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4 Benefits of Sleep Day For Young Children School Age - healthy t1ps

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Benefits of Sleep Day For Young Children School Age - Although impressed lazy, but in fact the nap has so many benefits for children. Just like adults, sleep is an activity that must be met every day. This not only affects the freshness of the body but also to maintain health. Not only dikala night sleep, but sleep during the day it also has an important role. Especially for children who still love to play, then nap is not to be an activity which is interesting considering they prefer to play with friends. In this case, the parents must be good at persuading the child so he would leave his toys while.

A study conducted by Harvard University Medical School states that children who nap regularly have optimal growth rates compared to those who skip a nap. There are so many benefits of napping for children should parents pay attention to supporting the development of the child such as:

1. Improve ability to process the information

For children who do not miss a nap or even may make a siesta habit, has many advantages. Napping in fact can improve a child's ability to process information and help apply their knowledge. Napping can keep you out of a sense of fatigue due to activity too much. This can make them easier to receive information, process and apply the information they receive daily.

2. Happier

Children who rarely naps or even do not do it, can increase the risk of stress. This is because they tend to be fussy who ultimately have an impact on mental health in adulthood. When a child does not have enough sleep, they tend to feel anxious and less interested in the world around them. This is why a nap can be used as an escape from the stress and anxiety.

Other activities to create a feeling happier, namely:
3. Resting the body

For children, play is a fun thing, especially when carried out together with peers. In this case the body is moving as a result of playing too much can cause fatigue. While on the move or play, not just a single body to be moved but also the brain, muscles and organs in the body. For parents whose children familiarize naps, can help you avoid the child's body from fatigue so that, outside of the body can rest. When the boy woke up from a nap, his body will be fresh so it can be re-activated in the move.

4. For Body Stimulate Growth

Napping, it can stimulate the growth of children. A study conducted by Harvard University Medical School concluded that children who regularly nap, growth will be more optimal than those who do not want a nap. It is caused by growth hormone Human Growth Hormone that is more active flows when a child nap.

Benefits of Sleep Day For Young Children School Age

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There are so many benefits of napping for children that can be obtained from the brain enhance memory, maintaining healthy and less susceptible to disease. Not just for kids, but napping is also good for maintaining the health of adults, such as reducing the risk of serious diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. With so many benefits that can be obtained, it would be better if parents pay more attention to the health of children where one of them is to get a nap.