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9 Benefits of Yellow Dragon Fruit for Health - healthy t1ps

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Benefits And Efficacy Of Yellow Dragon Fruit For Health - Healthy t1ps - Mexican territory is the place where the dragon fruit was first discovered. Known dragon fruit because the characteristic scaly skin of the fruit with a bright red color. The scales themselves are green section of the tip so it contrasts with the color of the fruit skin. The tree is very similar to a cactus because it itself is still allied with the plant. Dragon fruit flesh is white, thick, and filled with small seeds black which is a source of unsaturated fats. Over time, the dragon fruit has now spread to many parts of the world, including in Indonesia.

Thanks to the development of increasingly advanced technology, is now successfully developed new varieties of dragon fruit. In the past we only know the dragon fruit with a rind of red and white flesh, now known various dragon fruit variety that is the red dragon fruit with flesh that is also red, dragon fruit is black, and the newest and most unique dragon fruit is yellow.
Benefits And Efficacy Of Yellow Dragon Fruit For Health - Healthy t1ps

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Know the Yellow Dragon Fruit

Selenicereus megalanthus or yellow dragon fruit is now being popular among the people because of the dragon fruit is somewhat a little more special than the other dragon fruit. In addition to the treatment of different fruits, also because of his own other than the dragon fruit is more due to the smaller size but very expensive.

As the name suggests, the Yellow Dragon Fruit; This one does have fruit peel yellow fruit with flesh color similar to the white dragon fruit. Grains of black on his flesh appears more solid black and a bit larger and dense. If the dragon fruit generally have spines only are the points in the trunk, then the yellow dragon fruit is different because it has thorns even to the skin of the fruit. Moreover thorn in the skin of the fruit is somewhat longer and sharper so pemetiknya should be extra careful when harvesting.

Fruit size was not the same as dragon fruit in general. Yellow dragon fruit tend to be smaller in terms of both the fruit and the trunk. Jia compared to other dragon fruit, yellow dragon fruit size is two times smaller. Despite its small size, yellow dragon fruit has an advantage in the fruit flavor is much sweeter and fresher than the other dragon fruit. And according to the research, the nutrient content of yellow dragon fruit is also more than other dragon fruit. Therefore, once the fruit is small, yellow dragon fruit commercial value far more expensive than other varieties of dragon fruit.

Yellow Dragon Fruit Nutrition

Yellow dragon fruit contains fructose sakrosa and more than any other dragon fruit so the fruit this one has a sweeter taste. Yellow dragon fruit also has a high water content that makes it feel fresh when consumed. A study showed that the antioxidant content and carotene in yellow dragon fruit is very high. Carotene itself is believed to have benefits that are much better than the beta-carotene.

Unfortunately that yellow dragon fruit is still rare in the market. This step that causes the price of yellow dragon fruit is more expensive because not many people are grown. Yellow flesh dragon fruit contains nutrients and nutrients are far more than the other dragon fruit. Therefore, the fruit has more benefit as well, especially for the health of the body even for beauty.

Surprising Benefits Of Dragon Fruit You Never Knew - healthy t1ps

1. Boost the immune system

Maintaining balance the body's immunity is certainly very important in order to prevent the body from developing various diseases. Consuming the benefits of a yellow dragon fruit regularly can help boost your body because of the content of the benefits of vitamin C and antioxidant benefits are very high, so they can avoid various diseases.

2. Prevent Cancer

Antioxidants in addition to maintaining the balance of the body's immunity also plays an important role in preventing and overcoming toxins or pollutants that masun into the body. Toxins and pollutants is one source of the causes of cancer in humans. By consuming yellow dragon fruit regularly, your body will have a strong shield against incoming carcinogens.

3. Maintaining eye health

Yellow dragon fruit contains vitamin A which is more than the other dragon fruit. Where the benefits of vitamin A is essential for maintaining eye health and preventing various eye disorders which can reduce the work function of the eye.

4. Increased appetite

Yellow dragon fruit contains vitamin B complete that triggers your appetite for the better.

5. Reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the body

Cholesterol is bad fats that can cause a disruption in the body, especially the vital organs such as the heart, blood flow, blood pressure, and even cause stroke. To resolve this problem, you need to control the order of bad cholesterol in the body is not excessive. Yellow dragon fruit contains high levels of good cholesterol is needed by the body so it is good to be consumed regularly.

6 Helps moisturize skin

High water levels in the yellow dragon fruit is not only beneficial to the health of the body and organs in them but also beneficial to moisturize the skin both from outside and from within. Keeping the skin moist from the inside we can get by eating dragon fruit directly. As for the outermost skin could take advantage of dragon fruit meat that has been blended, and then used as a mask by first filtered water from the dregs. For more details, the following tips to make a mask of yellow dragon fruit:

Prepare dragon fruit were washed with running water.
Cut the fruit into two parts, separate from the skin with a spoon.
Insert meat yellow dragon fruit taste in a blender.
Add water as needed.
Yellow dragon fruit blender until it forms a dough like pasta.
Strain yellow dragon fruit which has been blended and then taken the extract.
Before applying, clean the face, neck, or arms first.
Apply yellow dragon fruit mask on the face, neck or hands and let stand until dry.
Rinse with warm water and dry with a clean towel and gently.
This mask is particularly useful for those who have dry skin so it can be more moisturizing. Enough to do it once a week to get results that can satisfy you.

7. Prevent premature aging

Benefits yellow dragon fruit is rich in vitamin E which is very important to maintain the youthfulness of your skin. Benefits of vitamin E can prevent spots on the face that ruin the appearance of beauty, mencega wrinkles and uneven skin tone. In addition to direct consumption, you can also apply the yellow dragon fruit masks that way previously described for the mask are also able to prevent premature aging.

8. Addressing the problem of acne

To overcome the problem of acne, you can use the face mask of yellow dragon fruit. How to make it the same as those mentioned above. However, to address the problem of acne, you need to apply a mask regularly every other day until the acne is completely cured.

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9. Addressing sunburned skin

The following tips can help you with skin problems due to sunburn:

Who are yellow dragon fruit juice without sugar
One tablespoon of cucumber juice water
One tablespoon of pure honey
After all the materials are available, you just need to mix them together and stir until uniform. Apply a mixture of all three ingredients into the skin sunburn. Later it will feel sore but do not immediately remove. But let stand until dry spreadable or until the pain pangs disappear. When finished, rinse with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.