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5 benefits of shower with cold water - healthy t1ps

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Efficacy and benefits of shower with cold water - Bathing is not just about the daily routine to clean and perfume the body, over the bath is also useful to refresh, even blood circulation. To maximize the benefits of a bath, experts recommend to shower with cold water (temperature approximately 15 degrees). What are the benefits of using a bath of cold water? The following is the full explanation.

Efficacy and benefits of shower with cold water
Efficacy and benefits of shower with cold water

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5 Surprising Benefits of Cold Showers 

Creating a more cheerful heart
Hydrotherapy with cold water could increase the level of beta-endorphin and noradrenaline in the blood, and also in the brain. "The effect is like an antidepressant and affects the mood," said Sheenie Ambardar, psychiatrist.

Research in the journal Medical Hyptoheses find, bathing two or three minutes with cold water for two weeks can improve mood. The liver is also more cheerful and happy.

Eliminate muscle soreness
Muscle pain and inflammation after exercise is able to be relieved by a cold shower. Preferably wear a shower bath can then be directed to the muscles sore for 5 minutes.

"It will increase blood flow to the affected area then the muscle or tissue damage can be immediately recovered. This is because blood contains nutrients that heal, "said Henry Halse, an expert in the field of fitness.

Good for the skin
To get the benefits of a cold shower for the skin. More recommended for shared bath of warm water first, to then rinsed with cold water.

Cold temperatures can tighten the skin and pores, reduce puffiness under the eyes. And in the end, the skin will appear softer and brighter.

More shiny hair
Hair cuticle could so easily dry when we wear warm water bath so that the hair will quickly dull. Wear cold water after we use conditioner so that the hair look shiny and soft due to the humidity is locked.

Relieving stress
Wash your face with cold water can create conditions more relaxed and refreshed. Research also proves people who frequently wash your face with cold water is more tolerant to stress.

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Once you are aware of the benefits of bathing in cold water, you better start this time was no longer afraid to shower in cold water.