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Easy Ways to Eliminate blackheads Without Pain - healthy t1ps Having a clean face free from blackheads surely be a desire of many people. All who care about the appearance certainly trying to find ways to remove blackheads with the aim to become a clean face, especially on the nose. Indeed, many ways to overcome these problems, whether done through natural means or modern medicine.

how to remove blackheads fast

Natural way to remove blackheads treatment it would be better when compared to using modern means. Although natural treatment results are not instant / fast dibangdingkan modern way, but labih good and does not cause side effects that can be life threatening.

As we know and commonly used to remove blackheads is to use a special plaster for blackheads. The way it is popular to use a lot of people, but when do certainly cause pain. There are easy ways to remove blackheads without causing pain that is using natural ingredients that are certainly safe to use.

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The natural way to remove blackheads using green tea pasta

Eliminate blackheads by this method proved effective and does not require a long time, just less than 30 minutes you will clean the face of blackheads.

Take green tea, then boiled until boiling then remove and leave to cool. You need to know that green tea's anti-inflammatory function. Other functions that can help soothe your skin after blackheads removed.

Combine green tea that has been boiled earlier about a quarter spoon with a little baking soda and aloe vera gel or use fresh aloe vera that has been destroyed. Mix well to form a paste. If they are still too liquid, add more baking soda to be thickened.

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How to use:

Clean your face from different parts of cosmetic ingredients using warm water. This way other than to make the facial skin clean will also open the pores of the skin.

Lulurkan pasta made from green tea that has been created using the fingers on the area contained the blackheads. Avoid rubbing the paste on the circular area under the eyes, lips and hindung hole.

Biarakan the pasta to dry (10 to 20 minutes). This paste will work remove blackheads that cover the pores on the face.

Once finished, clean the dried pasta using cotton cloth soaked in warm water. How to clean with a direction from top to bottom so that the skin does not redden and irritation.

Once completed the steps above, then wash your face using a gentle cream cleanser and then wipe with alcohol-free toner. After that you are given a face moisturizer. (Note: do not do makeup for at least an hour, so that the pores closed again).

Make an easy way to remove blackheads without pain is a maximum of 1 week in order to keep the skin from the onset of blackheads back.