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Banana Leaves For Health - Banana leaves are the leaves of the banana plant. Elongated oblong shape is widened by the color green. The banana plant can grow anytime because this plant is not a seasonal crop. Bananas consists of hairy roots, tree trunks, leaves, fruits, and flowers. All parts of the banana plant from stems, flowers, fruit and leaves can be utilized each one as needed. Of the stem, fruit and flowers can be used for everyday purposes. Examples of small flowers can be used for vegetable dishes typical ontong Java. The fruit can be consumed directly or in juice or as a base material made into compote, banana chips and many more.

the benefits of banana leaves

Apart from the use of banana plants, the leaves are commonly used for food packaging it did not escape from the properties that are useful as a natural alternative medicine. Banana leaf polyphenol content can be used to diffuse poisonous insect bites, bee stings, in use to overcome dysentery, menstrual too much, nosebleed or other bleeding, as a cure strep throat, vaginal discharge, cough and bronchitis.

Here is how to use banana leaves sebaga natural herbal remedies:

Lay people with fever on a banana leaf that is still young. This method is in use as a banana leaf efficacious remedy.

Fever In Children
Provide 3-4 banana leaf stalks are still young. Make a leaf into a sheet and then heated on a fire to look like wet. Shopping along the lines of banana leaves into small sheets with a width of 5 fingers hands of adults. Create as much as possible at least 5 pieces. Take one sheet to put on the child's face while the left hand presses banana leaves slowly. Adherence starting from the face and slowly come down. If you pull down when it feels sticky, it was a sign of banana leaves are at work. Typically, this can be torn banana leaves, if an evil wind excessive body. Repeat until 4-5 sheet, but by using a banana leaf that has not been used. Each sheet of banana leaf can only be used for disposables. Because if it is already in use banana leaves are usually the color changed to black.
How to Use Banana Leaves As Natural Herbal medicine

Dandruff, Eczema, Small wounds of the skin, and shock Sun.
Use banana leaf juice or cider can also soak the banana leaves with cold water and rub on the affected skin sunburn.

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Protect Face Of dirt and stains
By extracting banana leaves into powder for input into the capsule and consumed regularly.