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Benefits And Efficacy Of Cherry Tomatoes For Health - Healthy T1ps - Cherry tomato is one of the varieties of tomato that has a smaller size in comparison with tomatoes that we usually encounter. Cherry tomatoes have roughly the same size as cherry. With a compact form and tempting red color, the fruit is used as a favorite fruit for many people, especially as a decoration on the food. Cherry tomatoes thought to have originated from Chile and Peru which eventually spread to many places in the world.

Cherry tomato plants suitable for planting on a plateau between 600 to 1200 meters above sea level. This type of rare tomatoes grown in fields but widely cultivated through the greenhouse.

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The content of the Benefits of Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry tomato has a lot of good content for health such as magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. In addition, the cherry tomatoes are also low in saturated fat, low sodium and cholesterol are too low. There are so many nutrients that can be found in a grain of cherry tomatoes such as:

  • benefits of magnesium
  • the benefits of potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • niacin
  • thiamin
  • benefits of vitamin K
  • vitamin B6
  • the benefits of vitamin C
  • the benefits of manganese
  • Source of the benefits of fiber

With benefits for health and low in saturated fat and a good source of fiber, the cherry tomatoes can be used as a healthy food weight loss. Cherry tomatoes can be used as an alternative diet that is quite interesting because of the color and shape of the fruit is tempting enough so as to arouse one's appetite.

In eating a cherry tomato as a diet food, you can combine them with a fruit salad or salad vegetables such as spinach and lettuce. Not only that, but you can also combine them with the benefits of almonds, the benefits of low-fat milk as well as the benefits of whole grain bread. Cherry tomatoes also contain fiber that is capable of making digestion more smoothly as well as vitamin C which is good for boosting the immune system.

Although small fruit shape but in fact benefit from the fruit of this one should not be underestimated. The nutritional value of cherry tomatoes themselves are not inferior to the healthy content of tomatoes in general.

Cherry Tomato Cultivation

Benefits And Efficacy Of Cherry Tomatoes For Health - Healthy T1ps
Benefits And Efficacy Of Cherry Tomatoes For Health - Healthy T1ps
Plants with tiny fruit shape is suitable to be planted on a plateau between 600 to 1200 meters above sea level. Cherry tomatoes rarely planted in the fields but cultivated through the green house hydroponic systems or greenhouses.

But for those of you who are interested to plant cherry tomatoes, you can also use a medium pot plant. How cultivation relatively easily by:

Planting tomatoes in pots sheltered from strong winds. Be sure also to get enough sunlight.
Give cage on tomatoes especially around the pot on young plants. You can use a wire to a cage-making media. Do not forget to water the plants whenever the soil looks started to dry. Pour until the water flowing out through the bottom of the pot holes.

After planting process would be better if you immediately give him the fertilizer dissolves in water. Do not forget to come back on the occurrence tomato fertilizer give him first and give about 2 weeks after the last ripe tomatoes give fertilizer a month thereafter. Harvest ripe tomatoes you after the skin condition is still tight. Eat directly or can also be used as a mixed salad.

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Not recommended for you to store the cherry tomatoes in the refrigerator because although can last a long time, but the taste of the tomatoes will also be reduced.