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Fruits Are Recommended For Pregnant Women - Healthy t1ps

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Fruits are recommended and prohibited for pregnant women - Healthy t1ps Pregnant women are not allowed to consume any food for the health of the mother and baby in the womb, there are foods that can be eaten or food that is recommended for pregnant women Also there are foods that are prohibited for pregnant women. Foods that are recommended for pregnant women items, namely fresh fruits but there are fresh Also buah2an Also roomates should not be eaten by pregnant women, a pregnant means any food to be consumed should be selective and should not be arbitrary.
Type of fruit that is recommended for pregnant women such as:
Fruits are recommended and prohibited for pregnant women

- Tomatoes
- Papaya, all papaya is rich in vitamin C
- mango
- Sweet orange
- Pomelo
- Bananas, bananas are rich in calcium
- And many more buah2 late, who else, such as rambutan, watermelon, yam, mangosteen, Sapodilla, etc.

All the above food consumed can be eaten with so alone or with the way in juice (up to you)
There are Also fruit if consumed should not be too much, such as pineapple and durian Although all good fruit and vitamins, but in Certain fruits need to know its size, such as pineapple if consumed in excess in the stomach be "water-reaction makes soda + acid "so that in eating too much stomach will feel Bloated it was the caused by acid pineapple soda starts to react consequently diaree Arise, bloating, cramps and vomiting gastric

As for fruits such as durian, jackfruit and jack will be "water-reaction towards alcohol" as a result of our stomach will feel the heat at all and finally Throws up and diaree.

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Therefore, if we are pregnant, then you should be super careful with fruits According to the habitat. So it is good during your pregnancy to be careful with fruit such as "bark", such as pregnant women should consume foods that do not result in difficult, defecation "