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How to Remove Skin Fungus With Natural Ingredients - healthy t1ps

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Fungus skin disease that attacks the spine Healthy T1ps
Getting Rid of Fungus skin - is one of the diseases that populist, said populist because the disease can affect anyone. Iserang any body part can be anywhere. Tai more attacks parts of the body such as the back, chest, groin, face and arms.

Diseases in medicine referred to as Tinea versicolor or Pityriasis versicolor is caused by the growth of the fungus Candida albicans and generally attacks on the skin sweats. Parts like the back, face, arms and neck were subjected to regular growth and development of this disease.

Panu can be cured by using products busting skin fungus that can be found in the market. But the presence of chemicals contained in these products led to its use become hostile and less good for the skin. A good idea to take advantage of natural ingredients that can be found around as a drug. Here are some examples of natural materials that can be utilized as a drug to eliminate phlegm:
Fungus skin disease that attacks the spine
How to Remove Skin Fungus With Natural Ingredients - healthy t1ps

Common Remove The White Patches On Your Skin With Naturaly Tips

Besides being used as a supplement in the seasoning, garlic can also be used to eliminate phlegm naturally.

The trick to use is as follows: Take 1-2 cloves of garlic, cut each garlic into 2 parts. Rub the garlic on the part of the body covered with phlegm. Repeat regularly 2 times a day until the phlegm benaar completely missing.


As with garlic, galangal commonly found in the kitchen as a spice for flavoring complements masakkan. Besides commonly used to provide a pleasant aroma in the food turned out ginger can also be used as a natural remedy to remove phlegm.

The trick is: Grab some fresh galangal. Cut the ginger into 2 or 3 sections. Apply ginger water on parts of the body covered with phlegm. Perform routine every after bathing.


Type of fruit that goes into the leatherback's family has enough taste bitter and acidic and tends used as a substitute for sour acid in vegetable dishes. In addition to be used in processed food starfruit can also help remove phlegm.

The trick is as follows: Take some fresh star fruit. Puree with a blender. Combine starfruit that has been refined with lime. Toss well then apply on the body that is covered with phlegm. Repeat 2 times a day on a regular basis.


Who does not know this one fruit. The resulting fresh flavors that go into making fruit citrus family is not uncommon to be used as a beverage. Lemon has many benefits for health, therefore lime can also be used to treat tinea versicolor.

The trick is as follows: Take one lemon, sulfur and coconut oil. Puree lime sulfur and cut into pieces. Pour a little oil in a container of sulfur that has been refined earlier. Stir well, then dip-dip lemon slices on the container. Apply lime juice that has been exposed to a mixture of sulfur and coconut oil to the skin is covered with phlegm. Repeat regularly every after bathing.

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Utilizing natural ingredients that are around can be an alternative that is economical and efficient in treating any disease. Likewise for treating or eliminating phlegm that may arise at any time in your body. Be diligent to always maintain cleanliness and avoid things that can cause the growth of phlegm for tinea versicolor is a type of disease that can be transmitted to anyone. Thus eliminating phlegm tips that you can try, may be useful.