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7 Benefits of Lavender's Health - healthy t1ps

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Lavender's Benefits And Efficacy For Health - healthy t1ps Lavender is a type of flower that has the shape of small and purple. Lavender flowers come from France since ancient Roman times and has a scientific name Lavandula afficinalis syn.L. angustifolia (Lamiaceae). Purple flower is commonly used as a fragrance or perfume because it has a distinctive aroma. Basically, the Romans at the time put lavender flowers with lavare terms that have meaning refreshing.

In addition, in ancient Roman times lavender is used as a complement to religious ceremonies or rituals. Lately, after the latest research conducted benyak the lavender flowers are also used as ingredients in the manufacture of certain drugs because the substances in it.

7 Benefits of Lavender's Health - healthy t1ps
Healing Effects of Lavender 

contents Lavender

This lavender flowers tentunnya for some specific substances therein. So far as we know, banga lavender can be used to repel mosquitoes. How can it be like that? To answer that question let us consider some of the content of lavender flowers the following:

  • linalool Acetate
  • monoterpene hydrocarbons
  • Camphene
  • allocation Ocimene
  • limonene
  • geraniol
  • Lavandulol
  • nerol

Lavender flowers are still in a fresh state and have good quality essential oils can be extracted so that the inside can be taken. Essential oils contained in this lavender flowers can cope with various health complaints are traditionally and there is no risk or side effect if its use is appropriate the correct rules.

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Various products made from dried flowers and essential oils of lavender flowers of this plant can be aromatherapy oils, gels, original extract, infusion, lotion or hand body, a mixture of herbal teas, tinctures and even in the form of dried flowers in their entirety. All products are made from lavender flowers are sure to have the benefits of each. To find out what are the benefits of lavender, here's his review:

1. Powerful Overcome Insomnia

Insomnia is a symptom of insomnia that can disrupt your schedules or activities early in the day is not it? During this time the use of chemical drugs in tablet form are considered powerful to overcome insomnia. However, the use of chemical drugs on an ongoing basis would be bad for your body. To overcome this, of course, you need to switch on a lavender floral products more natural and safe for health. Lavender flowers have substances that can slow neural activity so that, sleep disorders can be overcome because the quality of the rest of the body increases.

Other herbs that can treat insomnia:

2. Able to Make Muscles Relax

Body muscles tense and stiff certainly will interfere with daily activities is not it? These symptoms may also not be underestimated because it could invite a backlash from other body parts. By inhaling aromatherapy lavender flowers can make the muscles relax and bring a sense of calm. How to make a quieter body could:

3. Stomach irritation Mengasi

Various substances contained in oil of lavender is very effective in dealing with complaints of health problems. On the other hand the use of lavender flower extract is also very economical and safe. Recent research has even proven that massage using lavender essential oil can cope with excessive anxiety in humans. Another benefit that can be gained from the use of lavender flowers is that to overcome the irritation that occurs in the abdomen.

4. Mood For a More Stable

When humans think of something heavy, the brain is a major part of the first to feel its effects. In fact, the brain will affect the function of other organs as the brain is the source of the control of the human subconscious. to stabilize mood is very necessary to be in a state of calm. Then a feeling of calm can restore the mood in a more stable state.

5. Powerful Overcome hair loss

In some cases, hair loss can occur due to various factors. One example of excessive hair loss that is due to alopecia areata. If viewed in terms of health, alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder which results make the hair to fall out. The fix that with a scalp massage using lavender oil on a regular basis to show marked changes in hair growth occurs more significantly.

6. Avoid Mosquito Bites

It would have been very often we hear not? Research shows that scent of lavender flower contained in the anti-mosquito lotion was able to prevent us from mosquito bites. To avoid mosquito bites another, can also use:

7. Overcoming Health Problems

If the above has described the benefits of lavender in terms of its function, so now we will discuss the efficacy and benefits in general. In general, lavender flowers will be extracted in advance so that the essential oil (essential) therein can be taken. Well, oil is exactly what has various benefits and health giving properties. Here are some health problems that can be solved with lavender flowers:

  • Alopecia Areata or Symptoms of Hair Loss
  • Anxiety Excess
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • stress
  • Bad breath
  • Sense Controller aNyeri Postoperatively
  • Antibacterials
  • Anti virus
  • Drug Soothing Light
  • Nerves were tight and tense
  • Inveksi Mushrooms or Candidiasis
  • pimple
  • Muscle and Joint Pain

Overview of Lavender Plants
Many of us only know the range of products that use extracts of lavender, but actually what this lavernder flowering plants? Here's his review.

Classification Lavender

Characteristics of Morphology
This lavender flowers mempunanyai a unique shape that is small and has elongated purple refreshing. To find out more details about this lavender flowers, the following classification:

  • Kingdom or Kingdom: Plants or Plantae
  • Sub Kingdom: Tracheobionta or Plants Having Tubes
  • Super Division: Spermatophyta or Plants that Produce seeds
  • Division: Magnoliophyta or plants that produce flowers
  • Class: Magnoliopsida (dashed two or dicots)
  • Sub Class: Asteridae
  • Order: lamiales

In this article has explained what are the benefits of lavender flowers for us, especially in addressing a variety of health problems that often we experience daily. Lavender flowers are very popular used as aroma therapy refreshing and can make our mind to relax. Therefore, now a lot of products that are marketed on behalf of lavender flower extract.

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Purple flower does have a very high resale value so we were not too concerned about the authenticity of lavender products that we buy. However, in anticipation of this we need to be introspective and careful in buying and using a product. It is of course for the good of us all.