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how To Treat Vaginal Discharge with natural herb - How to Treat Leucorrhoea - Whitish for the women is a matter of course. Even if not a kind of disease, but the whiteness itself is actually a sign of problems inside the female sex organs.

Whitish (flour albus) is a discharge that resembles the mucus of the female sex organs caused by infection with bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. If left unchecked can cause inflammation of the urethra, so will cause the pain that bothered when urinating.

Signs when you're experiencing vaginal discharge that requires serious treatment by the emergence of a clear liquid slightly greenish issued by excessive sex organs like menstruating. The liquid that comes out of this intimate organ itself is usually quite thick and has a fishy smell, the area around the sex organs also will itch until appears a burning sensation around the organ.

How to Treat Whitish With natural medicines
Until now the discussion of solutions to help eliminate the vaginal discharge is an important discussion for women. In the modern era with the development of medical devices are also becoming more sophisticated, the various ways it can be used in overcoming whiteness. As several drug discovery existing natural whitish below.

1. The betel leaf

how To Treat Vaginal Discharge with natural herb - How to Treat Leucorrhoea -Piper betle or betel leaf is a native of Indonesia, which contain essential oils, starch, seskuiterpen, diatase, tanning substances, sugar and kavikol with benefits to kill germs. Betel leaves also contain antioxidants and anti-fungal. So the betel leaves is very helpful in overcoming whiteness. The trick is to take 10 pieces of betel leaf which had already been cleaned and boiled using two liters of water for about five minutes. Please wait until the warm boiled water, then use the cooking water basuhkan for female sex organs regularly three times a week. But not too often in the sex organs wash your use betel leaves. Because it can actually make good bacteria become lost. These bacteria itself should be useful to maintain the Ph of your sex organs.

2. Aloe vera

Plants with primary efficacy nourish hair, also known as aloe vera has a high content of vitamin C and vitamin E as a natural antioxidant. Aloe vera also contains antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. So that one plant is beneficial to cope with the content of his antiseptic whiteness. How you use it is to take the meat section of aloe vera, then please cut into small pieces and puree using a blender. If you've finished your stay boil two cups of water and five pieces of bitter leaf. Wait a minute until the water is warm and use it to wash or wash the female organs. Good to be used twice a day.

3. Sambiloto

Plants from tropical Asia Latin name andrographis paniculata ness laktone this content, flavonoids, homoandrografolid, ketone, alkane, aldehyde, acid grit, mineral and resin. While using bitter to overcome white is by boiling (3 sticks of bitter) into 4 cups of water. Let the boiling water shrink to two glasses only. subsequently filtered and then drink three times per day with a rate ¾ cup for one drink.

4. Garlic

Garlic has been no stranger to natural ingredient in the world of traditional medicines. This is because garlic has natural antibiotic properties. To cope with the bacteria in the female sex organ is highly recommended to consume garlic as a supplement source and use of garlic extract 400 mg as much as two to three times in one day. This is very useful in order to overcome bacterial antibiotic replace the female organs. But you need to consult first before taking this herb.

5. Turmeric

Provide as much as 20 grams of turmeric, chopped and washed, dried bitter leaves 10 grams and 15 grams of dried pomegranate skin. Furthermore, these materials using a 800 cc boiled water, boiled until the remaining 300 cc water alone. Strain then consume as much as 2 times a day, you can also add brown sugar or honey to give it taste.

5. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil or melaleuca alternifoila is a treatment that has been used since a few years ago. Recommended for use tea tree oil may have to cope with the bacteria, which in every night for a period of seven consecutive days. One of which is very easy to be found at the pharmacy nearest your place.

6. Skin banyan tree

Decoction of this material can be used as a spray duct into the female organs that effectively address the problem of vaginal discharge in women. Boil together banyan tree bark sycamore tree bark each 1 tablespoon to one liter of water until the remaining half. Then spray with warm water that is useful to keep tract of female organs remain healthy.

7. Papaya

In addition it can be used as a traditional medicine to cope with worms, papaya leaves can also be used as a drug to treat vaginal discharge. Take one young papaya leaves, then chopped finely. Clean 50 grams of grass roots, pulasari taste. Boil all ingredients with 1.5 liters of water to the boil. Cool and strain the water and then drink one glass every day.

8. Tamarind

Provide kawak acid (black) size of marbles, 25 beluntas washed leaves, turmeric 5 cm washed, and a little palm sugar. Beluntas leaves and turmeric crushed, brewed with 1/2 cup hot water. Enter kawak acid and palm sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Strain the water, then taken at bedtime. Tamarind herb is also good for treating canker sores.

9. Guava leaves

Who would have thought of guava leaves very much usefulness. In addition to treating canker sores and toothaches, guava leaves can also be used to treat vaginal discharge in women. Provide 2 handfuls of young guava leaves and 7 pieces of betel leaf. All material is washed, then boiled with a glass of water. Strain the cooking water, wait a bit cool and drink. Enough to drink 2 times a day.

10. White Pomegranate

Pomegranates including exotic fruit with a range of nutrients in it. All parts of the plant from the roots, bark, leaves, fruits to flowers can be used as medicine. Various diseases can be cured by this plant include thrush, vaginal discharge, intestinal worms in children, diarrhea, vomiting, indigestion, flatulence, colds, to help you lose weight. To treat vaginal discharge, take 30 grams of dried pomegranate rind, then boiled with 1 liter of water until the water a half. Once cool, water is taken 2 times a day.

11. Leaves beluntas

Quietly, this one herb that has many benefits as a traditional medicine. Starting from treating fever, body odor and bad breath, sore-rheumatic pain, low back pain, rheumatism, abdominal pain, menstrual pain to digestive disorders in children. To overcome vaginal discharge, take 20 leaves beluntas, 1 root liman, clean. All material is boiled with 1 cup of water until the water a half. After a cold, filtered water and drink 1 a day.

12. Reed

Reed plants or weeds more eradicated because it disrupts the other plants in the absorption of nutrients. But in addition to his role as "criminals", the weeds also has good properties, which is used as a medicine. One of them cure vaginal discharge in women. How, to provide 500 grams of grass roots, 2 stalks of papaya leaves, and 5 grams of pulasari. All material is boiled with 2 cups of water until the water a half. Filtered water to drink 2 times a day. Reed plants is also very effective to treat a sore throat due to inflammation.

13. Black cumin

If the name of black cumin, surely most people have never heard of it. But if calls Habatussauda some may have never heard of advertising. Though both are the same plant. Black cumin is very nice to treat vaginal discharge in girls. The trick, provide 3 heaping teaspoons of cumin, 3 stalk shoots beluntas, and salt. All the ingredients until finely ground and give a glass of water. Freshly filtered water with a cloth. Drink the potion of water in the morning before breakfast. After recovering should also take an occasional drink this potion to prevent the whiteness come again.

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Consult with a specialist
When you have a problem with female organs, then do not hesitate to go to a specialist or an expert to conduct consultations. You can try to consult to the doctor about vaginal discharge you experienced. Specialists with a variety of sophisticated equipment doctor who will assist you in overcoming your problem. In some cases the doctor may give you a shot or simply prescribe certain medications that will assist you in overcoming whiteness more precisely.