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18 Benefits of Shark For Health - healthy t1ps

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Benefits And Efficacy Of Shark For Human Health - Healthy T1ps

A. Nutrition Facts and Analysis for Fish, shark
Shark is a fish species of carnivorous or meat-eaters have a sea habitat off. In general, sharks are found in the deep sea that has a seabed that is not too lunge. Predatory fish have the ability to detect sound vibrations within 30,000 feet. Sharks are fish that have very sensitive hearing low-frequency sounds that come from fish - small fish. Instincts used a shark in the hunt for prey are also very sensitive that it can detect blood in seawater droplets.

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This is because the water flowing through a lobe which is right below the shark's snout. In addition, there are also pores - pores that contain jelly at around snout shark that serves as getter electrical signal created by the movements performed by living things around him. So even though the prey or fish - small fish pursued by sharks lurking in the sand and do not look, sharks can still be detected through instinct derived from the electrical signals movement going.

Benefits And Efficacy Of Shark For Human Health - Healthy T1ps

B. Classification Shark

As a predator or hunter, of course, sharks have a very sharp instinct would prey. Moreover, sharks are also a type of fish that is highly dependent on habibat. The weight and size of the shark is highly variable depending on the species and native habitat. In general, the shark has a weight average - average 51% of the total weight of the possessed. The following percentage of the weight of some parts or organs shark:

Shark meat percentage weight = 42%
Percentage Weight Head Shark = 24%
Shark Fin weight percentage = 5%
Shark Liver weight percentage = 7%
Intestinal weight percentage Shark = 20%

Sharks are carnivores or meat eaters. Fish or living creatures that prey shark is usually a type of fish invertebrates. To find out more details about the sharks, the following classification:

Kingdom or the Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Sub Phylum: Vertebrates
Class: Chondrichthyes
Sub Class: Elasmobranchii
Super Order: Selachimorpha
Order: Carcharhiniformes
Family: Sphyrnidae
Genus: Sphyrna
Species: Sphyrna sp

C. Characteristics - Morphological Characteristics Shark

Sharks are Condrichthyes fish species or fish that have skeletons of cartilage and slender. In addition to feed on small fish, the cartilaginous fish is very easily recognizable traits - traits morphology shark itself. Number of gills that used to breathe has differences based species. In addition to acting as a marine predator, the shark also includes species of fish that look for food in the garbage dump of the ship and the port. To know more about this form of shark, the following traits - their morphological characteristics:

Sharks have skin dermal denticles lining the body. The skin plays an important role in the protection of the outer skin tissue damage caused by a parasite and is used to add water dynamics.
Shark has rows of teeth that could be replaced
Shark cartilage have framework that is lightweight and pliable
Shark jaws were very strong this is due not to the cranium and jaw attachment of the additional mineral deposits therein.
Sharks have plachoid scales with mucus glands located in the skin
Shark has a ventral mouth equipped with teeth email
Sharks have cartilage skeleton form with complete vertebrae and mutually exclusive
Shark is a fish species that enter the category of cold-blooded animals and had a temperature adapted to the temperature of the environment shark.
Shark has a head shaped tapered towards the anterior

D. Nutritional content Shark Meat

Shark is one fish that began overexploited due to the high market demand. Shark meat has a delicious flavor that can be processed in various types of processed seafood. In fact, most people make shark meat as drugs to treat symptoms of certain diseases. The following nutrient content in shark meat:

The water content of the meat Shark = 73.6 to 79.6%
The content of Protein in Meat Shark = 16.3 to 21.7%
The fat content of the meat Shark = 0.1 to 0.3%
Mineral content of the meat Shark = 0.6 to 1.8%

E. Benefits Shark Pursuant to Section - Parts

Everything You Need To Know About Eating Shark
The utilization of the shark not only in terms of culinary or processed seafood are delicious alone. If the fish are generally arrested simply for meat in order to meet the needs of high protein. But unlike with sharks for almost any organ or body part can be taken advantage of and usefulness of the various aspects and various needs. Here utilization of the shark body parts:

Shark liver. In general, shark liver oil is processed into shark liver that utilization can be used in the textile industry, factory lubricants, oils, cosmetic ingredients, even in the medical or health of shark oil acts as a source of vitamin A is beneficial for eye health. The content squalane in shark liver is also very useful in the manufacture of certain drugs.

Blood Sharks. Not many people know that the blood of the shark can also be utilized in the medical world. In the medical world the blood of sharks have benefits as an anti-coagulant.
Shark eyes. Eyes are the senses that is necessary for living things. Shark corneas can be used to restore the condition of the human eye when the operation to transplant the eye.

Shark Cartilage framework. Sharks are fish have skeletons of cartilage which is very useful in the treatment of bone, the symptoms of cancer, skin and serves as a drug biautan skin burns. Part or organ shark that is used to treat symptoms of health problems are taken from the skeleton of cartilage and shark cartilage extract.

Shark teeth. For lovers of unique accessories that come from animal bones or teeth usually have made cindramata shark teeth as one of the private collection. Shark teeth have a texture that is suitable to be used as accessories in the manufacture of jewelery and weapons.

Sharkskin. Sharks have skin that can be used as materials for food even polisher certain objects and used as ingredients in making swimsuit supple and comfortable.

Shark fin fish Hiu.Sirip an organ or body part that can be processed into processed seafood has high economic value. Let soup sharks are much sought after in the world at a price that is relatively expensive.

F. Benefits of Fish Oil Shark

Shark oil contains omega 3 and various substances that are beneficial to human health. The following benefits:

Shark oil to function as an anti-clotting and prevents platelets from sticking together with one another.
Shark oil can meminimaisir risk of heart disease
Lowering levels of bad cholesterol in the body
Reduce symptoms of hypertension or high blood pressure
Shark liver oil may circulation or blocked blood circulation
Improve brain function in thinking
Minimize the symptoms of Alzheimer's
Prevent irritation symptoms in children
Minimize the risk of cancer growth in certain body parts
Improve the vitality of the body and helps in detoxification or removal of toxins from the body
Helps stabilize blood sugar levels in the body.

G. Treat Cancer Using Shark Fin

Shark fin is so popular among some circles of society and this has led to increased poaching of sharks each year. In terms of the conservation of biodiversity of course this is very detrimental not? But this time we will discuss the benefits of shark fin in the process of cancer treatment. The content of glucosamine and chondroitin in shark fin serves as a natural anti-inflammatory when it enters the body. Symptoms of arthritis or we used to call the term osteoarthritis can be minimized with the use of shark fin. In addition, cartilage contained in shark fin can improve the body's immune or immune system and prevent the growth of cancer in certain organs. In fact, recent research has found a cure for cancer that uses the basic ingredients of shark fin.

H. Suggestions

In this article has explained about the benefits of sharks to human life in terms of a variety of factors. In general, both the consumption of shark meat and fins and the fish's organs used for these predators of fish medicine used in the medical world as a play ingredient manufacture of certain drugs. Substances that are very useful in supporting the health of the human body is what makes organ shark Increasingly sought after. In each year, the market demand for shark Increased.

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But we should also consider the impact of the use of shark for drug manufacturing materials. Many chemicals with a specific dose that also has the same functions as the body parts of sharks in the medical world. To consider the viability and shark populations, we must also be concerned about the sustainability of shark itself.