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Benefits and efficacy of seafood For Human Health - Fish is one of the foods that are rich sources of protein. Some people refer to it as 'Smart Food'. This is because it contains a substance called Omega 3 which is capable of stimulating growth and brain development. Many people prefer to consume sea fish of the freshwater fish.

sea food Nutrition

benefits of sea fish compared with freshwater fish, marine fish nutrition content more. Marine fish have the ability to maintain body temperature. Its function is to avoid the fat body remains in a liquid state when in seawater. The existence of such capabilities membut omega 3 higher.

The main content of marine fish macromolecule is a substance the body, such as high protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.

Benefits and efficacy of seafood For Human Health

Benefits of marine fish can sense every day by taking it regularly, here are some of them:

1. Overcome Digestive Problems

Protein in fish is different from the protein in benefits other meats such as beef, chicken, or goat. Fiber on fish proteins only have a short chain building blocks of protein, so absorption is faster and easier. Of course, this does not weigh on the performance of the small intestine, so it can help the digestive process.

Some suggest marine fish suitable for being impaired in the process of digestion. Even recommended for infants who have not had a perfect digestive process.

2. Stimulate the Brain

In fish protein, there are substances that can stimulate the growth of the brain, especially for toddlers. These substances are known taurine, which works well to stimulate the brain cells that are still in the process of growth and development.

Other substances that can stimulate the brain development is Omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA). Since most of the human brain contains omega 3, so it is believed to help the development of brain cells. According to a recent study, children who were given fish oil benefits will have a stronger memory.

3. Controlling Cholesterol

One of the substances that help the growth process is an unsaturated fatty acid. This substance is served well in maintaining the stamina to stay fit. One substance that is able to control the body to keep normal kolesetrol derived from the benefits of omega-3 content of substances in it are EPA and DHA can lower high cholesterol and fat binding.

4. Boost Immune System

Babies and toddlers are very prone to disease, it is necessary to be extra careful in maintaining the condition in order to remain stable. One of them is by eating omega-3 fatty acids contained in the many benefits of marine fish. One of its functions is to help boost the immune system and maintain body condition. So that children are not susceptible to disease.

5. Decrease the Risk of Degenerative Diseases

Other functions of omega 3 fatty acids is helping to reduce the risk of degenerative diseases. One of them is coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, and cancer. In addition to using omega 3, a mineral selenium can help the body's metabolism. The benefits of antioxidants in it is also believed to overcome the problem of degenerative diseases.

Degenerative diseases are diseases that arise in old age, such as coronary heart disease. The reason is because cholesterol is not controlled. Marine fish have lower cholesterol than meat such as ribs, lard, and scallops. But higher than freshwater fish. In addition, coronary heart disease is usually implicated in blood pressure (hypertension). Thus the problem of hypertension also have to be resolved first.

Omega-3 fatty acids are capable of binding with either saturated fat. Thus reducing the risk of developing the degenerative disease.

6. Maintain Healthy Eyes

One important function included in the benefits of marine fish is maintaining eye health. Not only that, it also helps prevent blindness in children. This is because in the marine fish there are many benefits of vitamin A and B complex.

7. Good for Growth

The fish also play a role in bone formation process. The content of the benefits of vitamin D in fish, contribute to maintaining bone strength. This type of food consumed is very suitable for children who are still in the growth stage.

8. Help Generate Energy

In addition to fat and carbohydrates, there are other substances that help produce energy. One of them is the benefits of vitamin B complex. Another function that is generated by this vitamin is to help the body process carbohydrates metabolism. The content of the fish in the sea. Suitable for those who have a lot of activity.

9. Prevent Migraine

Marine fish is one food that is rich in vitamins. The function of B-complex vitamins help the body reduce and prevent migraine (headaches).

10. Good for Anemia

Anemia or anemia usually have a body limp and pale. They should eat a lot of benefits of vegetables to help the formation of red blood cells. If you are the type of people who do not like vegetables, can be collaborated with marine fish. Nutrition in marine fish are vitamin B complex also helps for the formation of hemoglobin cells. With so erythrocytes (red blood cells) will also be formed.

In addition to the efficacy of the vitamin B complex, in marine fish there are also benefits of iron. Function is the same, namely to help the formation of hemoglobin cells

11. Establishment of enzymes and hormones

Benefits of other saltwater fish is to help the body's creation of hormones produced by the pituitary gland. The help of stimulus vitamin B complex is able to accelerate the formation of these hormones. In addition to using the vitamin B complex, minerals such as selenium sea fish are also used to assist the formation of enzymes and hormones.

12. Preventing Disease Mumps

The content of sea fish is high enough iodine. Benefits iodine itself well to prevent mumps. Even pembuatanya salt derived from sea sublimation, named with iodized salt.

13. Prevent Premature Aging

Premature aging is a condition that makes people look older than the age of the original. This is due to the skin tissue is not elastic. One of the substances most responsible macromolecule which functions are the benefits of vitamin E. In THIS case, the performance of vitamin E would be optimal if assisted by Selenium, so help the elasticity of body tissue.

14. Healthy Teeth

Lai mineral content that is useful for dental health is Flour. This mineral is also useful to help strengthen the teeth.

There are so many benefits if you are able to consume sea fish but not necessarily have to consume every day. Because if too many consuming too much of the protein, it will also cause allergies. At least for one week quite three times.

risk consume sea fish

But unfortunately, many marine fish have more mercury content. The substance is quite dangerous if consumed in excess. Freshwater fish was also so. However, marine fish mercury levels higher. For that pregnant women are encouraged not eating fish. Since it is very risky for the fetus.