins and minerals contained in spinach leaves. parents must often cook spinach leaves for children, either soup or stir-fry made. In any place, spinach is always promoted as a natural health food which is nutritious.

Spinach has been well known throughout asia and the world. These plants originated from tropical areas in the Americas, however, as we have seen today, this plant has spread throughout the world. Uniquely, you need to know if the spinach leaves are used as a vegetable only occurs in areas of Southeast Asia and East Asia in other areas just as ordinary crop.
spinach leaves

Benefits of Spinach Leaves for  Health  - healthy tips

by the roots. Spinach leaves used to make soup.

Types of Spinach
in addition, spinach itself actually has many types. Here are some types of spinach plants are already known:

Amaranthus hybridus, which is used as spinach quotes
A. tricolor, usually spinach comes from this type
A. spinous, otherwise known as thorn spinach

Benefits of Spinach Leaves for  Health  - healthy tips

The nutrient content of spinach leaves
We generally already know that spinach contains high iron and very good for health. However, spinach is not always just contain iron. There are very good reasons why people hereditary provide cooking spinach on his children, namely because spinach contains a variety of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for the body. This is the content of the nutrients found in spinach, among others:

Benefits of Spinach Leaves for  Health  - healthy tips

Benefits of Spinach for Health
Part spinach which usually can be utilized are the leaves and roots. However, if it is used as a medicinal herb, it is advisable to boil the spinach leaves briefly. This is to prevent the nutrients in spinach is not lost. Here are the efficacy and  benefits of spinach leaves that have known:

Benefits spinach leaves for the blood booster

Benefits of Spinach Leaves for  Health  - healthy tips

Spinach leaves as fever medicine (herbs)

If the body feels hot and feverish, try herbal recipes below :

2 Prepare the spinach leaves and stems,
Prepare the chicken egg (or ordinary, if any),
Blend all ingredients until smooth,
Put all ingredients into a bucket of water.
After all the ingredients soaked in water, apply the mixture on the forehead and the forehead. Fever will go down shortly thereafter.

Spinach leaves can also be used as a cure bronchitis and respiratory problems

Benefits of Spinach Leaves for  Health  - healthy tips

Spinach does have tremendous benefits. In fact, all of the above still have not mentioned all the uses of plants as this one. Like the fact that spinach is very useful as an enhancer of breast milk in mothers who are breastfeeding, or that spinach is useful for those who have problems urinating. Really simple plants that have immense benefits. Some of the benefits of spinach as a vegetable to eat the other is:
Benefits of Spinach Leaves for  Health  - healthy tips

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There are so many benefits to be gained from spinach leaves. The things above are just a few of them. Therefore, from now on more often to consume spinach.