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Benefits And Efficacy Of EarthWorms For Health - Healthy t1ps - Earthworms are animals that we know for sure. For those of you who love gardening certainly not uncommon to run into this one animal. When first studying biology we know that earthworms belonging to the kingdom Animalia.

At the time of ancient Egyptian royal cleoptara earthworm regard as sacred beings. Different in Greece, earthworms called by Socrates as his intestines ground. While in Indonesia itself, especially in the red soil Madura, people often hunt these animals to process into potions.

Sebagain of us may think worms are disgusting animal, and not much benefit to us except for the farmers feel assisted in the process of maintaining the quality of plantation land. In fact, the researchers actually very interested in doing research related to the efficacy of these earthworms. The research has been done over a period of about 50 years, and they found that there earthworm coelomic fluid containing more than 40 types of proteins.

Benefits And Efficacy Of EarthWorms For Health - Healthy t1ps
Benefits And Efficacy Of EarthWorms For Health

Protein Earthworm

tanahProtein worms that have different earthworms to humans in matters of the body protective function of mycobacteria. Our immune system is often called antibiotics, but the earthworm is called antimicrobials. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Mechanisms of antimicrobial earthworms were able to kill microbes without damaging body tissue.

The immune system of earthworms make bacterial cell cytoplasm lying with the outside conditions and disrupt the bacterial cell's internal system and cause the death of bacteria from within. While the immune system we need to damage the body's tissues to kill certain bacteria microorganisms. Therefore, in comparison, is actually the immune system of earthworm is more "sophisticated" than antibiotic discovered so far.

Earthworm species

Earthworm species are very diverse, the following types of earthworms that are generally widely used by humans.

Eisenia Feitida types.
Lumbricus Rubellus types.
Hortensis Lumbricus types.
Lumbricus Terristris types.
Andrei Esenia types.
Perionyx types.
Eudrilus Engeniae types.

Of course there are many more in addition to the above types. However, of various types, which are often used to be used as a traditional medicine is a type known as a worm rubellus or Europe, as well as other types are Pheretima aspergillum.

The content of Earthworms

Coming in've previously that the earthworm has a very high protein content. Besides earthworms also contains amino acids with levels high enough. Earthworms rubellus kind commonly used drugs have a protein content of about 76%. The levels are higher than levels of protein in mammalian meat are like cows about 65%, and compared to fish protein as much as 50%.

Earthworms including animals that do not have a spine or so-called invertebrates. Her life in the loose soil and humid temperature. Earthworms in addition contains a lot of protein and 76% also contains other nutrients such as amino acids the body needs as much as 17%, carbohydrate 45% and fat content and the ash is only 1.5%.

Benefits of Earthworm For Health 

benefits earthworms give to man - Earthworms for health benefits is still not widely known, and some people still think taking it. If we consider the foregoing information, it is known that earthworms have immune systems that "sophisticated" in killing the bacteria without damaging body tissue. Additionally Earthworms contain a lot of proteins that have important roles in biological activity in the body. Here are the benefits of earthworms that are good for our bodies.

Healing typhus. Typhus in the causes of the growth of salmonella bacteria in our digestive organs. By eating earthworms were able to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

How to consume it can be boiled first and then created earthworm powder that later in drink with honey. How such treatment in the affirmative by pharmacologists.

Diarrhea medicine. Diarrhea is a disease that is quite prevalent in the natural everyone. Earthworms as one of the traditional medicine can cure this disease. Earthworms into the antibacterial properties of the E. coli and shigella bacteria that cause diarrhea.

Circulation launched. Earthworms have an enzyme that is able to destroy the bad fats in our blood circulation system. Circulatory system so that we will become more fluent. That is why earthworms are also used to treat high blood pressure and srtoke.

Digestion launched. Earthworms as is known to contain many proteins that help the body's biological activity. The content of the enzymes, seluosa, and a catalyst is needed the body for the metabolism of many contained in the body of an earthworm. Therefore, indirectly, earthworms can help expedite the digestive system.

Antipyretics. Earthworm extract containing nitrogen with alkaline properties. The content can help reduce high fever in diseases such as typhus. In fact, research shows that by using IPB earthworm is more effective to reduce fever rather than using chemicals such as paracetamol are no side effects.

Calming nerves. Pheretima contained in earthworms affect the human nervous system. In effect, we will feel calm, reduced pain, and seizures can be stopped. Thus, consumption of earthworms quite right when in a state of dental pain, dizziness, or arthritic conditions in which we feel excruciating pain in certain body parts.
Improving energy. Earthworms contains taurine which can improve the metabolism of fat which is then converted into ATP or energy. The effects apply to anyone, including for women who are undergoing a diet program.

Just as the benefits of snake meat and benefits of earthworms frogs certainly quite disgusting, but apparently some people have health problems that make it must consume earthworms.

Earthworm For Healthy Skin

benefits of earthworm powder - Benefits of earthworms is also highly effective for human skin health. The content of alpha-tocopherol on earthworms help maintain skin elasticity and keeping it young. You need to know, that the cosmetics industry including earthworms make the raw material for cosmetics products.

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Heal wounds.

Earthworms contain arachidonic acid which serves to accelerate the growth of new cells. The condition is good for the wound healing process that requires replacement of dead cells into new cells.

Increased appetite.
In knowing whether or not that earthworms contain a lot of protein in which the content of an enzyme that helps the metabolism in the body. It will make our digestive system running properly and conditioned remain comfortable. Condition of the digestive organs are awake function will stimulate impulse diet proportionate body needs.

Suggested intake
Earthworms indeed disgusting animal when viewed from the habitat. So we need a way of processing the good before we consume it. First we need to clean the dirt in the stomach by dividing the stomach. Furthermore, in the wash them clean and boil. Boiled water can result in a drink as medicine, and body earthworms usually made of powder and then drink with honey about 3 cups per day.

But now many pharmacies that sell drugs from earthworms, so you do not have to bother to cultivate it. But keep in mind if you stick to process them independently, keep that which you eat earthworms already hygienic, because if there are bacteria that are still stuck in the earthworm actually could harm our body which in turn causes an infection in the organ.

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Lastly, do not let people who suffer from diseases that will be taking this medicine to see how the processing of garbage. Try to keep the patient does not see it so as not to feel disgusted. A few glimpses of information about the benefits of earthworms. I Hope this Information about  Earthworm as Natural Medicine  helpful for you my best friend.