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Lemon Benefits for Health & Beauty - healthy tips

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Benefits for Health and Beauty  - Lemon is often used in the world of catering. This fruit is useful as flavoring ingredients. Lemon is also often used as an ingredient for making fresh fruit juices. Lemon scent almost resembles a typical citrus scent makes the fruit is generally favored as the mix of what we often call 'lemon tea'. Lemon tea is the tea that is accidentally mixed with a squeeze of lemon

Lemon is cultivated in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, and countries around the United States. Lemon tree resembles orange trees. These plants are not able to grow in cold weather climates. Lemon trees can only grow and grow at temperatures 60-85oF or 15-30oC. Therefore, the plant was developed in snowy countries with high intensity.
Benefits for Health and Beauty

Lemon fruit is often used as a dietary program. For those of you who want to diet lemon bias utilize as food for diet. Lemon fruit processing How to diet in the same way as to make lemon juice. Only in this menu sugar levels should be reduced. Sugar content is a little on the lemon juice diet program does have a very sour taste. But the sour taste is what will make the weak in body burning.

In Indonesia, a lemon can be found anywhere. For example in a fruit shop. The price is relatively expensive to make the fruit is not so interested in the community. Lemon fruit prices are much more expensive than regular oranges. So people prefer oranges than lemons. Because taste is almost the same. The difference oranges bias eaten immediately because it contains sugar, while lemon will be very sour when eaten without the sugar mixture.

Lemon fruit is actually very beneficial to the human body. In the world of beauty lemon is used as cosmetic ingredient mixture. Lemon fruit is very rich in vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Lemon fruit also contains antioxidants and function very well to keep the human immune. Lemons are often also used as a skin care by using juice or a squeeze of lemon water.

Lemon Benefits for Beauty
In addition to lime, lemon is one of the most serng citrus varieties were used for beauty treatments. Ranging from skin care to hair. The following references to the benefits of lemon for beauty treatments in everyday life:

Used as a reliever acne

Juice or a squeeze of lemon juice contains antibacterial function to overcome the bacteria that cause acne. Typically juice or a squeeze of lemon juice mixed with a few drops of honey. It is often used because the properties have been proven. In addition, the combination of the two echo lami efficacious to remove acne scars which usually will leave a black stain on the face.

As a yellowed tooth whitening

The content of calcium contained in the juice or a squeeze of lemon water is used as liquid bleach teeth. The trick mix the juice or lemon juice with a little backing soda. Spread on teeth appear yellow, leave it for approximately one minute. Then brush with a toothbrush and rinse using clean water. Do not do it too often. The acid in the juice or lemon juice bias damaging enamel.

Moisturize dry lips

The content of vitamin C found in lemon bias exfoliate dead skin on the lips. Dead skin cells that actually make lips look dry. How to use by applying a fresh lemon slices on the lips slowly. Allow a few seconds and then rinse with clean water. Do this on a regular basis. See also the article how to moisturize lips for deeper knowledge.

Instead of soap to wash my face (facial foam)

We often use soap to wash my face (facial foam) to clean the face of dirt. Naturally manufactured facial foam contains many chemicals that may be harmful to the skin around the face of humanity.

Actually there are natural ways that bias you use to clean your face. Lemons for example. Replace your old ways in this way. Quite rub or squeeze of lemon juice on your face. Lemon juice proven to effectively remove dirt and bacteria that meet our face after a day of activities.

brighten skin

The content of the acid in lemon juice or fruit juice bias eliminate the black spots that appear on your face. The acid contained in the lemon juice also proven to brighten your face and make your skin look more fresh. But do not use these tips if there is a wound on the skin. Because of the acid content in lemon can kill antibacterial repairing the injured skin. Obviously if exposed to the wound, it will feel very sore.

Lemon For Health Benefits
Another benefit of lemon as a material consumption very much. In addition as a substance that is effective for burning fat, lemon is also beneficial for your health. Lemon proven to increase stamina human bias. Anti-bacterial and antioxidant also play an active role in the body. More effective lemon fruit consumed hot or warm. Heat can be faster processing of substances in the body. Here are the benefits of lemons are processed in a hot or warm:

Can improve digestion

Warm Lemon effectively remove toxins in the body and stimulates the liver to secrete more bile. In this case, the impurities present in the large intestine immediately pushed out.

Boost immunity

Lemon mixed with honey and warm water is able to absorb more iron. Iron in the body is very active role in immune function. In the warm lemon drink also contains saponins which have antimicrobial function. Get used to drink concoction of lemon and honey with warm water every morning.

Balancing the pH in the body

Lemon is actually alkaline. In the human body tends to have acidic properties. Thus consuming warm lemon create an acidic pH in the body is reduced. Human Stamina increases if the pH in the body in balance.

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Make a fresh breath

Lemon makes us feel fresh breath. Lemon scent proved to haul the bad smell in the mouth. But do not frequent gargling using lemon water, besides refreshing lemon mouth bias also damage tooth enamel. The fruit is a perfect solution for those who have bad breath problem.