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All About Shrimp For Human Health and Serving Suggestions Shrimp - HEalthy T1ps - Shrimp is a must for lovers of seafood menu. Obviously, it tastes good and complete nutritional content into its own plus points. Moreover, if the shrimp have collaborated with various spices and certain herbs. It would be very tempting to eat, right? Nevertheless, it still remains there indifferent to the benefits of this shrimp loh. Those who avoid the consumption of shrimp a lot due to the assumption that the shrimp contain many often called bad cholesterol or LDL.

Cholesterol content of Shrimp

Various studies have indeed shown, if shrimp contain lots of bad cholesterol or LDL which will be detrimental to health. Eitsss, but do not misunderstand. In addition to its existing LDL, turns shrimp also have the high HDL know.

HDL is the good cholesterol. So, here the bad cholesterol will be offset by the amount of good cholesterol is also high. So do not be afraid. And also, we can actually anticipate this bad cholesterol so that the amount can be reduced. There are a few tricks and tips on cooking in order to reduce the concentration of LDL in the shrimp that are described in this article. But first, let's find out in advance about the benefits that we get when we consume shrimp.

Benefits And Efficacy Of Shrimp For Health AND Side Effects
Benefits And Efficacy Of Shrimp For Health AND Side Effects

Nutrient Content Shrimp

From the table above it can be seen that the shrimp contain many vitamins, minerals, proteins and other elements that are very useful for the body. The full explanation is described below:

Selenium content of 102%, it is enough to meet the body's daily needs of selenium.
Vitamin B12, can meet 78% of the body's daily requirement of Vitamin B12.
Protein, can meet 52% of the body's daily protein needs.
The content of phosphorus, can meet 50% of the body's daily requirement of phosphorus.
The content of choline, can meet 36% of the body's daily requirement of choline.
The content of copper, can meet 32% of the body's daily requirement of copper.
Iodine Content, can meet 31% of the body's daily requirement of iodine.
Vitamin B3, can meet 19% of the body's daily requirement of vitamin B3.
The content of Zinc, can meet 17% of the body's daily requirement of zinc.
Vitamin E, can meet 17% of the daily requirement of vitamin E body.
Vitamin B6, can meet 16% of the body's daily needs of Vitamin B6.
The content of omega 3 fats, can meet 14% of the daily requirement of omega 3 fatty body.
The content of acid patotenis, can meet 12% of the body's daily needs patotenis acid.
Vitamin A, can meet 11% of the body's daily requirement of Vitamin A.

not a lot of the nutrients and nutrients contained in 113.4 grams of shrimp? then what is the benefit of shrimp to the health of our body daily?

Benefits And Efficacy Of Shrimp For Health AND Side Effects

1. Shrimp As Balancing Hormones
Benefits of eating shrimp the main thing is balancing hormone-hormone in the body. In particular, if we often do sports activities shrimp was very helpful. The shrimp that contain a lot of protein will help produce hormones and balancing the hormone in the body. Moreover, if we want to increase muscle mass, muscle mass forming hormone will be produced well by nutrients in the shrimp.

2. Shrimp Prevent Cancer
Turns out to be harmful diseases such as cancer can be prevented by consuming a shrimp you know. At 56 micrograms in 4 ounces of shrimp we eat, there is selenium with the appropriate number to meet the needs of the mineral selenium in the body. The mineral selenium are antioxidants which can inhibit the growth of cancer cells. In fact, some research has been done to prove that the content of selenium in shrimp can be absorbed by our bodies.

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3. Shrimp Preventing Heart Disease, Diabetes and Anti depression
In addition to cancer, the shrimp can also be a deterrent factor that can be said is unique to avoid the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure. Again, selenium is a very influential factor in the prevention of heart disease. because of lack of selenium was found to result in high risk of heart failure.
Diabetes is classified as a disease that is difficult to cure can also be prevented by including the shrimp into the diet that we consume every day.

4. Shrimp as a source of Omega 3
Some people think of shrimp as a source of bad cholesterol or LDL is high, so they prefer not to include the shrimp into a healthy menu daily. But do you know if the shrimp are a source of omega-3 highly complete? of course you already know the benefits of omega 3 right? very important for the brain.
Yes, many studies have proved the truth of that shrimp have varying levels of omega 3. Within four ounces of shrimp, contained 50% or EPA Eicosapentaenoic Acid and Docosahexaenoic Acid also contained or DHA in percentage balanced at 50%. EPA and DHA itself is two kinds of omega-3 active role in maintaining the health of the nervous system and as a deterrent diseases related to the heart organ.

5. Shrimp contains anti-inflammatory
Research shows that shrimp contain substances that can be used as an anti-inflammatory. The anti-inflammatory agent is Astaxanthin and the mineral selenium. Astaxanthin is contained in the color pigments found in shrimp shells. The substance has been widely studied by experts and found that this substance is very useful to prevent or treat inflammation.

6. The shrimp as a source of protein-rich foods
The shrimp is one type of food that is a source of excellent protein. Protein in shrimp shrimp even make into the top ten of the healthiest foods in the world. And, shrimp contains proteins that not only can mencuupi body needs but also has a very good quality protein. The usefulness of the protein is certainly very much. Growth of nails, hair and to increase muscle mass.

7. Shrimp can improve eating AFSU
If you feel less berselara eat, it is advisable to consume shrimp. Why? This is because the shrimp that contain lots of protein if consumed to form a substance called peptides. Peptide in the body would stimulate the release of hormones related to appetite hormone cholecystokinin (CCK). Number of CCK is what set the level of a person's appetite. With the peptide, CCK hormone number can be set so that you too can have your appetite back.

8. Shrimp as Anemia Drugs
The shrimp had a high amount of vitamins and diverse. Among other things, shrimp contain vitamin B. There is only one type of vitamin B alone but there are also other types of B vitamins. Vitamin B in the shrimp are vitamin B6, B12, choline, niacin and acid pantotenis. Usefulness of B vitamins is to stabilize blood pressure and can prevent the occurrence of anemia. Even those who are suspected of suffering from pernicious anemia can be treated with shrimp consumption is adjusted.

9. The shrimp had a high phosphorous levels
The shrimp were very rich in these benefits also have a property to strengthen our bones. Shrimp consumption on a regular basis will increase bone density and make us stronger. Bone forming agent is phosphorus contained in the shrimp with a high amount. In addition to the bones, phosphorus is also able to strengthen our teeth. Because if we are fragile bones or bone loss occurs, any general health will be disturbed. Joints who will be very painful when we experience bone loss.

Serving Suggestions Shrimp

All About Shrimp For Human Health and Serving Suggestions Shrimp

For advice on the presentation so that you can get all the benefits of shrimp, tips and tricks are quite simple and can be practiced at home.

1. Do not be in Fry

Prawns are excellent usefulness if it is not cooked by frying. The content of bad cholesterol in cooking oil will increase even more bad cholesterol or LDL in shrimp.

2. Steam the better

So, if you want the shrimp had low LDL number, try to cook the shrimp to steam. Steaming is much healthier than if you cook the shrimp cooking oil.

3. In the fuel may also

Alternatively if you do not really like the food is steamed, shrimp cooked by fire. Cooking by fire will make the nutritional content of the shrimp is maintained, and you were still able to enjoy the delights of processed seafood this one.

Shrimp consumption Side Effects

In general, the shrimp does not have adverse effects on health. However, for those of you who have allergies to other types of seafood, so be careful when consuming processed shrimp in any form. If necessary, it helps you limit the amount of processed food consumption in order to avoid recurrence of shrimp allergy.

Another Information About Benefits Of Shrimp For Our Body - healthy t1ps

1. Low calorie
One medium-sized prawns which contains about 7 calories. When eaten in a dozen will supply only 85 calories, 15 calories less than 3 ounces of chicken breast. While the shrimp with great size, contains 18 calories, which if eaten in large quantities, it still will not supply a lot of calories to your body.

2. Maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails
Protein in shrimp can help maintain good health and fertility of hair, skin and nails though, eating shrimp should be in accordance with the needs do not consume excessive because it will give a negative effect on our bodies.

3. Prevents anemia
The shrimp contains 21% vit. b12, called nutrients supporting the production of red blood cells and also can help avoid anemia.

4. Increase energy
By eating a shrimp on a regular basis can help increase energy or our performance every day, because the shrimp are rich in iron that could help increase human energy.

5. Sources of Nutrients
100% of our daily selenium needs adequately met by consuming 4 ounces of shrimp rebsu. Additionally, it contains 75% of vitamin B12, 50% phosphorus, and more than 30% krolin and iodine. The mineral content in the shrimp also can strengthen the immune system and contribute anti-oxidants that fight free radicals that attack the body.

6. Helping to process fats
Niacin (vitamin B3) contained in the shrimp can help the processing of fats, carbohydrates and proteins into energy for the body. Niacin also serves to maintain healthy skin and prevent skin scaly.

7. Reduce the risk of depression
The content of essential fatty acids and omega-3. Capable of providing strong protection in depression as well and can also help to restore the mood that has been lost.

8. Reduce Risk of Thyroid Function Disorders (hypothyroidism)
Eating shrimp can increase the intake of copper minerals (copper). Disadvantages mineral intake of copper can cause thyroid dysfunction is called hypothyroidism.

9. Protect Skin from Aging
Shrimp contains a carotenoid called astaxanthin, which is beneficial to keep the skin healthy and protects the skin against premature aging (premature aging).

10. Fat Intake Getting Healthier
Shrimp contain some type of healthier fats are monounsaturated fats (monounsaturated fat), plural unsaturated fats (polyunsaturated fat), omega-3 and omega-6.

11. Preventing cancer
The amount of selenium in the body needs in a day is 48%. selenium deficiency has been associated with various types of cancer, accounting for prostate cancer. some researchers at the Institute of Food Research (IFR) reveals that the combination of sulforaphane and selenium augment immune cancer some 13-fold.

12. Rich Protein
A shrimp interpreted to have kandungam protein 29 grams, a little different with protein 3 ounces of chicken breast. In addition, the shrimp also contain carbohydrates bit.

13. Strengthens bones
The content of calcium and phosphorus are two substances that can work simultaneously form strong bones and teeth. What if you consume shrimp obligation to consume the skin because it contains glucosamine which is useful to help the formation of cartilage in the joints of bones.
Under This Is The Benefits Of Leather Shrimp
The study found that the shells have a compound called Chondroitin. Chondroitin compound is the one who will help nourish your joints, this compound will help increase the production of proteoglycans and kalogen an important part in the joint. These compounds also act senbagai Shock Absorber and help librikasi on the joints.

Here's another benefit extraordinary behind shrimp shell:
Reducing the workload of the liver
reduce cholesterol
Increase endurance
Inhibit the growth of gastric cancer cells
Accelerate wound healing
Repairing damaged tulag
Minimize disease typus
Reduce the workload of organs caused by excessive fat

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