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How to Choose the Right Color Lipstick For Lips Black Or Dark - healthy t1ps

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Tips To Choose The Right Color lipstick For Lips Black or dark - Healthy t1ps -
Lipstick is one among the many cosmetics that can be used to beautify the face. Lipstick, lip we would be more beautiful and colorful. But did you know that not all colors are suitable for lip color lipstick us ??.

Black lips, lipstick color what is the best?

This is Best Lipstick Color for Dark Lips
If you have a lip color that tend to be dark or black, here are some options for lip lipstick color black:
How to Choose the Right Lipstick for you who have black and dark lips
How to choose the right shade of lipstick for dark lips

1. Red
The color red is the color of lipstick on the lips hitamyang current trend. The red color will give the impression of sensual though your lips are black. But in its use must be true. This is because the use of improper means it will make your lip color becomes uneven. The best way to wear red lipstick is to apply lipstick gently to cover all parts of your lips.

2. Purple plum
Color black lipstick to the lips is very suitable because the color is closer to purple. This lipstick color would give full effect and also sexy on your lips. This lipstick color will also give an elegant impression.

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3. Dark brown
Dark brown lipstick color would be very safe for your lips that have a dark color. This color will make your lips look more beautiful and natural. Lipstick color for black lips will help cover the shortfall on your lips.

4. Nude
Nude color is also safe for use by you who have a dark lip color. The nude color lipstick will make your lips become thicker and full. So, there is no harm if you use a color lipstick to the lips is black.

5. Shimmer pink
Lipstick color for black lips will give the effect of a soft and sexy on your lips. In addition, the color pink shimmer will make your lips look thick and full as well as more feminine. Glossy effects will make your lips look shiny and charming.

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How to Choose the Right Lipstick for you who have black and dark lips - healthy t1ps
How to Determine or choose a lipstick color for black lips actually not so difficult, you just need to pay attention to compliance course you can choose one of Several color lipstick on top. Good tips on Choosing colors black lipstick to the lips can inspire.