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6 Benefits of squid and Suggestions Presentation Healthy - healthy t1ps

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Efficacy and Benefits of squid and Serving suggestions squid - Healthy T1ps The squid frequently encountered processed into food was quite enjoyable, such as squid grilled, fried squid flour, squid, oyster sauce, squid sweet and sour, and certainly many more menus processed later certainly will be developed further by the culinary creations of man. Ministry of Health to publish that all parts of the body of the squid can be consumed.

Nutritional content value on squid

In terms of pleasure is not in doubt, squid are very tasty if it touches your tongue. Spongy structure provides a comfortable sensation when chewed. But in the womb are familiar with it? Did not we know food including seafood is very vulnerable to high cholesterol. Various studies conducted to find the content of cuttlefish actually find a good benefit for our health. The table below illustrates the nutritional content in the squid:

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Benefits of squid

  • Nutrient content in 100 grams of squid:
  • Energy 265 kcal
  • Protein 40.6 gr
  • Fat 10.1 g
  • Phosphorus 270 mg
  • Iron 2.7 mg
  • Vitamin A 0 IU
  • Vitamin B1 0.09 mg

Another study found their levels of selenium and riboflavin in the body of the squid and ink generated by the squid beneficial for patients with tumors. It was only on the ink only and does not include parts of his body. furthermore how the other benefits that can be time consuming this animal? Viewing the content of the complex owned by squid course the variety of all the benefits that we can get.
Efficacy and Benefits of squid and Serving suggestions squid

1. Overcoming tumor

As mentioned earlier that the squid ink can be used to treat tumors. By way of the ink injected to patients with tumors. But this is still studied more deeply by experts about the validity and the dose required to support the ink properties to fight tumors.

Assumptions about the alleged benefits of the squid ink at the start of a trial conducted Hiroki of Japan University who inject ink squid into 15 mice were exposed to the tumor. The result of 15 mice were injected, three of them died and the remaining 12 mice still alive, which means the danger of death from malignant tumors can be reduced. With the research conducted research and found that the drought in the squid ink contained mineral content of vitamin A which is an effect on tumor disease. This means that the risk of death caused by malignant tumors will be able to overcome.

2. The formation of red blood cells

The benefits of seafood are also contained in the squid are very rich in minerals and nutrients. If quick return on abortion include protein, vitamins, and Omega3 are typical of the nutritional content of marine animals. Even finding the latest information element content of copper in the body of the squid is known that it is very good for the formation of red blood cells.

Red blood cells are very beneficial to the human body, the hemoglobin (Hb) in red blood cells have an important role in the transport of oxygen to all organs of the body, so it is quite important to prevent coronary heart disease, to stroke.

3. Optimizing White Blood Cells

Animals usually have the means to protect themselves from enemy attack. Likewise with squid, which is done by removing the ink from his body. Research carried out recently found there was a special agent in the ink that makes it special. Having tested the squid ink helped activate white blood cells to combat both germs or germs in the human body.

4. Eliminate pockmarks

Almost everyone has had chicken in his lifetime. Maybe a small part that does not feel that it means his immune system is already very good. Impact after a smallpox is still their scars on the skin. The skin scars enough to affect our appearance, especially if the scars on the face.

Do not worry, recently discovered that by utilizing squid smallpox scars can disappear. But how to use not consumed, but make it into a fine powder and then rub into our pockmarks. How can we make a fine powder? :

You must hang the squid to dry and clean
After the dried squid that is crushed
Sifter collision squid so on can be a very fine powder
The powder that is subsequently used for a drug to treat smallpox scars.

5. Increase of appetite

You got a problem on appetite, or perhaps your children are difficult to eat? The study by the American Reseacrh claiming that the vitamin content in squid have the effect of increasing a healthy appetite.

The mineral content of the squid can nourish the human digestive system such as the stomach to the intestines. This content includes substances riboflavin and niacin substance that is in need of the body. Besides squid also be found in:

6. Strengthen bones

Try to see the nutritional content table above squid. 100 grams of squid contain 270 mg, and 2.7 mg of iron. The content as well as meeting the needs of your daily nutrient phosphorus by 17%, 8% zinc and 10% of the total daily requirement of magnesium you.

The content is good for bone health, strengthen the composition of bone cells that are less dense to trigger the formation of new cells in the bone replacement of old cells.

Serving suggestions squid
Efficacy and Benefits of squid and Serving suggestions squid

All the food we knew could potentially be a cure, but also the opposite can also be toxic. Levels and consumption, which determines how the impact can be whether to provide benefits or even painful when consumed. Squid sea food including food that is known to have cholesterol levels high enough. From the results of laboratory nutrient content squid contain as much as 260 mg of cholesterol per 100 grams. But the content is still relatively low when compared to other animal food sources such as egg yolks and organ meats are known to contain very high cholesterol.

However, the fact that our bodies need daily cholesterol intake to a certain level. A serving size of 3 ounces of squid enough to satisfy:

  • 75% of daily needs for cholesterol
  • 8% for saturated fat
  • 10% for sodium.

Beyond these measures, it would be harmful to the body and pose a risk of stroke, heart disease, cancer, high blood up. So as to avoid eating excessive portions, as it will lead squid have properties "toxic" to the body. Nutritionists suggest that the way to cook the squid preferably with boiled or steamed because then still retaining the nutrients needed by the body.

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Type squid Consumed

Animals that this one includes one source of sea food meals. Animals that become resident in this marine scientific language "cephalopods". Body structure is quite unique to have no spine so that these animals can be called invertebrates. The squid is also very diverse kinds, the most there are types of flying squid were found. However, for species that are generally eaten by humans are squid species Loligo by Peale.