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Benefits of Corn For Beauty Facial Mask - healthy t1ps

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Benefits And Efficacy Of Corn For  Beauty And How To Make a mask for the face made from corn - healthy t1ps - Has a white face and bright might be one part of the desired women. To have it there are many ways you can do, is to perform maintenance. There are several methods commonly performed facial treatments, among others, is a natural method, modern, simple or who are at high risk. Of course you would agree if the best treatment is through natural methods. Because this treatment is very friendly for your skin and thus relatively cheaper even without risk or no side effects.

Benefits And Efficacy Of Corn For  Beauty And How To Make a mask for the face made from corn - healthy t1ps
Benefits And Efficacy Of Corn For  Beauty And How To Make a mask for the face made from corn - healthy t1ps

mask corn to face care

There is a type of treatment that may be unfamiliar to you that facial treatments made from corn that is used as a mask. Particularly in the areas of Java, East Java, corn mask is often used to treat chicken pox. Treatment like this is very often done in the area of ​​Java because it is believed powerful enough.

As the development of knowledge, Masks corn is not only used to treat chicken pox scars only. According to research, corn mask can also be used to remove the black stains on the face. Not only that, Mask corn also can smooth out acne scars, pockmarked face. Before we tell you how to make a mask of corn, corn helps us to know more deeply.

Benefits of corn to whiten

Zea mays maize or very easy to get in Indonesia. The laboratory results stated that there are substances in the corn very much. Among carbohydrates, Citric Acid, Calcium, Vitamin A, C, B5, B12 and some other substances. In the world of beauty there are three important substances contained in maize, which function is to remove the black stains and whiten the face naturally, namely Vitamin A, C and citric acid.

Vitamin C according to the study serves to whiten the face, but it is also useful to trigger the regeneration of the skin and prevent scar tissue so that the skin will look brighter, cleaner and smoother. While citric acid functions as an antioxidant that prevents free radicals so that the black stains will be gone and never comes back. Last Vitamin A, which serves to maintain elasticity and suppleness. After knowing all benefits and usefulness. Let's look at How to Make Corn Mask.

How to Make a mask for the face made from corn

The first to be prepared is corn. After it was washed and grated until smooth. If the result is still coarse grater, it is better smoothed again using a blender. Once the corn is refined, smooth on the face evenly like you're wearing a mask. Let stand until dry, then rinse with warm water until clean first. Afterwards, rinse your face with cold water. To get good results, do the treatment up to 2 times a day. With so then will feel the difference.

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That most of the benefits that we can take by using a mask corn. Hopefully this article can be useful.