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15 Benefits Oyster Mushrooms for Health - healthy t1ps

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Benefits And Efficacy Of Oyster Mushrooms For Health - Healthy T1ps - The oyster mushroom has a white color and sometimes like a soft cream that has a width as oyster shells which form the middle section of the basin like a puddle. The nutritional content of fungi are also very abundant, such as unsaturated fatty acids, protein, vitamins B1, B2, C, and D2, low in cholesterol, fat and calories, contain minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus. Accompanied 9 amino acids comprising:

  • lysine
  • phenylalanine
  • isoleucine
  • valine
  • tryptophan
  • lysine
  • threonine
  • leucine
  • metinin

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This is the purpose of oyster mushrooms are good for health:

1. For the development of the fetus

For those who are pregnant and excellent jiika consume a lot of oyster mushrooms. Nutrients contained in this fungus can increase oxygen and red blood cells so that the mother of the fetus pertumnuhan will be smooth and nutrient intake are met until the delivery arrives.

2. It can prevent the growth of tumors and warts

Nutrition of oyster mushrooms can inhibit tumor cell growth and benign tumors that form as a wart. The benefits of iron contained in this fungus can form and accelerate the growth of lymphocytes is a compound that can inhibit and even prevent tumor cells would enter the body tissues.

3. Can counteract the bad effects of free radicals

Oyster mushrooms contain vitamin B, C and D2 that acts as a powerful antioxidant benefits that can fight the bad effects of free radicals that attack the body. free radical which is derived from the air in the form of dust, smoke and toxic fine particles.

4. Can Lower Cholesterol

Nutritionally complete the oyster mushrooms can lower bad cholesterol regularly, if you eat these mushrooms regularly are twice a day.

5. Can as fulfill daily protein

For somebody who wants to be able to consume enough protein intake oyster mushrooms every day or twice a week but regularly and discipline. Protein intake the body will always be met properly. The benefits of protein in oyster mushrooms is very high and even more abundant of the proteins in cow's milk.

6. Lower blood pressure

Oyster mushrooms contain substances ergosterol that is able to develop the benefits of Vitamin D with the help of light mataahari become more effective. This calls can cause a drop in blood pressure became stable.

7. Can prevent and cure breast cancer

Benefits Oyster mushrooms contain beta glucan substance and rich in linoleic acid may be useful for preventing the growth of cancer in the breast.

8. As an anti-microbial

Oyster mushrooms have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial that can help the healing process of wounds and irritations that occur in the body's tissues.

9. to strengthen the immune

Oyster mushrooms contain magnesium is very high which is able to boost immunity. Accelerate the healing process in patients with burns or cuts and sutures for surgical operation.

Alternatives to maintain immunity other body:
10. Can prevent prostate cancer cell growth

Oyster mushrooms contain high selenium can prevent and cure prostate cancer regularly. If the oyster mushrooms 2v diligently consume up to three times a day consistently.

11. Can healthy liver tissue

Padaa complete nutrition oyster mushrooms can help the body to ward off and remove the toxins that are in the liver tissue. Thus improving liver health

12. Can lose weight

The oyster mushroom has a high water content which is around 80 percent and a high protein and very low in calories. Both of these substances can burn fat faster and lose weight.

13. Can educate the brain

Nutritionally complete the oyster mushrooms can improve the quality of brain cells to be more sensitive and caring towards the body of the information submitted. Then the brain can easily digest all the information. for children it is advisable to eat the oyster mushrooms every day in order to increasingly sharp wit.

14. As the body's energy reserves

Nutrition of oyster mushrooms can improve stamina and makes the body does not easily tired or sluggish while doing routine work activities. The body's energy needs will be met as long as 24 hours.

15. For facilitating the circulation of blood

Nutrients that of the oyster mushroom can improve blood circulation throughout the body tissues. Furthermore, the body does not experience the aches and body aches are not prone to muscle cramps or pain.

How to processing oyster mushrooms are good for health

Can be used combined with fruit juice
Oyster mushrooms can be combined with green vegetables and fruits in order to increase the taste and nutrition can be felt optimally. In other words Oyster mushrooms can also be steamed and combined for fruit juice. But for oyster mushroom mix, should not be too much in order sweet and sour taste of the fruit is not lost.

Can be made as pepes
Oyster mushrooms can also be steamed and wrapped in leaves and oysters. The seasoning used is garlic, salt and a bit of chili (chicken eggs are pulverized and then rolled along the steamed mushrooms, then spread with olive oil to taste). These foods can be consumed as a nutritious steamed for children who want increased intelligence.

Can be made into vegetable stir mushrooms and mustard greens
Combining oyster mushrooms with green cabbage leaves caesim or by way dioseng oseng, suggested seasoning is garlic, onion, salt, olive oil and some red pepper and carrot slices as desired. The simple menu is quite attractive child, because the taste is savory and delicious. The oyster mushroom has a spongy structure if chewed like the taste of chicken meat in general.

Can be made into a fried oyster mushrooms
When making scrambled eggs should enter ptongan small pieces of oyster mushrooms that had previously been steamed. omelet will increasingly be delicious and tempting children to diligently eat. Give this food in for the afternoon at the school.

As a complement papaya flower vegetable
For those who like the vegetable stir papaya flower, can be mixed with small pieces of oyster mushrooms according to taste, feel that the taste will be more delicious taste. To make it more palatable enter the oyster mushrooms with a number rather than papaya flower that bitterness menjada neutral and reduced.

Benefits And Efficacy Of Oyster Mushrooms For Health - Healthy T1ps
Oyster Mushrooms For Human Health

The oyster mushroom has been allowed to be consumed toddlers at any age?

In infants aged 3 to 5 years are allowed to eat the oyster mushrooms. Then processed by boiling or steaming which takes a little longer for the fungus becomes softer and can be chewed by toddlers without causing problems in digestion.

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In infants for the first time by the oyster mushrooms should make porridge mixed with oyster mushrooms that had previously been steamed. The longer digestion will be able to adjust to the nutrients found in these mushrooms. eventually toddlers will begin to like the oyster mushroom without being forced to eat. Protein is high enough to meet the nutritional needs of the day.