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Benefits And Efficacy Carrots Juice For Health - Healthy T1ps - Carrots are known to have the kind of vegetables that contain vitamin A which is so strong that many people claimed that carrots are very good for eye health. But the reality in the flesh of carrots there are many other vitamins and some minerals that are vital to support the health of other organs.

The content of nutrients:

  • Have a high enough fiber 2.8 grams
  • Not having cholesterol
  • Had higher levels of calories strong carbohidrat and 9.58 grams
  • Proteins have approximately 0.93 grams
  • containing potassium amounted to 183.3 mg
  • contains 45.3 mg sodium
  • Containing polyunsaturated fats 0,19 mg
  • Contains iron around 1 percent.

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This is the magic carrot juice is rich in benefits for health

1. Increase the sharpness of eyesight

Benefits of vitamin A in carrots is able to improve vision began to blur into a bright menderang back. Retina and cornea will be able to catch the fall of light and shadow to the right.

2. Prevent macular degeneration activity experienced by the elderly

Eye tissue in the elderly has begun to decline and slack so that sharpness in cahayapun capture objects lessened. Vitamin A which is supported by a wide range of minerals that can prevent macular degeneration that his eyesight back clear

3. Prevent various cancers

Carrots contain high falcarinol poliacetylene and able to act as an antioxidant that can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Which can strike in the large intestine, liver, mouth, breast and throat.

4. Healthy Bladder

Full of nutrients contained in carrots can clean the bladder and urine disposal launched smoothly.

5. Prevent constipation

Fiber content is quite high and is supported by some of the minerals will be able to balance the body temperature is in the anal canal. Normally this can dissolve dirt and digestion and bowel movement without the pain.

6. Preventing a stroke

Nutrition full able to stabilize blood pressure, to prevent blockages in blood flow that can lead to stroke seranagan.

7. Treating intestinal worms (pinworms)

Worms often experienced by children especially those who interact directly with the ground. Ova very much be on the ground and will stick to the pores palms, feet and other body parts. In the end can multiply in the human body, as well as irritate the stomach, intestines and others. Benefits of carrot juice is consumed, able to lay the worm eggs from becoming adult pinworms.

8. Enhance Immunity body

A combination of several vitamins contained in carrots can act as powerful antioxidants to maintain and increase the body's immunity.

9. Maintain skin health in order to avoid skin diseases

A combination of several vitamins contained in carrots can act as a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from bacteria, fungi, or viruses that cause skin diseases. For example eczema, scabies, ringworm, rash, red itchy rash and so on.

10. Increasing milk production

Complete nutrition that there are vegetables carrots able to produce milk with overflow and improve the quality of taste and health benefits for the baby's body.

11. Keeping the body healthy hormonal conditions

Full of nutrients contained in carrots can stabilize the existing body hormones in men and women to stay balanced and does not cause other health complaints.

12. Improving the health of the fetus

Some of the vitamins contained in carrots can act as a powerful antioxidant to be able to provide oxygen intake and adequate daily nutritional needs. For the growth of the baby during pregnancy up to the time of delivery.

13. As an effective anti aging

Vitamins A, C and E and B5 able to repair skin tissue under the skin is not perfect due to cuts and bruises. To improve the quality of collagen and control Almi oil that is under the skin to remain stable and protect against free radicals. face would be more healthy, radiant and youthful.

14. Accelerate wound healing and inflammation

Benefits of vitamin K contained in carrots able to overcome injuries and infections, so as to speed up the healing process of inflammation.

15. Increase the strength, density and bone health

Vitamin K contained in carrots have the ability to protect the skin from cracking. Vitamin K can provide anti keroposnya compound in layers and in effect can condense bone and increase bone strength.

16. Healthy digestion

Some important minerals contained in carrots can cleanse the digestive and stabilize the temperature inside until digestion is always in a healthy condition.

17. Sharpen your memory

Nutrients found in carrots can aid the circulatory knot knot of tension around the head and increase the brain cells to be more sensitive in responding to information from the body to the brain tissue.

18. Prevent acne and boils

Combined vitamin to maintain skin health is Vitamin A, B, C can together protect the skin from the growth of acne and pimples on the body. All three of these vitamins can balance hormones and control the natural oils from the skin so that acne daan in carrying ulcers will not appear.

19. Smooth circulation of blood in the head area

If pregnant women diligently and regularly drink juice mak woprtel during her pregnancy the baby to be born in the future will have thick and healthy hair. This occurs because the nutrients contained in carrot juice benefits, has circulation of blood flow to the baby's head and cause the baby to be fast growing hair and bushy.

20. Meeting the needs of calcium during pregnancy

For pregnant women who do not like to drink milk and vegetarian then the body will suffer from a lack of protein and make the slow growth of the fetus. To meet the daily protein requirement should be diligent mothers drank carrot juice twice a day.

21. Can treat anemia

Full of nutrients contained in carrots can increase red blood cells and improve blood cells damaged by viruses and bacteria. So that the body does not limp because attacked anemia.

22. Controlling the rate and nourish the heart valve

Full of nutrients contained in carrots can stabilize blood pressure that is by inhibiting the effects of sodium in the body. Then the heart rate remains stable and healthy heart valves.

23. Stabilizing substrate metabolism in the body

The content of vitamin B complex the benefits of a complete and powerful were able to stabilize the body's metabolism. Without any obstacles because of blockage of blood vessels or the bloodstream.

24. Can healthy connective tissue

Benefits of vitamin C in carrots can act as a powerful antioxidant in protecting and maintaining vital network of connective tissue that is useful to support and protect the tissues of the body to remain stable and healthy.

25. Refusing entry of cancer cells in the lungs when pregnant

In pregnant women whose bodies shortage of beta-carotene is easily penetrated by cancerous cells from the body's own cells, especially in the lungs. To prevent pregnant women are advised to consistently consume carrot juice every day, before and after the time of delivery to arrive.

Carrot plants turned out to be not only beneficial improve the health of the human body but can affect other plants, for example, can fertilize and increase the abundance of production yield of tomatoes grown around the plant carrots, because of the interest in plants woetel able to repel pest tomato crops and affecting bees and butterflies butterflies that flock to come and pollinate the flowers.

Benefits And Efficacy Carrots Juice For Health - Healthy T1ps

The benefits of carrot juice will increase if you do the following things:

Carrot juice will be more enjoyable and meningkatkann quality taste and nutritional quality doubles if made simultaneously with mango juice or guava who charge it with the milk according to taste. This juice can be given to children coming home from school one hour before lunch, so his stamina is maintained.

Wash up really clean before the carrots in pieces and blended to make juice but the skin should not be shaved by a knife or throw it away, because the content of vitamin A and some of the best mineral importance precisely located on the skin.

Eating boiled carrots sangta better than boiled in order vitamijn and minerals not evaporated BERSA, ma boiling water, but eating the carrots in a raw state is much better because the nutrients contained didalannya you will get full and intact.

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Do not eating carrots along with white radish, because knadungan its vitamin C can destroy the nutrients found in carrots that can not harder for full body health.