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Benefits Stew Skin Mangosteen for Health - healthy tips

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Benefits Stew Skin Mangosteen for Health - Mangosteen is a good thing, besides mangosteen is also beneficial for health and beauty. Very many benefits of the mangosteen fruit if you like taking it, there are many ways to consume mangosteen either in the dining directly, in juice or other means. Usually, only the contents of mangosteen is eaten alone, but do you know that the mangosteen peel also has a range of benefits. What more when the mangosteen peel boiled first.

Mangosteen skin are boiled will help kill germs that exist and stick to the skin of the mangosteen, probably the bacteria because it interacts with the ground or the human hand and the other. So what are the benefits of mangosteen peel stew? can be listened to in the description that will be elaborated below!

1. To overcome food poisoning

Benefits Stew Skin Mangosteen for HealthSame as above, the content of the mangosteen fruit is beneficial to overcome food poisoning. The content is so much in the mangosteen fruit will help shape the immune system and help to kill foreign objects will enter the body. As well as white blood cells, it will eradicate the foreign object in the body and objects that carry poison a foreign body. The mangosteen fruit will help attack the poison it with the help system of white blood cells.

2. To slow the aging process

The mangosteen fruit is believed to prevent premature aging, the mangosteen fruit is already widely used as a beauty product kanduga vitamin E, which many in the mangosteen fruit so it can be used for the needs of the skin in sufficient vitamin E, besides the mangosteen fruit also contains anti-bacterial, which face can help kill bacteria attached on the face, so that bacteria such as bacteria that cause blackheads, dark spots and acne will be eradicated by this mangosteen rind decoction. with pemakainan records regularly.

3. Prevent Cancer

In the mangosteen fruit contains anti-carcinogenic content which means it can prevent cancer, mangosteen skin is very effective in killing viruses and bekteri cause cancer. Especially on the content of xanthones in the mangosteen fruit, very much an anti-cancer properties means anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so that will help the body to stay awake. In addition, to consume mangosteen skin regularly and eradicate the virus can kill the virus that causes cancer.

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4. Lose weight

Mangosteen is perfect in the diet, because the skin of the mangosteen fruit contains 35.61% of carbohydrates, so it does not need to consume rice as berlebh, in addition to the content of the fruit manggispun lemakk very little so it is quite safe to use for a diet program. Even more important is the skin of the mangosteen contains 62.05% water content, so that by consuming mangosteen rind is not only the adequacy of carbohydrates, but the water was too tercukupin with mangosteen fruit.

5. Helps the healing of canker sores

This is because the content of anti-inflammation in the skin of the mangosteen fruit is believed to help decrease the inflammation that occurs in the skin that are canker sores. Therefore, the mangosteen peel tradisioanal trusted by society as a mouth ulcer drug. The water content in the mangosteen peel also helps healing ulcers, because the water content is actually able to help prevent various diseases.

6. Preventing tonsil

Mangosteen peel can be used to reduce the pain of the tonsils. This can be done by seizing mangosteen rind. Then the benefits of mangosteen rind decoction is, in a drink to cure tonsil. As reviewed above was that the skin of the mangosteen fruit also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory so, the ability to prevent and treat tonsil is very trustworthy. Even been used as an alternative medicine, in traditional societies.

7. Treating diabetes

The skin of the mangosteen fruit is very capable to treat diabetes, because the skin there is kandngan Xanthones mangosteen useful to provide anti-diabetic properties for the body they consume. With their anti-diabetic properties of this body will be protected from diabetes, Xanthones content is also beneficial to boost immunity to viruses and bacteria that will cause diabetes will also be destroyed.

8. Prevent from various diseases

In the skin of the mangosteen fruit consists of a compound of alpha magostin and also gamma magostin, befungsi to prevent various diseases is gamma mangostin, because gamma mangostin can provide protection and also prevent the bacteria produced by the body, so the body will always be awake from various disease. Additionally gamma mangostin also serves to establish forts protection to protect the attacks which will enter into nanntinya body, so the body will be healthier.

9. Inhibit trigger inflammation

According penelitiaan in 1970 derived from Compounds xanthones can stop inflammation and inflammation in the body, so the mangosteen rind will inhibit the enzyme cox-2, which serves to trigger inflammation, the presence of compounds derived from xanthone enzyme triggers the inflammation will be attacked and shut down sehigga inflammation will not occur during eating healthy foods and not dangerous.

10. Preventing Alzheimer's disease and arthritis

This disease can be prevented because the gamma mangostin to provide perlndungan which cause inflammatory diseases.

11. Helps prevent DNA damage

The mangosteen fruit contains tannins which contains the activity of antioxidants that help repair DNA damage, which is caused by various factors, so the human DNA will remain intact, and will not change, because of the presence of tannin is DNA that there will be more intact because DNA enzyme topoisomerase resistor by this mangosteen rind. diligently consume mangosteen fruit meal test DNA match will also be maintained, so there will be no keraguana, although basically ingrained sebenarya DNA remains the same shape.

12. Preventing the occurrence of tumors

Again rind of mangosteen can prevent tumor growth, tannins contained in the mangosteen fruit is very helpful in the process of working to reduce and inhibit tumor growth. Tumors in patients who frequently consume mangosteen will recover, although not all are, because the actual content of tannin only serves to prevent and inhibit the occurrence of tumor. Not to cure, but it is not impossible when the skin of the mangosteen fruit is also beneficial to remove the tumor in the patient.

13. Reduce the risk of diarrheal disease

Basically, there are many causes of diarrheal disease at all, either because the virus can also be due to other bacteria, atu for one meal, or because of lack of drinking and so forth. Many of the causes of diarrhea, but to cure it need not be confused, because the tannins in the skin of the mangosteen fruit is already contained anti diarea that will help the patient less pain diarrheal disease. Given the nature of anti diarrhea tannins in the skin of the mangosteen fruit means it will help facilitate digestion in the human digestive process as well.

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14. Can merdam strong free radicals

This happens because of the content of anti-inflammatory found in mangosteen rind. With poorer research mangosteen rind is also able to reduce free radicals that are in sisitem digestion.

15. Cure breast cancer

As reviewed above earlier that the skin of the fruit contains anti-carcinogenic manga that can make bacteria and even cancer stop away from that place. It is not only the mangosteen rind is used to kill breast cancer, it might also be able to eradicate other cancers which are also harmful to the body.

16. Preventing and treating asthma

Anti microbial mangosteen rind owned able to treat the occurrence of asthma, because this antimicrobial will help kill bacteria bad bacteria that will cause asthma. In fact, not only to cure asthma, with anti-microbial content of these can be used to treat tuberculosis, coronary heart disease and increase endurance.

17. Relieves pain of arthritis

As an explanation it already that the mangosteen rind contains as an anti-inflammatory, so to say that the mangosteen rind can heal the pain caused by inflammation of the joints, because in addition to anti-inflammatory mangosteen rind emiliki also functions as an anti-inflammatory.

18. Reduces menstrual swelling

Dinging swelling during menstruation is very sick, but sometimes it is perceived each time felt the beginning of menstruation. Therefore, by consuming mangosteen fruit regularly, pain when menstruation will be slightly reduced because of the pain it would be in halangai degnan existing content in the mangosteen fruit.

19. Healing the wounds of the throat

Ditenggorokan injuries caused by the bacterial infection, if not treated immediately then it will be even greater cuts, but not to worry. Lately, the traditional medicine has created the drug throat by consuming a drink containing mangosteen rind, so the content contained in the skin of the mangosteen will serve to treat wounds to the throat.

20. To boost the immune system

The skin of the mangosteen has a lot of the contents that are useful to kesehatanan body especially on the immune system. Benefits of antioxidants present in mangosteen peel is very beneficial for health. This substance has numerous ingredients such as anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory so the body will be completely awake. In addition, the mangosteen rind stewed also will help rebuild and restore cells as a means to be protective body in the immune system.

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21. Preventing ulcer disease

Ulcer disease is caused by bacteria that are outside this easy, can be cured with the skin of the mangosteen fruit. The skin of the mangosteen fruit are kandugan anti-inflammatory and anti imflamasi which is beneficial to stop the occurrence of ulcers atupun boils, this can be done by taking it atupula inter alia, by mengolesinya. As long as things are done routinely, all will yield maximum results.

So many benefits rebusa this mangosteen rind, diligently consuming mangosteen rind is boiled, the body will be healthier. But also need diinggat should not be too excessive in taking it, because even though a lot of the content and benefits in the skin of the mangosteen fruit, mangosteen rind also has a negative effect on the human body.

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When the consumption of mangosteen peel like these do not match, there will be a sense of itching and red, can also occur allergies and small spots. For it is better observed in a right when they want to consume this mangosteen rind. Before taking mangosteen rind ideally the mangosteen rind is washed first, so the germs that stick to the skin of the mangosteen fruit do not participate inedible.