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How to Eliminate Cystic acne Quickly - healthy t1ps

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How to Eliminate Cystic acne fast using natural materials - Cystic acne is one type of acne that have a large size, even bigger than the acne in general. It is caused due to inflammation of a fairly severe at around the face. Usually cystic acne would be very difficult to remove, but it's been many, many ways to eliminate cystic acne naturally you can do.

This is the secret 5 natural ways to eliminate cystic acne quickly

1. Honey + turmeric + lime

How to remove acne stone:
Cut turmeric to taste and puree
Mix with honey and lime juice
Stir until well blended
Apply on the acne
Let stand 15 minutes
clean up
How to Eliminate Cystic acne fast using natural materials

2. Eggs + honey

How to remove acne stone:
Separate the egg whites from the yolk
Add honey as much as 1 tablespoon
Stir until evenly
Apply on the skin of acne stone
Let stand 15 minutes
Rinse thoroughly

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3. Aloe vera

How to remove Cystic acne:
Take part aloe meat to taste
Gently rub the flesh of aloe vera acne
Let stand 5 minutes
Rinse thoroughly
Perform routine in the morning and afternoons

In addition to eliminating cystic acne, aloe vera can also remove acne scars.

4. Potatoes

How to remove Cystic acne:
Puree the potato with grated way
Apply grated potatoes to the face like using masks
Let stand 10 to 20 minutes
Clean wear warm water
One after another with cold water to close the pores close again and the dirt does not easily fit into the pores

5. Garlic

How to remove acne stone:
Provide 1 garlic clove size
Grow until smooth
Stick to the cystic acne
Make consecutive for 3 days

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Note: during the use of garlic in treating acne, do not use garlic as a mask because it will make your skin blister. Just paste on the acne alone.

That was how do I get rid of acne stone, may be useful and good luck.