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Efficacy fact Betel leaf for Health - healthy tips

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Efficacy Betel leaf for Health - Betel leaves (Piper betle) is the leaf of a plant living vines and leaning on other trees, betel usually planted in a clump of trees kedongdong so that the tip of the plant will continue to follow the trees spread kedongdong. Betel plant is a native of Indonesia and betel frequently used as food by parents who eat together gambier, whiting, and nut. Not only that, betel has also been an important food in welcoming guests in the Malay.

Characteristics of Plant Betel
Betel plant are round with a brownish-green color and jointed. On each stem segments akrnya out roots that will tie him to a tree ride. Betel leaves have sharp edges such as cardiac section with 5-8 cm long and 4-5 cm wide. Betel leaves grow betel single field and alternately with the next leaf. This plant is able to propagate in the trees to a height of 15 meters.

Efficacy fact Betel leaf for Health
Betel leaf contains remarkable in it so that its use is very important for the health of all. Betel leaves contain oil fly (betIephenol), sesquiterpenes, starch, diatase, sugar and tannic substances and kavikol that have deadly germs, antioxidants and fungicides, anti-fungal. Chewing betel leaf can to expedite sputum, saliva launch, mengehntikan bleeding, treat nosebleeds, digestion. Here are some diseases that can be overcome with betel dau.

Efficacy Betel leaf for Health
Efficacy Betel leaf for Health and how to use it - healthy tips

1. Treating red eyes or dirty
To treat red eyes and dirty betel leaf can count on. Only with receipts few betel leaves, the eyes can be cleaned and treated. Here's how.
- Prepare 4-5 betel leaves, then rendamkan in 1/2 cup hot water, wait until the cold
- Then after a cold knead until betel leaf was crushed and filtered
- Use this medication as eye drops 3 times a day with a size of 2-3 drops.

2. Overcome Cough
Health benefits of leaf sirh is treating cough. Cough can be treated with herbs to make a betel leaf. The trick is to provide five pieces of betel leaf and a glass of clean water and a lemon, Here's how;
- Betel leaves washed and blend together 1 cup water
- Further idberi filtered and lime juice
- Drinking water, your cough will soon recover.

3. Overcoming sprue with betel leaf
Benefits of betel leaves to cope with canker sores. Sirh as herbal leaf leaves save a lot of health benefits to the treatment of canker sores. The trick is to chew betel leaves 2 after washed. Then the waste is disposed, do a few times until your canker sores heal.

4. Treating Bronchitis
Bronchitis is a disease that occurs as a result of inflammation of the bronchi or bronchioles. This disease can be caused by viruses, bacteria, dust, or the inhalation of chemicals that polluted. As a result of these things it can be ter bronchial irritation and dirt that accumulate on the hair can irritate the bronchial cilia in the bronchial smooth so tidka functioning properly.

Bronchitis usually only mediocre and the diseases that can be cured completely, but bronchitis disease in some people can be fatal as in patients with heart, lung and elderly. This disease should also be dealt with in order tidka serisu turned into tuberculosis can infect other people. For those of you who have this disease, you can try the following simple formula.

- Who are 7 pieces of betel leaf
- One piece of rock candy
- And 2 glasses of water

How to make:
Betel leaves in chopped and boiled with 2 cups water
Enter a sugar cube
This stew cook hinggaair remaining 1 cup, and use it to treat bronchitis

How to use betel leaf for health :
The betel leaf herb drink 3 times a day, with a size of 3 tablespoons a day. Do a few days.

5. Overcoming itching of the skin
Efficacy leaves sirh also able to cope with itching on the skin. The trick is to take a few betel leaves and mash until smooth, then the result of the collision on the betel leaf baluskan on itchy skin evenly.

6. Treating Ulcers
Benefits of betel leaves to cope with ulcers. Ulcers in the Latin language support called abscessus is a collection of pus (blood rotten) that has accumulated in the cavity of infected tissue after something (usually bacteria or parasites) or foreign goods such as gunshot wounds / stab. Thus, network resilience ulcers is the reaction of the body to prevent the spread of foreign substances into the body.

Ulcers that have been broken or have been draining the pus, can be treated by making a concoction of betel leaf. The trick is as follows:
- Take some betel leaves
- Boil the betel leaf dung until boiling
- Then let stand until warm
- The warm water betel leaf decoction is in wipe-kan on the boil that has been broken. Anti-biotic in a betel leaf this will kill the bacteria present in the wound and pus boils.

7. Eliminate underarm odor
Worsen underarm odor that will make you uncomfortable and always feel confident when you are among your friends.

Benefits and efficacy of betel leaves one of which is to eliminate odors such as underarm odor bdan taksedap. Use only natural herbal of betel leaf. Betel leaves can be used as an external drug or drugs in. Foreign drugs that boiling water 10 pieces of betel leaf, use as water for rinsing section menadi or sweats. You can also rub a betel leaf decoction was in an area that is often sweating like armpits.

Drugs in the betel leaf decoction is water taken regularly. The trick is boiled 5 betel leaves along with 2 cups of water to drink. Boil until reduced to 1 cup of water and drink 2 times a day.

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