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Benefits of Roses for Health, Beauty and Medicine - Healthy T1ps

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Benefits And Efficacy of Roses For Health, Beauty and Medicine - Healthy T1ps - Who is not familiar with the roses. One type of plants from the genus Rosa is very famous. Wild roses which consists of over 100 species, often grown in the northern hemisphere which has a cool climate. Species roses in general, is a shrub that has thorns. The height of these plants can be 2 to 5 meters. Not infrequently, there is even a rose that has a height of up to 20 meters. Most of their species have leaves with a length of 5 to 15 cm. Each leaf stalks are from 3 to 13 leaflets. In addition to the enjoy their beauty, it rose very useful for human life, as we will discuss the following:

Savor a rose for Hair
Rose water that comes from the factory are often regarded as a useful conditioning to nourish the scalp and hair moisture. If you're curious to try the efficacy of roses, when you wash your hair using shampoo, you can shed a bit of rose water on the hair until the scent of roses held this out. If the condition of the hair is wet, although not wash, you can apply rose water in the hair.

The use of rose water is very useful as a hair growth stimulant, so the interest is very suitable especially for those who go bald. In addition to the prevention of baldness, roses can also be used as a repellent lice and dandruff remover in a natural way.
Benefits of Roses for Health, Beauty and Medicine - Healthy T1ps
Benefits of Roses for Health, Beauty and Medicine - Healthy T1ps

Benefits Roses For Face

If your face can express his sorrow, he would often complain when in a dirty condition and dry. Various kinds of problems often afflict the face ranging from common problems such as dark spots, dullness, and acne to skin problems are very serious. The use rose water as a facial skin care is very helpful.

You can reduce the acne on the face by washing your face with warm water that has been mixed with roses. Clean your face until your face look clean and bright. Perform these good habits at least 3 times a week regularly.

Roses For Drug Benefit

In addition to beauty, the rose was also able in magic for treating various diseases, such as:

Treating Dry Cough

Chronic dry cough can be cured in a short time using roses. You simply set up some rosebud that had been dry, then mix it with sugar cubes. A second team of materials to extract water out. Drink when warm.

Overcoming Swelling in the Foot

When your feet have swollen, you can get away with using roses. The trick grab one rosebuds, and 40 grams of sembung. Wash the material to clean and boiled by using 2 cups of water. Boil until the water remains one glasses. Drink this mixture two times a day after meals.

Roses for Skin Benefits

For women, there are certainly some parts of the body such as the legs, neck, and forearm did not go unnoticed. So that the health condition of the body part is to stay awake, you must exercise care. One with a rose water. Rose water is useful as soap and PH balance of the skin. You can make rose water itself.

The trick with rose petals boil using a small flame, then distilled water. Distilled water of roses is often referred to as the water rose.

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Okay, he is quite short explanation about the benefits of the rose as a traditional medicine. Both for health and beauty. May be useful.