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21 Benefits of Fasting For Body Health - healthy t1ps

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Benefits and efficacy of Fasting For Health - healthy t1ps -  Fasting is one of the activities inherent in the worship of Muslims. Fasting is to restrain the activity of eating and drinking, as well as to avoid any acts that break the fast. Besides fasting as a form of worship to the Creator, it is also an activity that can improve health conditions. Many scientific studies have proved that fasting has many advantages for human health.

Moreover, not only Muslims who feel the benefits of fasting, many non-Muslim people who carry out the method of fasting for their health. In fact, various studies on the efficacy of fasting is mostly conducted by non-Muslim scientists. So what are the benefits of fasting for us? Here are some of the benefits of fasting that is based on various studies.

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Intermittent Fasting Has Benefits Beyond Weight Loss healthy t1ps
The Many Benefits of Fasting 

Intermittent Fasting Has Benefits Beyond Weight Loss healthy t1ps 
1. Improve Brain Function Capability

If a lot of people who complain that fasting makes them lazy thinking, the assumption is apparently wrong. Fasting has the potential to improve the ability of our brain to think. When fasting, there is increased brain-derived neurotrophic. This will have a positive impact on brain cells produced become more numerous. Ultimately, it will help the performance of the brain for the better.

2. Improve Functionality and Performance Cells

Benefits of fasting for health make their changes and massive conversion of the amino acids were collected from food. Before the amino acids distributed throughout the body, there will be a re-formatting process. That process will provide an opportunity sprout new cells to repair and restore function and performance. At dawn and breaking, there will be a supply of fatty acids and amino acids that are important for the body. Formation of new cells will be faster, fat cells that clot in the heart would also expelled.

3. Maintain Healthy Kidney

Fasting is very effective to increase the concentration of urine in the kidney. Strength osmosis in the urine will increase and reach 1000 to 12,000 osmosis ml / kg water. These circumstances would likely lead to the protection of the kidney. Lack of water while fasting will also minimize the volume of water in the blood so that it will boost the functionality and performance of the red blood cells in the blood vessels.

2. Reduce Stress Levels

Fasting is an activity that requires principals to hold grudges and always be patient. Logically, when we are patient, we will be spared from the stress. According to the medical world, fasting can decrease the amount of cortisol produced by the adrenal glands. As a result, stress levels will decline in people who carry out fasting.

3. Maintain Cardiovascular Health

Fasting was able to raise levels of high density lipoproteins (HDL) is often referred to as good cholesterol and HDL apoprotein A is formed. When HDL, LDL will gradually decline. LDL is the bad cholesterol that leads to accumulation and narrowing of the blood vessels causing heart disease. HDL is the good cholesterol, which transports LDL to the liver to be disposed of, so when HDL, heart health and blood vessels also increases.

4. Improve Digestive Health System

When fasting, the digestive organs will rest. Production of digestive secretions on the physiological function of the digestive system continues to run well, but with a reduced amount of food in the body will make the liquid in the body becomes more balanced. Nutritional food will also experience solving with more stable and in a gradual process. When fasting, the digestive system will have enough time to revitalize and improve its function and digestion will be healthier.

At the time of breaking the fast, the digestive system will be more efficient taking food into the body. In addition, fasting will also reduce the risk of disease in the digestive system.

5. Enhance Detoxification

In everyday life, we often consume foods with a variety of additives such as flavorings, preservatives, and dyes. The additive substances potential to cause various diseases. Additives into the body normally would join the flab. When fasting, going on burning fat more efficiently so that detoxification or removal of toxins from the body will increase.

Various additives that cause disease will also burned along with the burning of fat in the body. The detoxification process is performed by the liver, kidneys, and other organs in the body will also work better when fasting.

6. Lower Cholesterol Levels in Blood

Fasting increases HDL levels in the blood together with decreasing cholesterol levels. Decreases cholesterol will improve heart health, vascular health and also prevent brain disorders and stroke.

7. Heal Inflammation Issues

Inflammatory disease usually appear when the elderly, namely rheumatic diseases, it can also be a skin disease caused by allergies. Benefits of fasting for health can reduce the risk of inflammatory problems. In fact, some experts also stated that the allergic and inflammatory problems can be cured by fasting.

8. Sharpen Thinking and Being Creative

When fasting, the brain will think more quiet and too late. However, the brain is more quiet and slow it will be sharper brain and increase the level of thinking to be more creative. Hunger when fasting it will force the brain to think sharper and more creative.

9. Reduce Habits Not Good

For people who have bad habits such as unhealthy diet and smoking habits, fasting could be an alternative to reduce bad habits. When fasting, the body will be forced to reduce the habit of consuming food or drink that is unhealthy and also force the body to refrain from bad habits like smoking. With the reduction of bad habits, the body will also be healthier.

10. Weight More Controlled

Fasting requires the perpetrator to control diet. Regular diet will make weight loss more controlled. Most people who have excess weight is usually caused by irregular eating patterns. As a result, many diseases are more likely to enter the body and the weight will tend to be uncontrolled.

11. Improve Immune System

Did you know that fasting can meningktkan levels of lymphocytes in the body up to tenfold? Lymphocyte levels were increased at the same time will boost the immune system, so that the body is not susceptible to disease. In addition, a person who is fasting will tend to eat fresh foods like fruits when fasting. The content of various nutrients and benefits of natural antioxidants in fruits consumed can prevent a variety of diseases caused by free radicals.

12. Enhance Healthy Lifestyle

In everyday life, very few people who implement healthy habits, such as healthy diet, regular meals, controlling food intake by nutrition, and also regulate body weight. Fasting helps naturally healthy diet and are believed to be healthy. Why. Fasting will prosecute the perpetrators to eat regularly.

Fasting usually also requires perpetrators to consume nutritious foods, for example when breaking people will consume lots of fruits rich in fiber benefits. The various actions are actions that nourish and mirror of a healthy diet without side effects.

13. Overcoming Arthritis Pain

Arthritis or gout is often called a disease that can be caused by bacteria. Fasting will increase the number of cells in the body's natural neutralizer. The neutralizing cells will eradicate the bacteria in the joints and followed with healing in arthritis (gout).

14. Nutrient Absorption Increase

Fasting appears to increase production of the hormone adiponectin. Hormones which promote the absorption of various nutrients more. Increased hormone adiponectin are the effects of the balance between the meal and fasting. When fasting, the metabolic system also runs optimally, so that the process is also better nutrient absorption.

15. Lower Blood Sugar

Many studies prove that fasting can lower blood sugar levels. When fasting, the process of breakdown of glucose in the blood is increased, because the body needs more energy, one of glucose. Insulin production in the pancreas will be reduced, while glucagon will be produced to break down glucose in the blood, so the blood sugar levels will drop.

16. Prevent High Blood Pressure

Hypertension or high blood pressure is often seen as a source of various diseases such as heart disease and stroke. Fasting metabolic systems tend to be more stable, so the blood pressure also tends to be more stable. Fasting reduces the risk of blockage of the arteries by fat that can cause hypertension. Glucose and fat will also be used as a source of energy during fasting, so the system is more stable metabolism. Performance hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline also reduced so that high blood pressure will be avoided.

17. Helps Fat Burning Process

Excess fat is one of the problems frequently encountered by someone with excess weight. Fasting will help the process of burning fat more effectively. When the breakdown of glucose (for energy) has ended, then ketosis will make the process of solving the reserve fat as an energy source. The process will increase the fat burning process so the weight tends to be better controlled.

18. There was balance and catabolism Anabolism System

Fasting will help balance the system anabolism and catabolism, so that amino acids and various other substances may help activate cell rejuvenation. Various components will produce glucose and amino acids in the blood supply throughout the day. Backup protein in heart will always be fulfilled due to a variety of nutrition at the time of dawn and breaking are always met. As a result, the heart will function better when fasting.

19. Prevent Infertility in Women

When fasting, virgisteron hormone production in women is not impaired. Instead, research showed that in 80% of the population showed a decrease in the hormone prolactin. The hormone prolactin is one cause infertilisasi and infertility in women. Therefore, fasting will prevent infertility in women and make normal women remain on fertility even in conditions of fasting.

20. Increase Testosterone Hormones and Sexual Performance

In the early weeks of fasting, the production of testosterone in men tends to decline, resulting in decreased sexual desire. However, it only happens temporarily. In subsequent weeks, testosterone will increase rapidly and is followed by a good sexual performance.

21. Improve the Quality of Communication Psychosocial

Fasting is regarded as one of worship and momentum to obtain the blessing of God the Creator. With a solemn fasting, a person will improve the quality of communication with God. This will result in increased quality and quantity of worship. Fasting also will improve communication with fellow human beings, either with relatives or neighbors. Various activities will make a person who is fasting becoming more tenag, quiet, and comfortable.
That's some of the benefits of fasting in terms of physical and mental health. Although fasting seem to make the perpetrators were charged with a variety of unpleasant things, such as hunger, thirst, and anger, but in fact behind it all, fasting provides a myriad of benefits that is good and healthy.

Procedures Fasting Good and Healthy

Fasting is a worship that is healthy, especially if done in the correct manner. Benefits of fasting for health is closely related to the activity of dawn and breaking. Most people break the fast with the food in excess as a form of "impingement" for more than 12 hours is not maan and drink. At the time of dawn, many also missed with a lazy excuse. Whether it was true? Then how fast the correct order so fast into a healthy activity?

Always dawn - Sahur an activity or eating and drinking during the early hours. Sahur is important to prepare excellent body during fasting. Sahur is a sunnah and according to the Prophet, the meal is an activity that contains a blessing in it. Sahur is important because it has many benefits, such as preparing the energy for activity during the day, it also lowers the acidity of the stomach so as to avoid indigestion.

Avoid sleeping after dawn - Sleep is an activity that should be avoided during fasting, especially for people with stomach disorders. At bedtime, the movement of the gastrointestinal tract will be increased so that the stomach will more quickly experience the emptiness. So do not be surprised if the sleep time of fasting, usually when you wake up the body will tend to be weak. This is because the energy absorption will occur more quickly while sleeping so that the stomach quickly run into the void. Gastric also faster to produce stomach acid while sleeping so that the stomach will quickly feel hungry after sleeping.

Make a positive activity while fasting - Besides full of blessings and virtues, positive activities are also good for preventing indigestion. Various activities will create more brain catecholamine secretes enzymes that result in decreased production of stomach acid and digestive enzymes.

Sahurlah with nutritious foods - It is better by 4 healthy 5 perfect nutrition. Adequate nutrients that will make fasting a more optimal because the nutrients your body needs to stay awake despite eating only at dawn and breaking.

Eat as recommended by the Prophet - ie, stop eating before we are satisfied. Appropriate food intake and the amount of excess will make the stomach more relaxed but still working optimally. Intake of foods that fit also reduce the risk of damage to the hull. It could be likened to a balloon that is blown in excess will make it more risky balloon burst. The composition appropriate for our stomach is one-third the air, one-third water and one third of the food. In addition to causing a sense of comfort in digestion, the composition of air, water, and the right foods will reduce the incidence of diseases of the digestive system.

Hasten breaking and dinner - hasten breaking is a suggestion of the Prophet. Berbukalah with naturally sweet foods such as date or fruits are rich in fiber so that the body will have enough energy and fluids. In addition, drink with warm water or plain white. Avoid drinks that are too cold as ice as it will cause changes in body temperature that is too drastic. Drinking warm water or plain will replace lost body fluids, and can adjust the body temperature conditions. Most people often overlook dinner. Dinner important because such activity may reduce the risk of damage to the stomach wall.

At dawn and breaking - Eat foods that sufficient nutrients the body, such as fruits and vegetables, rice or replacement, as well as meat or replacement. Vegetables and fruits contain lots of fiber and other nutrients that can prevent digestive disorders like constipation. In addition, fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that are good for preventing various diseases. Fruits and vegetables will also give a feeling of fullness for longer. Next is the consumption of rice or replacement. Rice or substitute a good source of energy to improve the preparation of the body facing fasting during the day. Meat consumption is also important for the body.

Meat contains high protein, so good for keeping the immune system and maintain tissue in the body.
Multiply the various fasting - Did you know that during the fasting month (Ramadan) we will double the reward? Therefore, many are shared, especially those in need. In terms of religion, it is definitely the reward will be increased, and the quality of our worship is also better. While in terms of social, such actions will reduce social problems such as poverty. Judging from health, there will be a sense of excitement when seeing other people we help are happy. As a result, a sense of stress can be avoided.

Fasting and Faith

Fasting is one kind of worship that is very close to Islam. However, other than Islam, however fasting also becomes one kind of worship of other religions, such as Jews, Christians, Protestant and Catholic.

The Jews fasted until the sixth day in each year. In the belief of the Jews, there are two kinds of fasting, which is a great day of fasting and fasting the day of small. The procedure for the Jews fasting is to refrain from eating and drinking, including water.

Fasting is done by Christians rarely known time observance. However, its operation is similar to the fast undertaken by Muslims, namely resist temptation and avoid any acts reprehensible.

In the Protestant faith, fasting is done as a form of abstinence humans, from eating and drinking, as well as from various misconduct. Fasting as a momentum to refrain from the temptation of lust, and also a variety of worldly desires that plunge people into darkness.
Catholics typically do fasting to eat once during 24 hours. Fasting is usually done on Wednesday and Friday the Supreme Court. Almost the same with Christians and Protestants, Catholics too fast in an effort to resist the temptation of lust.

Similarly, some information about the fast in the light of various religions. It turned out that fasting is not only worship performed by Muslims. Virtually every religion do fasting, only of procedures different from the procedures performed by the fasting Muslims.

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But basically, fasting is done by religious people (of any religion) is the efforts made to get closer to the Creator. Moreover, fasting is done in an effort to refrain from the temptations of the world that becomes a better human being.