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Benefits Bananas For Facial Beauty - Healthy T1ps

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Efficacy And Benefits Bananas For Facial Beauty - healthy t1ps Besides just good for kosumsi, bananas can also be useful for facial skin terkhususnya. Having a pretty face kebanggakan its own natural course, let alone it is already innate. But unfortunately such things do not get it, then with the bananas you can easily and practically treat facial skin to be more beautiful than ever.

If you've eaten a banana skin would be discarded just like that, but these tips you can utilize as pecantik skin so the skin more radiant and clean. With the low price of bananas of course you can try to see the actual results of manfaatnnya.

Benefits Bananas For Facial Beauty

Benefits of Bananas For Face

Each uses a natural way will certainly potent and longer lasting, but to achieve such things take time and the process fairly. But it could not hurt because we try to be away from the side effects. What exactly is an excess of bananas so they can make the face more beautiful? This is because bananas have some very good nutrients including Vitamin B, B6, C, Magnesium, Calcium, Phosphorus and Iron. The content of the course is excellent for use in skin care.

And more fully about what benefit could see some benefits of bananas for the beauty below:

Brightening Face
Having a face bright, clean and white of course very dreamed of the women. And so now you can achieve by using banana mask. Of course, this way you do not need to be expensive and safer skin.

eliminate Acne
People flocked to buy acne-busting drugs, but we try it with bananas more guaranteed safe side effects. One of them could make the skin becomes more smooth and free of acne. As for how the presentation you destroy flesh bananas are ripe or yellow. How many? moderation. Then apply a smooth banana into every part of your skin. And let stand for a few minutes and wipe. This treatment has been

 many tried and it produces good results. Keep in mind repeat this way with a few days until the acne disappeared.

Smooth the face
If your skin is rough and dry, then try using a mask with a banana. As a result, if you routinely done in a proper manner can result in your face that desire. The way you mash a banana so that it becomes smooth and add 1 tablespoon of honey and stir evenly. After the potion is complete then create such a mask on your face. Do also this way with the routine in a few weeks until the skin feels smooth and soft.

Lifting the dead skin cells
The skin looked dirty and greasy is due to dead skin cells that accumulate on the face. But the bananas you can easily to remove the dead skin. The trick grab a banana and mash until smooth. And apply on the face and let sit until dry, then say it with clean water.
And the banana is not only useful for facial skin care, bananas can also be used to overcome the problems of the skin in the area of ​​the other parts, one of which is as follows:
Bananas Benefits For Skin Health

Eliminate Scars
Black skin scars must be very annoying especially penanmpilan you are a woman attractive. But by using a banana you can easily eliminate such problems. The way is templekan and a little rub on the banana skin problems.

Overcoming Itching Due Insect bites
When an insect bite skin will become red and appear small bumps on the area bitten by the insect. But you simply rub a banana peel to the insect bite and leave until the itching disappeared.

Eliminate Warts Skin
Warts are the same as tumor, it is immediately clear it completely. One of them tried to take advantage of a banana skin by rubbing regularly on the affected skin warts at night. And please be seen in a few weeks the wart will disappear.

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In ancient times people use natural materials and face as well as their health is well maintained. It was the cause in this modern age we get new diseases, therefore let us keep using natural medicines despite modern times already. One of the only benefits of bananas for the beauty of the face is also very good for treating facial skin is problematic especially women who are busy every weekday.