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4 Reasons Part On Face It Easy breakouts

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4 Reasons why Section On Face It  breakouts  - We often see acne growing on certain parts of your face. The cause of acne is often said to be due to problems in oily skin, but it is not true. Many factors menyembabkan acne growing on areas of the face, as claimed by many alternative practitioners that acne in certain parts of the face due to their health problems are different in the body.

John Tsagaris, a medical practitioner China that comes from London said, acne is the result of several factors, including stress, dehydration, allergies, and diet. But the main factors that cause acne on the face is due to hormonal activity that is not good.

John explains further that the treatment is applied, acne interpreted due to the effects of an imbalance in the system that controls the health of the skin, the kidneys and lungs. In this case, the skin is strongly influenced by large fluctuations in hormones that will affect the production of sebum and pH level of the skin as well as the growth of bacteria that cause clogged pores.

4 Reasons why Section On Face It  breakouts

The face anywhere frequent breakouts?

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There are certain parts of the face that easily or often affected by acne, the following four parts of the face described by John Tsagaris and causes.

1. Acne on forehead
Excess fat levels as one of the causes of acne in the forehead, for it is recommended for those with acne on the forehead to drink lots of water and reduce the consumption of foods that have a high fat content. In addition, to always have enough hours of sleep, which is between 7 to 9 hours each night to facilitate digestion.

2. Acne on the nose
Acne on the nose area due to a poor diet and their digestive problems. To fix this, you are advised to avoid foods containing excessive sugar, chocolate, caffeine, dairy products, nuts, shellfish, grains, fatty, processed foods and beverages berkabonasi. However it is advisable to increase the consumption of fruits such as watermelon, cucumber, papaya, cucumber, melon and pear. It also consume vegetables such as carrots, celery, potatoes, green beans, cabbage, and aloe vera.

3. Acne on the cheeks
Cheek acne affected due because of stress and disruption of the respiratory system, other than that factor in the appearance of acne on the cheeks is also caused by smoking and allergies. Therefore, how to handle it according to John is to consume green vegetables and reduce the intake of milk and meat.

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4. The mouth and chin
Face-prone parts of another is around the mouth and chin. Hormonal changes and stress that lead to acne in this section. besides, acne on the chin is also due to the water intake in inadequate body, causing an imbalance in the kidneys. To overcome this is to do enough sleep, relaxation, and perform a healthy diet and balanced in order to maintain skin health.