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Benefits Red Rice for Health - healthy tips

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Red Rice Good For Health - Brown rice is a staple food that is a brother of white rice. However, brown rice still has a red blanket wrap and is referred to as a protective layer of grain. In this section the most basic of brown rice because it is stored million benefit in it. Because these layers are fiber and various nutrients that are good for health. Keeping the state of the body to always fit and can cope with some risk of a disease.

The content in brown rice is good for health
Brown rice is rich in fiber and nutrients have various benefits that are good for the body. Where on the body's health can be maintained by the part without the hassle. Because red yeast rice may act as an adjuvant treatment that is easy and natural. Because each nutrient content that is able to provide real role and benefits for the body. Some of the benefits of brown rice among others are:

1. Containing high fiber

The content in brown rice is good for healthThe fiber content of brown rice is quite high, even much more than that of white rice. With this fiber is able to provide good efficacy for maintaining a healthy body from the inside. In addition, complex carbohydrates also stored as a substance that is also good for health.

2. Can control blood sugar

Within this there is the content of red rice called glycemic index in low numbers. With the content is what will regulate sugar levels in the blood but still provide a good source of energy. Thus, taking the red yeast rice can provide enough energy for the body as well as the normal control of blood sugar levels in the body.

3. As the antioxidant content

Brown rice contains manganese or iron, wherein one became one of the important components of the body that is not only for energy, but also as an antioxidant. The content that can protect the body from free radicals. And the presence of zinc can be offset to prevent iron-sl cell damage in the body as a result of free radicals, which can typically occur when the formation of energy.

4. Lowering bad cholesterol levels

Bahwasannya bad cholesterol is able to make some other risks that can damage and disrupt the working system of the body. But by taking the red yeast rice, bad cholesterol can be reduced. Even adding good cholesterol needed by the body. Thus, brown rice is very good to be consumed as a staple food menu as a counterweight and decrease bad cholesterol in the body.

5. Running organ function

Brown rice has vitamin B6 content of 23% of the total. The content of which has a total of nearly one-third of this is very good for running the organ system in the body. In addition, to provide a balance on the formation of a hormone called serotonin. And to make red blood cells more awake and assist in the production of the cells' DNA.

6. As a healthy diet

Often at this diet program a person feels hungry and very hungry. However, when kept eating without control may hamper the success of the program. For that you can consume a healthy menu for the diet as they provide satiety for longer. Their content of complex carbohydrates is able to make sense of satiety. Additionally, red yeast rice is safe for a diabetic diet because it can regulate blood sugar levels. In other words, eating brown rice can be used as a convenient treatment efficacy as well as create more diversity in the body.

7. Manganese

In addition to protein and carbohydrates, brown rice also has a fairly high manganese content. The function of manganese itself that helps the production of energy from protein and carbohydrates, as well as assisting the manufacture of fatty acids that are important for the nervous system. Besides manganese also serves to help the formation of good cholesterol.

8. Magnesium

Another mineral content contained in brown rice is magnesium. This mineral has a function as enzymes that regulate the use of insulin is closely associated with diabetes. Hypomagnesema magnesium deficiency can lead to symptoms of irregular heartbeat, insomnia, muscle weakness, seizures legs, and soles of the feet and hands shaking. Magnesium requirement for adult men to 350 mg per day for adult women and 300 mg.

9. Rice Benefits Red For Women

The benefits of brown rice can also be felt by women. Especially those who are undergoing a diet program. Due to the high fiber content of food, the stomach becomes full longer. Consumption of six cups of brown rice per week was very good for women pascamenopouse to prevent diseases such as cholesterol, high blood pressure and symptoms of heart disease.

10. Digestion Cleaning

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The fiber content in the brown rice is very good for maintaining the health of the digestive organs, especially the intestines. Fiber works like a sweeper that cleans the intestines from the leftovers. Perhaps there are many more benefits of brown rice that has not been revealed. However, I think the information above is more than enough for us to begin to look healthy food on this one.