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Benefits And Efficacy of Sleep Without Underwear for Men and Women For Health - Sleep is an important activity in the development of our body. In the process of sleep, the body will experience a lot of symptoms that we do not recognize, such as the elimination of toxins by the liver and the formation of new blood cells. Thus it is important for the body to sleep much less quality sleep. How many people sleep, nothing to wear pillows, bolsters, bare chest and also not wearing panties. Not wearing panties? Yes, there are people who sleep do not wear panties. Maybe it does not seem unusual, but it turns out there is a benefit to sleep without underwear for those who often do. Have you heard of these benefits? Well the following will clarify some of the benefits of sleep without wearing underwear for men and women.

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1. Improving the quality of sperm

Testicular require stable temperature to produce quality sperm. According to research experts reproduction, a nice temperature so that the testes are able to produce quality sperm ranging below 36.67 degrees Celsius or about 98 degrees Fahrenheit. And if the testicular temperature exceeds that temperature would damage the sperm morphology itself. Not using panties in a long time is the best thing to overcome these things so, people with a diagnosis of infertility or difficult to have children are strongly encouraged to do so.

2. Make sleep more soundly

Experts say in his sleep, the body requires a lower temperature of about half a degree from the normal temperature. Whereas in fact, the body experiences the highest temperatures between 11 PM to 4 AM. This will lead into a fitful sleep. Dr. Chris Idzikowski said that if in sleep there are things that interfere with the process of decrease in body temperature, then the brain will automatically wake yourself. It is certainly going to disrupt our sleep process.

Sleeping without underwear on a solution to overcome this kind of disturbance. By removing the panties, body temperature will decrease and the body will be easier to sleep soundly. Sleep tight and quality is the key to making memories to be good and productive growth hormone.

3. Maintain weight

An American study published in the journal Diabetes revealed that the quality sleep and the cold will activate brown fat. Brown fat is the fatty tissue that is capable to produce heat. According to Michael Symonds from the University of Nottingham, brown fat generates heat 300 times more heat than other organs. So by sleeping without panties will activate the fat. This will certainly affect the weight.

4. Help the release of hormones

during sleep oksiton hormones are released when there is friction between the skin. For that when sleeping with a partner preferred not to use clothes or underwear. Friction will help the body to release hormones oksiton so the body will feel better, reduce stress, improve self-confidence, improve the sense of wellbeing and increase sexual arousal.

5. Eliminate the pain

sleep without wearing underwear has a very good effect to relieve tension in the nervous system abdominal viscera. Benefits of sleep without wearing underwear can also increase blood circulation, reduce the risk of acute diarrheal disease, relieve back pain, and constipation in men. In addition to sleep without panties will help calm you if you experience sleep disturbances or insomnia.

6. Nourish the reproductive organs or reproductive organs

In men sleep without underwear can improve sperm quality, as well as the health of the reproductive organs. This is affected because of the male reproductive organs are outside the body so that if it is too tight underwear will affect the development and health of the reproductive organs.

7. Improving the sebaceous glands
bare skin would be able to absorb more nutrients than skin dress. This helps in the metabolism rate of the body. Sleep without panties will help stimulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands and the sweat glands.

8. Keeping sex to be more passionate

Sleep without panties will make your partner look sexier. Many of the activities in everyday life that makes the couple stress and less passionate sex. By sleeping without panties will help your partner to get that passion back. A survey in the UK proved that sleep without underwear or naked feel the passion of sex is more fun than with the couple sleeping in his pajamas or underwear. As many as 57% of couples say that by not using underwear or clothing happier than 43% of couples who sleep with clothes.

Denise Knowles, a sex therapist, said that sleep without wearing panties will make you more confident with your body shape. "You can go into mebuka blankets and clothing. You still can touch even though you do not want to be seen. Pajamas can give the impression of "not tonight".

9. Helps reduce fatigue, weakness and fatigue

This is because you get quality sleep with no underwear on. With quality sleep you will feel refreshed in the morning.

10. Make a feeling more comfortable and relaxed

Benefits of sleep without underwear, would be able to make themselves feel more free and comfortable. Guys sometimes feel uncomfortable with their panties that block the movement of the reproductive organs. By releasing the panties will greatly help you and make the feeling more relaxed.

11. Reduce the bacteria that thrive in the groin

Daily activities will spur the body to sweat. Usually part of the thigh is where the most sweat and part of the most saves sweat. Area sweating this will be a land tender for bacteria to grow. By releasing the panties will help reduce the growth of bacteria. If the bacteria is reduced, the rash in the groin will be reduced.

Benefits And Efficacy of Sleep Without Underwear for Men and Women For Health
Sleep Without Underwear Its Good For Health ?

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That's some of the benefits of sleep without underwear. If you experience some disruption as already mentioned, you may need to follow the advice above.