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Regarding how the characteristics of a young pregnant woman -

Signs of Women Experiencing Pregnancy - Man is created in pairs. After finding her partner, permissible in marriage. People who are married must have longed descent. Arrival of pregnancy marked by the descent. Is the pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the union between the ovum (egg) women with male sperm. The union of the two cells will form the fetus (the baby). Women who have experienced pregnancy will experience the symptoms of early pregnancy (pregnancy signs). When women experience a missed period is not necessarily pregnant, because the signs of pregnancy are not just late coming months. Many early signs of women experience pregnancy. The following will review the signs of women experience early pregnancy.

Early Signs of Pregnancy
Regarding how the characteristics of a young pregnant woman -  Signs of Women Experiencing Pregnancy
Changing the size of the breast, women who experience early pregnancy breasts enlarged because of increased hormone estrogen and progesterone. Breasts become softer, resulting in high sensitive taste. Breasts will feel pain and pain held. The nipples may become darker and increase in size. Breast veins are visible, because the breasts strained. Hormone activity occurred Human Placental Lactogen (hormone produced by pregnant women to produce milk).

Stomach Nausea and vomiting, commonly called the Morning sicknes. Most women in early pregnancy had signs of this one. This happens because the hormone is triggered by an increase suddenly in darah.peningkatan hormone paada pregnant women also occurs in the urinary tract. A hormone that increases a hormone Human chorionic gonadotrophin. Thus it is usually in early pregnancy tests with a urine test to determine early pregnancy.

Increased hormone HCG give effect dilapisan stomach ached and make nauseated. This sort of thing is usually continued until the second trimester of pregnancy entrance. If you are still nauseated in the second trimester, it is better to consult a doctor. Called the morning sicknes as usually happens when morning sickness. But many are not just the morning, afternoon and evening but also nausea.

The emergence of spots followed by stomach cramps, issued patches or spots drak before coming months. This sort of thing happens about 8 to 10 days after fertilization. Spotting occurs because attachment of the embryo in the uterine wall. Sometimes the appearance of spots was calculated coming months. Regularly. The emergence of these spots are usually accompanied by abdominal cramps, taste cramps will occur. This condition will last until the middle position in the uterus and pelvis supported.

Feeling dizzy (pain in the head), this sort incurred because of the physical mother early in pregnancy fatigue, nausea, sometimes exposed to tension rendah.ibu in early pregnancy is sometimes easy emotion, is due to feelings of depression and tension. Increasing the supply of blood flow to the body resulting in dizziness when changing positions of pregnant women.

Frequent urination, having missed a period for one ataau two weeks, pregnant women will feel like urinating many times. This sort of thing as a result of the baby growing in the womb of pregnant women suppress bladder, also due to increased blood circulation.

Constipation, mothers in early pregnancy will feel constipated, this condition occurs due to increased hormone progesterone. A hormone that relaxes the muscles of the uterus, and hormones are also causing impact loosens the muscles of the intestinal wall, resulting in constipation or difficult bowel movements.

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Above are just some early signs of pregnancy, there are many early signs of pregnancy that usually experienced by the mother early in pregnancy. For the prospective mother mentally and physically prepare you to be better prepared and can anticipate what things you should do when beginning a pregnancy. Hopefully this info helpful.